Friday, March 24, 2023


The totality of my Easter decor
Times have certainly changed
I'm good with it
Purging is healthy and wise

I had a health scare this week.
Woke up unable to see clearly out of one eye.
It was similar to looking thru a lace curtain.
Of course I googled, scared myself a little more,
 and managed an appt for the next day.
 All will be well, with some drops multiple times a day.
C-pap was leaking air onto that eye at night,
and I already had dry eye (syndrome?) 
and didn't "drop" like I should. 
I have two large floaters that were exacerbated
by all the stuff done and now I'm dealing with them also.
It just never ends as we age does it?
But hey, for the most part it's all grand.
Good enough 




TheCrankyCrow said...

I am glad you got the eye thing figured out - and hopefully the aggravation of the exam will subside soon. Love your bunnies. I pulled a few from my fluffle out ... I think I have a smaller version of your big guy there. Does he feel velvety?? ~Robin~

Karen said...

I love that first cluster of easter there! You have such a way!

And yes, it's always something to worry about, right? UGH. But it beats the alternative.

I've got the dry eye and mouth thing too, aging is NOT for sissies! LOL.