Thursday, March 14, 2013

**** It Bucket

Already I've lost a few of you,
just with the title.....
but please entertain the spirit of this post.

Listen, there are far uglier words out there
than a cuss word, words meant to denigrate, 
humiliate or differentiate human beings. 
Ones I won't say or even type here,
but the regular ones that some replace
 with the word frickin, fudge, spit and such?
The minute those substitute words
burst forth from a mouth, 
they are instantly replaced with the
 original word in nearly everyone's mind.  
There are studies I hear...
OK - OK call it a Chuck it Bucket 
(add an asterick)

I digress.

Last week, I was faced with information that
ticked me off somethin' fierce,
and nearly brought me to my knees.
The kinda thing you cannot discuss with anyone else,
 and yet want to rant about it somehow,
somewhere, so I had this idea to write it down.
You remember our Grandmas saying
"Write it down and then tear it up.
Don't spill the ugly."
Oh...Only my Grandma?

So I wrote it down, 
but I thought it was rather brilliant,
and did not want to tear it up.
Sorry Gran

I have a blog!
I could write it there ... but
then of course, once would not be enough
I would want to leave several rants...
over and over


Yes, I do say AHA out loud a lot 
while roaming around muttering.
What if I had a **** It Bucket 
and could dump each and every
pain in the butt thing that happened to 
make me say more than 
Crapola into the bucket and 
ease the frustration.

My first contribution will be to the 

pitiful, pea brained, pathetic putz(s),
(even though I doubt they have a penis)
who insist on leaving anonymous, venomous
 comments to posts everywhere,
 even innocuous ones,
 like the one I did yesterday
about my daughter.
This is WHO you are?
a slithering shadow lurking around depositing
ugliness? Pretty sad excuse for an existence.

Then I thought what if I 
allowed others to "deposit"
into my **** It Bucket?

Frustration loves a forum of "Hell Yes!"and besides
I know there are so many of you out there
that are so frickin' (see - you thought it didn't you?)
hilarious that I trust you will entertain me.

Please do.
Leave your name - or not,
if you must hide for witness protection.
If a comment is just nasty and intended to offend,
I reserve the right not to publish.

Keep em coming - the link will remain top right in my sidebar,
so click on it and it will always return you to this post,
so you may comment, and perhaps lower your blood pressure.
The next time the world has done you wrong,
pound on those keys, then dump it here, and move on.
Keep the bucket in your own sidebar if you wish,
 to remind you that there is a place to safely rant,
without "spilling the ugly".

unless no one ever uses it but me, then

 **** It


oldgreymare said...

My first contribution will be to the
pitiful, pea brained, pathetic putz(s),
(even though I doubt they have a penis)
who insist on leaving anonymous venomous
comments to posts everywhere,
even innocuous ones,
like the one I did yesterday
about my daughter.
This is WHO you are?
a slithering shadow lurking around depositing
ugliness? Pretty sad excuse for an existence.

the old white house said...

I can use a bucket sometimes! I will be glad to add...
love, t.xoxoox

Sonny G said...

thank goodness , at last I have a bucket~! you made my day with your post and it feels good to know theres one place on earth I can type how I honestly feel. you are an Angel.
I hope whoever posted their venom about your daughters- gets their venom back ay um a thousand fold~!

thinking of you and thanks for being here for us.

Razmataz said...

Hmmm....a Shit bucket huh? I've never been one NOT to say the real word, words, phrase....

What's pissing me off this week are hot chocolate "stations". I keep seeing them on the blogs...honestly do we need a little area for pretty spoons and marshmallows? What about a hard liquor Station? I could keep 3 types of gin and lemons or limes and vintage inspired straws......

Kathy said...

My Grandma didn't say that but my Mother did and they were RIGHT. Good plan and BTW, you cracked me up.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Someone left a rude comment on one of my post once , so I just left the Shit Heads comment on for everybody to see whAt an ASS she was LOL

The only thing that has put a burr in my butt lately is I am working on my bucket list and on it was to own a real nice car before I died, so I bought me a Mercedes Benz !!! (previously owned ) well anyway had it 2 months and a big dead limb fell on the hood and placed 4 dents !! I couldn't even look at it this was back in July and I got it fixed this Monday . I finally admitted they were there LOL

Sorry I hope I didn't fill the XXXX bucket up

Janice Dauksch Columbia Missouri (previously Mt Vernon Illinois) xooxo

I have grey hair also , everyone tells me to COLOR your hair you look like an old lady, well I AM at 66 LOL

Linda said...

