Monday, January 2, 2017


Howie is a little lost.
After weeks of this,
he's searching for more laps.

So the kiddos were both back here as of 
Sunday and then at 5 am this morning
 they headed back to the coast.

Mama had tears as the car left the driveway.
It's a new year with lots of changes 
for us all.
I find tears come much easier these days,
(since Nov) Anyone else experiencing
the same?

Dearest son got me a surround system
for Christmas,
and the installation yesterday of said system resulted
in major tv swaps, room rearrangements,
rerunning and hiding of wires,
and furniture removals.
Dominoes falling

I wish I had a video of son and I 
rolling an enormous tv cabinet
from top to side to bottom to side to top
out the front door and into the garage.
I'm very strong, but this one was just way too heavy.

Everything is inter connected now,
and I needed to write directions down 
to keep track of it all. Kids find 
this amusing of course, but they 
just smile and nod
instead of being exasperated with
my lack of advanced techno skills.

Another cup of Joe,
and the holiday take down 
can commence, then again,
tomorrow may be soon enough.

I'm glad we're all still in this together.



Brenda Pruitt said...

I've found the tears coming more frequently. I think it's just the holidays. I'm glad you got some quality time with your children. I haven't been here to visit for awhile, so wanted to check in with you because I missed seeing what's going on in your life. Here's to seeing you more in 2017! And less tears!

Terra said...

I am finding tears come easier since November too. I pray 2017 is a good year for you and for me. That new surround system sounds great, and I would take notes too!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So many changes! My life needs to be simplified and I will work on that in 2017. Hugs.

Kit said...

Always together. In bad and good. Just saw your hometown band marching in the Rose Parade. Made me think of you. :) Enjoy your new system! Kit

handfulsofwool said...

I think the holidays brings back memories of those you miss and have lost. Tears flow pretty easily
for me too. The new system sounds great and I can understand the moving things around part. Seems as though one new item makes the whole house move. Enjoy your system.

TheCrankyCrow said...

CHCHCHCHANGES is right.... My overabundance of tears started earlier than most September to be precise...when Little Crow moved out (for all the wrong reasons) leaving a very empty nest... I did decorate with abundance, however, although, at this point, I am not sure why. The takedown is going to be painful. Good luck with the new system... I finally broke down and had an upgrade done to our satellite system and the guy plugged things in to my stereo... I have a notepad with instructions but still haven't managed to watch a dvd with the right sound LOL.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin