Wednesday, December 23, 2020

History Of Swear Words

Offical Trailer 

Nicolas Cage


Netflix January 5

Ben was very involved in the development

and is a credited producer on this series.

Hannah was an art coordinator.

These two fill my heart with

joy daily.

and for some inside fun:

In the trailer the name tag is slapped onto

Hannah's "boob" as she puts it;

 and the hand holding the banana at the end of 

the Nicolas reel is again Hannah's.

Now and again they get to work on projects 

together and that makes mama very happy.

For Hannah's B-day

her beau Tom woke her up to this surprise.

I'd make him wear it everyday, wouldn't you? 

She is HUGE Outlander fan

C'mon that is so cool!

She and her writing partner Jenny now have an agent!
They've also taken "meetings" with production companies.
Their writing style is hard to explain but 
perhaps this photo they did helps.

The creative Rennie/Stoddard gene
has strongly run it's course through our kids.

Christmas will be a solitary affair 
but thank heaven for Zoom. 
I am comforted by the lives well lived
and the love given by my children
and their chosen loves.

Just added these:

Hannah's posts from her IG feed


TheCrankyCrow said...

Merriest of Christmas Wishes to you and Walter, Z! How sensationally proud you should be of your children, and qhat a blessing that they did not "squander" those amazingly creative genes. Hannah's (and partner's) "style" intrigues me...and I do hope to learn more about it. And yes!! Definitely Beau Tom should be made to wear that daily LOL...except he might get a bit frostbit in these parts LOL. What a wonderful gift! ~Robin~

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

You should be more than proud of you kiddos! Kuddos and how amazing that they could share the project together. Congrats to Hannah's boob and um yes, Tom should wear those garments everyday! duh!

Karen said...

How awesome! so much creative talent in your family..... wishing you and Walter a healthy, happy New Year!