I can't believe people leave nasty comments...what hags...sorry...I guess their Mama didn't teach them if you can't say something nice...anyway...great idea...I'm sure I'll have a use for it!! Have a great day!!

Tracey Broome said...

I have the potential of being a frequent depositor here,haha! Maybe give my own blog a rest for awhile... Nice:)

Beatnheart said...

Capital idea! Thanks so much for your visit and comment...I have been a blog no posts, no visiting...the etsy shop keeps me on the computer your new pic, your new hair...fabulous,
really let it flow sweet lady, can’t believe the diff from the way it looks now from the “do” you use to have look sassy and 10 years young...your daughter is beautiful, talented and lovely...and oh yeah, hair to c

Robin Larkspur said...

I will tell ya what....that cowardly commenter is a huge loser, whether male or female, with low intelligence. Stupid & crass too.
Z, you are so right on with your blankity blank bucket.
A great place to blow off a little steam!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I like your idea! I have learned that people get a little uncomfortable when you bitch or whine on your blog. I know this because they comment on everything you wrote except for the stuff that belongs in the bucket. Okay, let's pretend it's a perfect, sunny world and we don't have pain, grief, burdens and never ending anxiety and fears in our lives.

I think I am going to post your button. I could use the venting.


joanne said...

ya know, I had an OK day today so I'm going to reserve my right to come back here and make a deposit another time. I can't believe someone would be nasty about your daughter...well, I just can't believe some of the things that come out of people's mouths *butts?* anyway! Great idea.

Lana said...

Love this idea!! Thank you, Z, for all you do and for your notes about your kids, too. There are those of us who share in your joys...and don't forget that. Keep the other crap away from you.

Teri said...

Great idea! But you may need a bigger ****in' bucket!
After receiving more nasty comment s than I care to share, I now moderate mine.

Teri said...

Great Idea! But you may need a bigger ****in' bucket!
I now moderate all my comments ... To many nasty crazy people out there not to.
Good luck and thanks!

Tanya said...

HELL, yes, for reals! You ROCK, Z...

As an aside, I recently had to change my blogging comments parameters to exclude anonymous comments - I was getting, on average, 15-18 a day from Louis Vuitton, Bear Grylls, and their lovely friends in the Orient! Changed my comments permissions to registered and Open ID only, and it stopped immediately.


oldgreymare said...

Can't believe I'm here again so soon BUT

What is with people who comment with "nice post please visit my blog"....."nice post enter my giveaway"...."nice post join my party" and they're not spammers, but real blogs. ARGH!
No one is fooled..You are follower and number collecting. There is nothing wrong with a short or for that matter long comment, I leave both, but please don't comment just to get something in return, unless it is a giveaway of course.
We all receive comments that are obviously from folks who did not even read the post. A blog friend upon completing a post about the death of her cat, received a comment wishing her a "speedy recovery"... uh..from the dead? Nine lives indeed!
I can only speak for my blog but I started it to really connect with people, talk to them, share with them and journal my life, and the rewards of meeting such wonderful folk are many. I do not blog so that I can see a number counter increase on my sidebar, ha! I don't have one.... I can watch numbers increase by standing in the cutting line at JoAnn's.

I understand that many bloggers are running a business, and that's wonderful, seriously I applaud, and I purchase from them, but increase your following by having great products, or writing good copy, responding to every email and comment and offering good service. I am not always successful esp with "no reply" people but I try VERY hard to answer each and every comment and email, but I must confess, I don't even publish those kind of comments or EVER come back, or go over to visit. For me, it's a very limp handshake, fingertips only and you really don't care to meet me.

You are like one of those sign spinners prolific here in la la land. Lots of flash and finesse but what is it that they represent? SPIN/ SPIN/SPIN an S ? a P ? what was that last word? Who are they with? Whoops the light changed, moving on.....

wendy said...

HA HA...well said my dear. Brilliant idea.
Reminded me of the book I read "Secret of Bees".....where this one sister had a very very hard time "coping" with sad and difficult things in her life. So she'd write those feelings on a piece of paper, and stick it in the cracks of the brick fence that went around their yard.

The Boston Lady said...

This is best idea, next to Chania's about the liquor station.... To have come and said something mean indicates that the person who did it is to be pitied for the lack of life they have and their poor social skills.


