Friday, April 14, 2023

Garden Time

I've lost track of how many days I've been hanging out back here. 8 maybe?
I've filled 9 - 33 gallon bags in total ( I think)
Thank goodness tomorrow is extra pick up garbage day. 
I have no room in garage as it is filled with totes
 and boxes full of purged items for garage sale.
Hannah and maybe? others coming in early May to help.

Last sale was 2019! 
I've been sidetracked with painting and garden and need to get back to it. 
I'm hoping to at least purge 25% more of what I've already done.
Gotta set those goals.

Tomorrow I install another fountain with new pump,
(old one gave me a good shock yesterday!)
and finish planting a few veggies.
Not doing many this year.
They weren't huge success last year.

Pain patches on knees- Aleve - 
lots of breaks are helping.
I've noticed a huge difference in my abilities,
just since last year. Not sure I'm aging at 
the equivalent of only 1 year at a time;
sure doesn't feel like it some days.

Gotta love this weather - for now
the dark days are a comin'




TheCrankyCrow said...

Weird...I was just thinking of messaging you to check in on how the garden clean up was going and thought I'd check to see how far behind I am on Blogger first and your post popped up on top. Beautiful, beautiful, photos. You do take your purging seriously - seriously. 😂 We've had glorious summer-like temps this week (albeit windy) but snow is again in the forecast again for next week. Also seriously. ~Robin~

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Gardening is healthy for body and soul. Purging things is as difficult as it is to lose weight. Your last sale 2019 feels like yesterday.
Not doing as much gardening is the idea here as well.
Knees. Age is use. My 2nd injection next month I pray works as well as the first in the other knee. Going on 2 years this month, no bad pain flare ups.