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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Not sure how else to identify
this beautiful guy
He is the beloved dog of Hannah and Tom.
They brought him up to meet me
this past weekend.
Ben was also here a couple days ahead of them
and we had some great long chats and as always
he looks around to see what he can help me with.
Such a wonderful son.

We were all a bit concerned if Howie 
could handle an intruder but he was a champion.
David hardly ever makes a sound but the one 
time he play growled to play, 
Howie leapt onto my lap then up 
over the shoulder and tried clinging to
the top of my head.
I have the nail punctures in my scalp to prove it.
He was searching for the highest point of escape
in the room. It was funny and sad at the same time.
They never played but slept pretty close
 together for 3 days without incident.

David is the mellowest dog I have ever met,
and of course he is adored by his folks.

I love having my family all home 
and it is sad to see them leave,
 but we try to get together often and
 Ben has new plan for me to make it easier.

The rest of the world is sad and horrifying and 
basically a cluster/you know what.

dog love
mama love for her kids
It's all I can focus on right now.

Oh I hear I'm in Flea Market Decor
coming out in July.
I'll let you know when if you wish to take a peek.

the 100's are here.

Keep writing me folks.
I love it.



donna baker said...

Do keep us posted. Dogs and kids are the best. Lots of work though.

Karen said...

What a beautiful dog!... and congrats on the magazine inclusion, I would love to see it when it comes out!

100's? Wow. We aren't out of the 60's most days yet, which is a little depressing. It's been a damp chilly spring.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a beautiful dog! Oh my goodness those eyes. I worked in the yard yesterday and now here come the rains. Lots to do inside also. More downsizing and organizing now that my energy level is back. I too miss my children. I see Sara and the Grands often of course but Ashleigh on the other side of the country not so much. I miss her. Hugs!

Kit said...

Gorgeous dog! Glad you had a good visit with the kids and dog. So true the world is a Cluster ....! So I do the same. Lots of daughters, gardens and reading the classics. Enjoy your hibernation! :) Kit

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

David is beautiful and such a lovely temperament too by the sounds of it. Lovely that your children try and see you as often as possible and spend some quality time with you.
Stay in the shade Z and keep cool. XXXX