P.S. and I agree with you on the last item you just dropped into the bucket. I've been wanting to drop my entire week in the F*** It bucket and now I have. Thanks!

c. Joy said...

Somewhere there is a youtube video with Stephen Fry giving us his opinion of 'bad words.' It's clever and so true. I like to think of them as sentence enhancers. I will not post a link (I don't trust those anyway and hate it when folks send me links to links to links...). It's easy to find.

Crap comments are annoying. I can't even imagine who lives that kind of life.

And, yes, you are correct - I can change the fake 'bad' word to the bad 'bad' word without missing a beat.

Jillayne said...

You had me with the title! I love how you call it with these idiots. I don't get it, probably never will but I am so glad there are bloggers like you who don't just delete their comments and try to pretend like it never happened. Good on you!
As for the "come see me" comments, they are almost equally as annoying. There is something about the gratuitous and self-serving nature of them that really rankles me - the lack of sincerity and truthfulness they display.
I love this idea - it's just so awesome!

Kit said...

Oh yes! I so want to use your bucket. In fact today. Lovely idea. I need a place to vent sometimes and my poor hubby always gets an earful...LOL Kit

Kit said...

I am back with my thoughts in control, or out of control as they are this morn! Okay, here goes: Owners who allow their dogs to bark uncontrolled for hours at a time. AND THEY ARE HOME!! Listen, I understand dogs need to bark, but why is one asshole in my neighborhood allowed to cause strife and stress just because he is a moron and doesn't take care of his dogs???!! This isn't about bloggers but I wanted to vent and make my heart healthy again....LOL Kit

Razmataz said...

I was at a dinner with family members wearing a piece of jewelry from my new line. One person said to me "your bracelet is very butch, I must remember to tell my lesbian friends about it" honest to God, where do these things come from. I didn't skip a beat as the entire group looked horrified and just said "great, I want to appeal to all markets" FFS....same person who would likes to point out if anyone mentions my hair color that I'm not a natural blonde.....

Sharon said...

When I get upset and want to vent about something, I write a post about it...but never publish it. I decide to follow Miss Mustard Seed, but I am tried about her blog being totally about her business. I want out...but there is no way to get out of her blog.

Blondie's Journal said...

Okay...I have one about blogging. Why is it that when you visit a blog that has caught your interest, and not one that that has mega-followers either, and they never respond with an email or a comment. It's like knocking on a door and you know someone is there, but they don't want to answer. Okay, they are a total decorating blog and you aren't, so they dismiss visiting your blog. Well, hey, I don't expect everyone to like my blog but broaden your horizons people...remember the day when you had 20 freakin followers. I follow DIY'ers, fashionista's, home decor lovers and those that love to write. When you can't respond, it reminds me of cliques from high school.

Another thing and we are ALL guilty of it..take the time to respond to a nice comment by visiting the blog, not shooting off an email, we want your attention to the hard work it takes to do a's a give and take, a two way street.

Boy, do I feel good! Thanks, sweetie!


Kathy said...

Dig the bucket and I'm going to get a peeve off my chest...
What is UP with these "no reply" comments?? For crying out loud, isn't the idea to connect with people? I try hard to respond to comments and visit blogs because I WANT TO BE FRIENDS. But you no-replyers probably just think I'm some diva blogger who is so full of herself that she is too good to respond to your lowly self. CHECK YOUR SETTINGS!!!!
Whew. Better now.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Brilliant idea Z!!!
I agree with so many of these people (especially the liquor station)! I commented on a blog the other day and saw a very nasty comment about Ozzy and Co...wonder if she'll ever realize it!

the gypsy magpie said...

Oh my gosh- I just had the best laugh sitting here reading the "comments" in the bucket... and cracking up at the same time I'm nodding my head. THIS was a fabulous idea! Just to make sure everyone has room to keep dumping them in, I'm virtually shoveling them out- Yep, shoveling the **** so that we may all keep our sanity and senses of humor!
(As one of my favorite lines from Seinfeld says... 'let the expletives fly...!'

Rebecca said...

