Sunday, July 18, 2021

Two Months Flew By

Two months have gone by since my last post and I
honestly cannot think of what news to share.

It's hot in Vegas- we broke a record of 118.

Monsoon rains came, but not nearly enough, or often enough.

There was a shooting, early evening just before the fourth, 
5 houses down from me out in the street.
Four people shot, one died. I heard the shots and thought "Was that gunfire?" then
chastised myself- only fireworks I'll bet. The sirens a few minutes later 
meant I was right the first time. 
The video is on my IG account.

 We learned Walter is terrified of storms, his screaming
reminded me of those movies with wailing women hired for wakes.
It was awful, especially as he wanted to be on top of my head and shoulders,
 and I have many scratches and bruises, even with a thundershirt,
 to prove it .

Walter has also graduated to sleeping in my bed-
some of the time-
He does tend to roam, which of course has added to my 
long list of reasons that
I don't sleep.

Wedding is coming up fast, if the Delta variant and Lamda variant
don't wreak havoc. NV now going through another uptick.

Diagnosed with another medical issue. Yep 
Was attending a class last week to learn about it, and nearly
told an old geezer where to go, or suggest he have sex with himself,
 when he started ranting at me about the glory of #45 
and bitching about vaccines and being forced to wear a mask. 

I basically said I no longer suffer fools, and left the area.
Dumb shit

My house needs a good cleaning, the yard needs help, a lot of help,
but it just doesn't seem to be getting done.

I have a smoke alarm that has been beeping for weeks
 but I cannot get high enough to get the wee little door open to change the battery.

I have a door that takes me 10 minutes to lock  (for the past 2 years).
Ben will be here end of the month- he told me to make a list-
 there are 16 things on it
 thank heaven!

The days creep along and also speed by, if that makes any sense at all.

Perhaps it does to those of you who have also been quite isolated.
I've got another birthday coming up fast 
and I'm grateful to have one, though I haven't celebrated in years.
I'm within spitting distance of 70.
How can that be?

I purged another full car load and promptly donated,
no garage sales in my future. Partly too tired and 
partly the dumb asses that come and make me crazy.
More empty drawers and closets though, so hooray!

Now streaming Acorn and doing a lot of Netflix
Currently watching  Delicious- fluff but fun.
Almost through Marcella, loving it.
Anyone else watching?

Sorry it's a lumpy, grumpy post
but that is kinda where I am.

Is it age, circumstance, or weariness of illness...
Perhaps a little of each?
Never you mind
I'm still here,
and grateful for it all.

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Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Hey girl! Wow, that's quite the update. I wish I could be there to change out that beeping detector. So many things I have to do myself now. It really can be a struggle. I know exactly what you mean about the days dragging and yet speeding by. We need more rain as well here, and yes, less dumb ass people. Stay well. Hugs and love.

Changes in the wind said...

Well I believe I am on a roll. You are the third person I have found from another blogger and like I told them, I know that doesn't seem un-usual but you see the blog was "One Snap" and I dearly loved it. Have no idea why she stopped blogging but her last blog was in 2012 and I still re-visit her site on occasion but it's the first time I have searched out those who commentated or those she followed. Think I will fit in fine here:)

Kit said...

Hello! Sorry I have been away a lot. Not traveling just doing other things. I have no idea where my time goes but each day comes and I am happy. I am still wearing a mask and make the hubby do it too. I tell him if I die he'll starve. The man will not I am in Olympic heaven now and I could sit here all day and watch and I probably will. Thanks for giving that asshole lover the what for. Over here I too will not listen to that crap. You take care. Love to Walter. Kit

Jillayne said...

"Blursday" every day... one after another. Good for you for walking away from the blowhard; there has been enough fool suffering in the past five years to last a lifetime. I'm constantly amazed at just how many fools there are... we never seem to run out.
How lovely to a have a child who welcomes a list and how nice it will be to get some of those niggling jobs done. I am getting better at just doing things, do and get it over with, instead of putting them off - at least those I can do. I still use your timer trick you know. One of the best things I've ever learned for getting stuff done.
It's hot and dry here and the whole province is burning - the skies have been smoke-fulled for the past three weeks. Eyes hurt, throat sore, lousy air for breathing and no end in sight... but I am happy in my corner of the world, puttering away at the garden and the housework, taking each day as it comes, thankful for the small mercies that have come with the curveballs life has been throwing my way. So nice to see you here again... take care of yourself Z.