Monday, February 22, 2021

Good Morning

Walter loves his little bed.
It is a flexible crate lined with a crate bed,
and then two very fluffy throws inside,
bought just for him.
Since it is near the garage door which is drafty
because of doggie door I threw
 a double layer of a throw over top to keep cozy, 
and a rug beneath because of tile floors.
90% of the time he naps with me on the couch under my covers 
tucked in behind my knees, but now and again
he retreats into here, and ALWAYS does if caught being naughty.

Just like me he is slow to rise from a nap.
He cracks me up. There were maybe an additional
four or five yawns in there I did not show.

Then he's out like a shot and does not slow down
 until the next nap or bedtime.

Still no side effects from shot other than being tired 
the next day. Back to normal yesterday,
 which means normal tired from lack of sleep,
always an issue.




TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, truth be told, I would be slow to rise from those cozy digs too! Silly, precious, Walter....he makes me smile. I can only imagine the joy and smiles he brings to you. ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

Wish I could take my time getting up in the morning. LOL What a lil cutie! Janice