Ha ha only you Z would think of this great idea! Sorry it took someone dissing your post though... I want to know what mind could possible come up with a negative on that lovely post??? I have been fortunate concerning comments, the closest negative comment came with someone calling me a "hoarder even if it is cool stuff" and that just made me laugh because my kids threaten to call Hoarders all the time!
I do have beefs but will take a rain check as I still am feeling pretty good from all the "D" rays in Az.
Love you Girl

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

I don't understand the deal with "Likes" on Facebook, and the big push to get to a certain number. I can see where it's possibly an avenue to advertise business or build a blog, but so many are just posting pics they have found on Pinterest several times a creative is that?

amy of studio four corners said...

this idea is brilliant - I saw it several days ago...and applauded you for starting it...and shame on me - for not commenting! But I came back today...because I had something to put in the bucket...People - there is no "s" on the end of "toward"!!! second deposit...posting pictures that aren't yours and giving no photo/source credit...whether on your blog or on Facebook...give credit where credit is due
ok...done now...I'll be back...mostly to support you, your blog and this wonderful exercise...

Cindy said...

oh Lord Z...You will need a much bigger bucket when I jump in...
I will be back soon...
Great Idea!

Bec said...

As soon as I leave this blog I will forget my peeve, until I run up against it again. It is, that joining a mailing list to follow a blog, the pop up box will not allow my picture to upload, and I have no clue how to adjust photos into smaller JPGs to make it work. I feel better just discussing it.
PS: I love this, and your tude, and your site.
Bec from GildedRAGS(etsy)

Romeo said...

GREAT idea Z!!! Read all the s**t in the bucket and smiled and nodded my head like one of those stupid nodder toys. I'm in agreement with Cindy, better get the industrial size bucket before I dump in the bucket....

Did I mention I love this idea!

oldgreymare said...

Razmataz said...

I hve officially seen enough POISE posts. We get it. You get hot, you wipe with cool Poise wipes and you have a dry vagina.......

oldgreymare said...

ARGH! People who lie about things that are so easily discovered, and offer up the lie of explanation without even being asked. The same people seem to tell so many lies they forget what they've told you and contradict themselves, which reveals the truth even further. If you are living your life in such a way that causes you embarrassment so that you lie, then perhaps you should examine your choices? You should also realize that friends talk about events among mutual friends and quite innocently your lies are discovered this way also. Then they all confer and wow you should be embarrassed.

we know they pay you to say it..enough with damn pop up ads... If I am leaking or stinky believe me I'll figure out an answer to the problem without a bloggers aid...

oldgreymare said...

I broke off a chunk of a back molar.
Now that is distressing, but luckily it cannot be seen, so my first thought was thank you Lord for that much..
but that isn't what freaks me's paying for it that freaks me out.

You see I have no dental insurance so this will cost me Big Bucks and just after having to pay
$5500 for a new air conditioner in May.
Well, not paying exactly, charging....
( thank heaven for perfect credit and low interest)

Insert.... Ginormous....SIGH

So when the idiots in Congress delay
health coverage reform
when American citizens are so uninformed about
insurance reform that they impede progress,
when insurance is FOR PROFIT,
when folks who have excellent affordable group
coverage, abuse it...

I am pissed!
Stomp my feet,
Shake my fist at the air,
curse the blue blazes

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth, this sucks. I broke a tooth awhile back and did not have the money to get it fixed, was gonna cost thousands, friggen thousands. Now who charges thousands for anything so small as that, maybe thousands for a car would be good! Needless to say the tooth got decay over time and hurt like hell, still I put it off, hundreds to have it pulled, I suffered for quite awhile. There isn't too much left after paying $911.12 a MONTH for health insurance. I have complained about these prices for years, and have even called the govenors office several times to complain. When health insurance for the self employed is more than a mortgage this is retarded to say the least. How much will be to much I ask. This goes into the bucket and the bucket gets kicked to kingdom come and back. There, that helps till next time.

Lana said...

Suzan, just now reading your post about your dental stuff and insurance. I hear you loud and clear. Thankfully, I have dental ins. through my teacher's retirement plan that I pay for and I am over-65, so there is that positive note. HOWEVER, I could not agree with you more on the cost of insurance and the rich-get-richer slide in our U.S. economy (thank you insurance conglomerates, Wall Street, and those in the shirts!) I am putting off dental work because even WITH my ins., the cost is out of this world to have two old crowns removed and replaced. I DO NOT go on Virgin Island jaunts. I jaunt out to my back porch in the morning with my coffee or hot tea and just hope I can keep the bird feeders filled once or twice a month!!! That's reality for most of us!!!

Tracey Broome said...

