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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


A fun visitor at the restaurant this morning.
That is what it has become, a bird diner.

I try to linger for awhile after
 I fill up the feeders and scatter seed
so they get used to me.
This guy got very close, no problem.

A robin came by after bathing in my backyard fountain
 and proceeded to fluff, primp and dry off. 
I got a video on my phone
but I'm having trouble getting it to transfer.
I'll put on IG when I figure it out.

Those who have followed awhile
 know I go crazy when I see a robin.
Robins scream home (PA) to me.
I want to believe this is the same guy or an offspring
that has visited me off and on over the years.
The longest living banded robin 
survived almost 14 years
so it is possible. 

Speaking of quail 
The insane dude is channeling QUAYLE

"We shouldn't have to be
burdened with all the technicalities
 that come up from time to time 
with shrewd, smart lawyers interpreting
 what the laws or what the constitution
 may or may not say."
Dan Quayle

Need a laugh among the madness? 


Karen said...

.... . sigh.....................

donna baker said...

We once had quail at the farm thirty years ago. They have all vanished from the SE part of our state. I can tell them why. The ranchers burn off their fields in spring (where they are ground nesters) and then make one or more cuttings of hay in summer and destroy their nests. And, it is a surprise to see one so docile. They sit in their covey circle and explode to fly off when something approaches. Love robins too. They were bathing somewhere and soaking wet near my porch yesterday. And, who knew they could sing?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

We have some doves that eat under the bird feeders! I love them all. I again don't have words for what 'he' is doing. Hugs!