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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tomatoes and a Pooped Sunflower

Well that title should have gotten your attention

I am beaming with pride
Look what I made!
Tonight is caprese with my own
 home grown tomatoes, and basil.

So I'm out watering this morning and I see
a bit of green in one of the fountains and assuming it 
blew in there with all this horrible wind,
I bend over to pluck it out,
but it doesn't give?

So I pull a little harder and move a rock and the dang
thing has roots and is growing in there!
So a bird flew over the front gate after
 gorging at the feeder,
(I'm a good bird mama)
then it stopped in for a drink, AND 
pooped out a sunflower seed.

Ya just gotta be constantly amazed
and awed by nature.
Wherever you find it.

I was recently treated to lunch on 
two back to back days by two gal pals-
 what fun! Great food and lots of chat.

I do not go out often these days,
staying on budget if I can,
so it really was very special to me.
If I could retell the vast array
 of topics we covered you would not believe it.
Well maybe you would, as you probably have the 
same conversations with your lunch pals.

It's turned hot here finally.
Time for me to hibernate.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh those sunflower bird seeds get everywhere and grow like crazy. Makes me laugh to see one in the fountain! I know the fun of a girls lunch and lots of chat! Hugs!

donna baker said...

I'd say it is hot there with tomatoes that big. My friends and I can lunch for three hours easily.

Karen said...

Amazing! I hope you let it grow and show us how it does.

Glad you're getting out some, you must!

Blondie's Journal said...

Nature does have it's wild moments. I thought birds just pooped out white stuff that requires enzymes to penetrate (Coming from a bird owner and someone who has nests all over the exterior of the house).

I'm not a really social person as far as lunch and dinner dates, dates at all, as hubby discourages them. It's nice and I love the talk. Good for you. Now stay inside and stay cool!!