So glad you added this bucket. This is something I would like to post on my blog, but I could just as easily go find a hornet's nest and bust it open!
I have good friends, they are kind, talented, smart and interesting. I am happy to have them. But I have noticed something recently. Whenever I get together with several of them, mostly by their invitation, they only talk about themselves. No asking me how I'm doing, what is rocking my world, what is rocking my boat, nothing. They just go on and on and on about their thing and I sit and listen and try to offer advise when needed or just nod and hear what they are saying. I wonder why there is no interest in my stuff, its just all about their stuff. Sometimes I would like to talk and get some advise or sympathy too. I have one or two friends that give and get equal time, that's it...... I wonder if the others read my blog and figure they already heard what I have to say, so on to them..... I have one friend that has a few too many drinks and starts to put me down. It is becoming really irritating, and same thing, talk talk talk only about herself. Whew, it's all so tiring!
My cousin had a friend that I met only once, Sarah. I would have liked to have her for a friend. She seemed genuinely interested in me and made me feel very liked by her. It's funny that I remember her so well and only met her so briefly. She had a quality that I would very much like to have, if only I knew exactly what that was!
So there, it was on my mind, and I had a few moments to chat, thanks for the depository :-)

erin's art and gardens said...

i am soooo over seeing my sister posting negative thoughts on face book.....she can not think of one nice thing to say...ever! i am so disappointed that she has turned out to be JUST LIKE MY MOTHER! i feel like "unfriending" her. thanks for letting me vent....
luv u,

YONKS said...

What a brilliant idea?
I just want to start by saying I love a good cuss, no word is too bad if it makes you feel better. Bollocks! There, that's out the way.

What's pissing me off is myself. I am busting my arse at the gym, starving myself and not losing a bloody ounce. I'm so down about it at the moment. Believe me I have buckets of weight to lose. Sorry to bore anyone with this but I feel better now I've told the world.

Also, haters, people who can't do but then, in the next breath criticising you for doing, whatever it is. They are just bitter and twisted about their own inabilities. Don't make me feel bad because I CAN!

oldgreymare said...

I have to take the time to address this one last time
because it seems to happen to me quite frequently now.

"No reply comment blogger"

I had two lovely comments recently.
Thank you Lynn and Julie.
I really wanted to write you back
and after trying in vain to find an email I could use
on one of your other social media sites you use..
I gave up.

I love to hear from everyone, I truly do,
and wish to establish contact with you
but I simply cannot
spend hours each week tracking people
down on google connect, linked in and facebook etc.
I also think it is inappropriate for me to jump
into some conversation you are
having on another site about something else
and for me to say "Hello and thanks for visiting"...
So if you do not hear back from me that is why.
I used to try and let folks know they were no reply comment,
but I will no longer do that either.
I do not desire to join the other social media sites,
a personal preference of mine...
I am not techno phobic, I CHOOSE to
limit my exposure, but live and let live to those who
have a charger attached to their butt.
My kids included in that.
I have relented and text a bit more with them but
nothing beats my children's voices and smiles.

My life is not about social media
and hopefully never will be.
I understand how folks do love it and I
know friends who are
linked, faced, connected, instagrammed and tweeted.

So if I lose you this way, my apologies,
I wish it could be different.
I have made a conscious decision
to keep my life small and simple and
hopefully full of grace.

Bombarded at every turn with "stuff"
I choose to turn it off.
I do understand the reasoning for ads on blogs
and applaud your efforts...
However I am finding that larger and larger interactive ads
and those damn Pin It pop ups
are causing me to make short visits to
some old favorites.
I visit a blog to visit the PERSON
not to shop for personal hygiene products
and paper towels.
I also have profound nerve damage in my hands so
often my cursor does not land where I wish it too,
and then WHAMMO I am at Pinterest or
visiting some commercial site unintentionally.

Think about the annoyance of
cell phones in theaters and movies
and disorderly loud children in stores and restaurants.
How is this issue any different?
It takes a pleasure and puts a stink on it for me.

So, again, I am so fond of you,
so grateful for your friendship and kindness but..
it's all too much for this gal...

If you wish to remain no reply,
then please email me your comments or
questions, my email is in my profile.
Easy peasy

I answer every comment I can via email
and will email till the cows come home..
and in lala land that's a long, long time.

Tracey Broome said...

I am with you on the limited social media interaction, I only do my blog and answer emails. That's about all I can handle, and I love getting your emails, sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

left is right, right is left
hot is cold, cold is hot
of course
what's the big deal?

that's like me signing


you'd know it was me right?

damn handyman making me feel stupid and damn google and while I'm here how about damn insurance companies and just because I haven't in a while...
damn the man who planted these trees THAT ARE THE WRONG KIND AND THE WRONG SIZE in the first place!!!!!!!

