Friday, February 9, 2018

Good World

All is not right with the world
but there is good.

The new Gerber baby Lucas
has Downs Syndrome.
Whether from conscience or PR goodwill 
Go Gerber!

from Gerber

Nancy Pelosi
broke the record after 8 hour DACA speech 
on the House floor.
Go Nancy!

Thanks to Google
I learned a lot about an artist
Paula Modersohn-Becker

Drake gave a boatload of money to folks.
Go Drake!

George W
says Russia meddled in our election.
In your face #45
Would have preferred the W to mention
#45 in his talk but hey..
Go George!

The wind was sent 

This said it best
from NY Magazine

It was the worst hair day of what has been a bad hair life. And it may seem cheap and low to mock Trump’s absurd efforts to conceal his hair loss. But Trump is a man obsessed with image in ways that go beyond the normal human concern with looking presentable. Image is Trump’s moral code. He dismisses his political rivals for being short. He sees his succession of wives as visual testament to his own status. He selects his Cabinet on the basis of their looking the part. He conscripts the military as a prop to bathe himself in an aura of presidential grandeur.
Trump’s absurd hair is of a piece with his lifelong attempt to market himself as a brilliant deal-maker and stable genius. So yes, it is okay to laugh when the ruse is exposed.

 I received this great Get Well card
from brother Scott and SIL Crystal
Their friends who came with them 
to Vegas last Spring also signed it!
Means the World to me

These two couples are in love, happy,
and my world.

Now it's 
aw not so bad.

My tank and I visit occasionally 
but are no longer symbiotic.

If I'm sitting being calm and still,
I'm off O/2 a good bit.

Still use concentrator all night, 
and time to time throughout day,
and portable to go to market but 
I'm weaning. 
I hope to be untethered by April

It's in the 70's here- don't hate us

I am ever grateful for my blessings

Good World



Karen said...

Grateful is a great place to be.

After all the garbage spewed on us daily from that narcissistic maniac, a little hair humor is perfectly OK.

donna baker said...

All is looking up and I am very happy for you. Great news. That hairpiece is the worst combover in history and needs a spot in the Smithsonian. He needs a wig ala George Washington. Love all the news you reported so I'd say it is nice to hear some good news. I made it through surgery in flying colors except for the fall in front of the cafe on the way to admissions. Embarrassing. Plus, there was a hunky you man anesthetist in surgery where I had to display all the netherlands. I wish I'd had a bag over my head and they don't let men in surgeries that are down there. No amount of makeup can make that look good in an old woman. Hope I never see him again.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This crazy world has some good news in it! And hearing that you are doing better is some of it! Hugs!!!

Lana said...

This was SUCH a great-to-read kind of post!������������ We share such a close view of politics and I take pieces of joy wherever I can get them. Thank you for sharing your happy news, young lady! Lana

Kit said...

You have a good attitude. Great to hear from you. :) Kit