Thursday, January 5, 2023

Email list

 Hello there friends

SO a couple gals asked to be put on my email list for what I'm selling

and I'm happy to do that with one caveat.

I will only ship items that will fit in a flat rate box. USA only

That way USPS can easily pick up at door.

I'm just not able to tackle shipping any other way. sorry

Locals just swing on by, and have been.

Pay Pal /Venmo and I'll take checks if need be...

The rules are always first come,

and some things go quickly. I check the time a text or email is sent. 

SO please let me know in comments, 

if you wish to be added or link to my email is in my profile.

Make sure the comment is connected to email you wish to use. 

I've already sent out two emails and the

 dining table is piled with more items to come.

What kind of things?

Everything from robot floor cleaners to Power XL grill- air fryer combo

Brand New Calista long hair rollers to Christmas trees and bar stools.

Lots of holiday to come- trying to group that.

Fabric, wool blankets, antique lace and linens coming  

You'll see if you are added to list

things like...



TheCrankyCrow said...

Such fun treasures. ~Robin~

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You have such lovely things Z ...... I would always find something of yours to buy but I'm so far far away ! XXXX