Monday, April 10, 2023

Mellow Yellow

 My banks roses never fail to show off each April.
I would love to show you lovely curated photos, but honestly 
the yard is a mess and I'm just beginning to clean it all up.
The winds wreak havoc on my breathing,
 and we have had WINDS!!

The weed disposal comes first and I've been hard at it.
This is just one walkway area ( four more like this but longer)  

This took three hours - as I have to sit and scoot and pull by hand.
I won't spray as the yard is Walter's playground,
and can't kneel or stand to do it.  

All the greenery that edges the back yard remains to be trimmed,
and I've started some faux ivy panels in that right back corner.
it can be seen from inside on the porch and I hate the concrete blocks.
Thirty years ago when I bought the house I couldn't afford to stucco. 
Now because of the plants it would be much worse.
 I hope to at least paint that side area sometime in the future.

The chores never end, and aging is not kind 
when it comes to doing them,
 but I'm in there slugging just the same.
I think another week of 3-5 hour days should do it..

and then...
a garage sale as DD comes to town to help. WOOT!
I've been showing items to my email list 
and have sold about a dozen large things so far,
even shipping off some things today to a far flung,
never met, blog friend. 


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TheCrankyCrow said...

Who the heck needs "well-curated photos" with those roses??! They are some kind of gorgeous...and I read that they are actually thornless. Sold! Oh...nevermind, then I read what zones they grow in. NEVER.MIND!! 😖 Clean up has not yet begun here - we are a bit "soggy" at the moment. But I did find my two little crocus plants and some daffies that were moved "somewhere" during WWR with the promise that they would be properly replanted afterwards (didn't happen)... Haven't seen them for 7 years...and today, I found them in the middle of the field yard. ~Robin~