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Monday, November 26, 2018

Lots Of Fala

and some lalala too

First fire in fireplace

Paying attention? The deer changed

What normally is a one day decorating 
affair is dragging out,
due to "issues" but I am determined.
Photos of living room tree etc coming 
in a few days. All the packages are wrapped
and stockings hung but tree is not decorated
but it is up.

Of course I was due for another 
Urgent Care run on Saturday.
Another bronchial infection. I've been so careful.
Only went into crowds one day last weekend
with pal Sue for our annual IKEA day.
She reminded me I became ill last year 
right after IKEA day.
Perhaps I will only go to IKEA in summertime?

Michigan blueberry maple streusel toast
with real butter and earl grey
New favorite mug and butter keeper.
comfort food

Went with some lighter fare for kitchen and  
laundry hall this year. Cheerful
Yep, wreath is hanging crooked. 
Original hanger was put on improperly,
(on list to fix).


donna baker said...

It's all so pretty Suzan. We have the exact same taste - even down to your lap desk. On the other hand, we do not still have the desire to decorate. It used to take two weeks and I've yet to put out a bauble. I guess I can't hear that bell anymore...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your style of decorating! I have my tree up and the Grands helped me decorate it yesterday. It was fun. I'll get more out as the week goes on. I'm not buying lots of gifts this year so just hope to enjoy the decorations and special family times. Hope you feel better soon. You just seem to catch all the germs my friend. Hugs!

Jill said...

Your home and tea and toast look warm and welcoming. And delicious. I love toast. It's a comfort food to me. I hope that infections responds to the antibiotics quickly!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Fabulous ..... you do Christmas so well Z ...... stay away from Ikea !!! XXXX

Kit said...

Looking great! Good to see all your lovely decorations!! You take care. Hugs, Kit