Monday, June 27, 2022

Days and Weeks Pass

 It's all going so fast.

Not just the spring and summer but life


Walter is still a weirdo and so devoted.

DD and DS are flourishing in their careers and their lives.

SO many exciting things happening for them.

Many of you already are seeing shows they have worked on,

with many more coming in the fall and next year. 

Darling Daughter was here this week for 4 days to check on her mama.

We prepared all vegetarian meals ( I learned a lot) 

 and completed many chores.

 Hannah was a huge help doing things

 I can no longer easily do, or safely do.

She completed another painting for me which I adore.

Currently I'm overwhelmed with taking care of

  medical insurance and other paperwork drivel. 

Why does everything take so long

 and must it be so complicated? 

I believe they want us to exhaust ourselves and give up.

Now and then I do feel exactly like that.

Most of the remaining garden has now fried, which is most distressing.

I won't be doing it again, as the increased water cost and severe drought 

make it seem irresponsible. The herbs are hanging on, but they are 

in a semi protected area. 

We did a little refresh of Hannah's old room.
I'm determined to get new photos of the house one of these days.
 So much has changed over
the years of the blog and I've never updated.

With the world the way it is... 
a lot seems frivolous 

Back to my forms and copying records,
appointments this week with govt and insurance folk.
This too shall pass.


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Paperwork can be very frustrating for sure. Sorry there's not been rain there.

Prims By The Water said...

I hate insurance forms. Good luck with that. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

I'm so very glad you got to spend some quality time with Hannah. Does a mama good. 😉 And I agree wholeheartedly on the complex nature of our world. I'm an attorney...and NOT a trial attorney, but I am used to documents, paperwork, legalese, regs, etc. and it still overwhelms me at times. Makes me sad and worried for the elderly and those for whom "paperwork" just isn't "their thing." Yes you should most definitely do some updated photos of your house. ~Robin~

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'll send you some of our rain Z although, we haven't had much. Lovely to have seen your daughter .... I look forward to seeing some photographs of your home. XXXX