Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Evening Twinkle

It's fun to walk through the living room
 in the evening.
Everything twinkles.

Working my way through
room by room
adding and subtracting 
till there is just enough twinkle.

Twinkle quotient is directly
proportional to room size
subtracted by tree quantity
divided by tree height 
multiplied by energy level of


Jill said...

Your formula is hilarious!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Z, ohhhhh!!!! now I want to twinkle here. So beautiful and cozy looking, love how the tree lights up the room. Wonderful decorating, Francine.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think the lights are my favorite part of Christmas. I love to see my tree glowing and twinkling while I sit and enjoy the glow. Lovely look at your home.

Robin Johnson said...

Oh how pretty. I love it when the house is all glowing from twinkle lights. It makes everything look so cozy and magical.

Love the ornaments on your tree, they are gorgeous!

Sonny G said...

I like all the twinkling in your home but my fav is the smaller tree on the table in the sitting area.. it looks Magical.

June said...


Kathy said...

My quotient would be divided by decorators energy level - hehe!

Curtains in My Tree said...

your ready for the season looks like and I can't hardly start dragging boxes of decor out
love the glow

WhiteWhispers2u said...

It looks so festive! I love lights on in the dark during the holidays.I so need to get in gear!

time worn interiors said...

I always enjoy your Christmas decor from year to year. Hope all is well with you my friend!

Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You have inspired me to change up my decorations a little this year, leaning more toward the white washed and neutrals...