Thursday, October 6, 2022

At It Again - No Surprises There

Walter watched me tweak the studio the past two days.
Purged a lot more and then got a bee in my bonnet to set
up a coffee/tea/cocoa bar.
Works great for me and great when kids visit 
for a morning joe or night time cocoa.

Lugging this cart up from back porch wasn't the 
wisest thing I've done lately but not the worst.
After struggling just to get it inside I realized
I could remove shelves but the damn 
thing still weighed over 75 lbs.
Halfway up the stairs I thought
"I'm gonna die doing this stupid thing."
Obviously I survived. 

Those of you who have been around a long time or seen the mags
and book will recognize many of the same things,
there just aren't as "many."

Everything has a place and a purpose for being 
where it is and as always I tuck in things that
make me happy. 

This is the view from my chair.
Note the "Tonys"  (elephants) I knew they would be friends.
You met the new Tony when I visited CA in August.
More about them at a later time.

I've added paints to the studio upstairs as I am using them 
more in the on line classes I've taken.

This lamp was on my father's nightstand 
for as long as I can remember. 
I have some mementos of him tucked into the glass holds.

I have kept this near me for nearly 55 years.
It was made for me by my oldest and dearest friend Macky.

It is priceless. That's what I mean about tucking in 
special things. I do it all over the house. Most 
would go unnoticed but they comfort me daily. 

I'll show the hallway where the other 
two cabinets are later on.
Right now I'm headed up to geli paint some 
papers for my current class.

Learning to mix all colors from
just three primary is a learning curve for me.
Also using heavy body acrylic paints is new. 
I think I do fabric selection for quilting,
 primitive crafting, and home decor 
fairly well 

 but this - jeez I've had some epic fails.
Which is a good thing I know.
It is said
You "learn more from your mistakes than successes" 
I should be a bloomin' genius by now.




Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Walter has such personality, he looks he can speak English.
Your beverage station is fantastic!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I won't tell you how many times I have pulled up this post, enlarged the photos and just drank everything in through the pores of my soul. What an incredible space.... The detail, symmetry and earthiness of each grouping is a work of art in itself. I would dawdle for hours there and were you to invite me to your studio space for a project and a cuppa, I would not get one thing done and my cuppa would have grown cold sitting somewhere where I absently set it to pick up this treasure or that. I am gushing shamelessly...but this and all its glorious accoutrements are heaven to me. (And yes, I'm coveting all your cubbies and "hold-its".) Shameless and Drooling in Nod ~Robin~