Tracey Broome said...

Oh dear!
Yeah, google, what is up with that?! I'm the handyman around here most times, damn that too!
And.... Men..... Don't get me started, mine is having his period this week:)

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Holy b.u.c.k.e.t., Z!!!

I started reading everyone's comment, but had to post one. I mean, NOW!

I just removed my email from comments this morning. Yes, Z, I deliberately am a noreply, because I can no longer read any more emails like "thanks for visiting me... yes, I really am that fabulous". Enough already.

I blog because I want to connect with others who share their creativity and real selves. If they never have time to visit me back, I'll get it and move on ~ but no more it's-all-about-me emails.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Feeling much better. Thanks for the bucket, Z.

Now, I'm scrolling back up to read the rest.


oldgreymareprimitives said...

So for all you who voted for the idiot..His latest bragging that his ratings for "his interview with the associated press beat those after 9/11." THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU PAUSE? How about right after 9/11 he bragged that now he had the tallest building in New York. What does he have to say or do to finally wake you up?

Do not tell me you voted for platform, not the man. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE when this man represents our entire nation and he is clueless as to his responsibilities. DO you hear him speak? He uses vocabulary that is on the level of a 6 th grader. No disrespect to a 6 th grader. In fact a 6th grader with a conscience might make a better president, especially if he listened to advisors who actually might know how important the issues are. Now he's dropped the mother of all bombs..Does anyone other than me see that this is an ignorant teenager bragging that he has the largest penis? Oh and it's the smartest and the best and the luckiest etc on and on.

Once more I implore one of his three wives, or some buried, head in the sand, republican to step forward with the buried "facts" and end this nightmare and become an historical hero. Even if you have a gag order in your divorce- step forward- some lawyer will protect your money. Even if your party suffers defeat after- be the hero for millions and maybe save the planet.

Ronda said...

Love this bucket idea. I haven't followed your blog for long, but I am so happy I took the time to read this post.

Today another mass shooting, more thoughts & prayers. So f*n tired of this time in history. I believe in the right to bear arms but when the majority party in control is controlled by NRA money and rich soul-less donors, this will never end.

No party affiliation from me, just an honest soul, brought up knowing right from wrong, disgusted with where we are. I've never paid attention to politics prior to this morons election. Knowing my parents were lifelong Republican and my upbringing, you can't tell me that the is truly representative of the Republican party. If so, I am so lost, no way I can comprehend how. It's like not even knowing who they were and for that matter who am I? And the Evangelical element is unbelievably disturbing.

This will end, good will prevail.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Found out today that I was given the wrong prescription 3 months ago. Spent hours trying to figure it all out. Drs say Pharmacy fault, Pharmacy says Drs fault. I am so disgusted and upset I just sat down and wept.It's not enough that I have mo diagnosis after 2 1/2 years, that I got worse on the wrong meds, but no one owns up to it!!^&%$!!!!!!!!!!

Kit said...

You must be kidding me!!!?? They screwed up your prescription? What if what they gave you had harmed you? Geeze!! Assholes!!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

If you abhor cussing than read no further:

I just got done typing so hard that I broke one of the pop up feet on my keyboard and had to repair with duct tape.
This is what started it.

Instagram blocks Elaine Thompson-Herah for posting videos of her own golds.
The IOC owns property rights for the games and strictly enforces them. Within minutes of her post she was blocked off IG by IG - BAM! they've since allowed her back on without any videos of course.

What the FUCK!!!

Facebook who owns IG has allowed how many millions of posts with misinformation and lies that have cost thousands of people their lives. Before you say reader beware-I call bullshit. FB claims all kinds of legal mumbo jumbo shit and "tries" to contain the worst of it.

Not for one second do I believe that FB and it's corporate leader(s) give one iota of concern for world humanity being placed above corporate greed.

I hate that they now own IG and I daily question my morals in continuing on the platform. The only reason I have not left is many friends of mine only use IG to share and I would miss them.

That's a crap excuse I know but those folks are important to me. Kinda like would I waste all kinds of fuel to drive far away to visit a friend- you betcha even though most of the time I conserve fuel like a mother %^$#@!. (have filled up car only twice in 2021 and that included round trip to CA)

"A 42 year old fitness enthusiast died of covid. Climbing mountains 4 weeks before death" He believed the lies. He thought it was just "a flu"

No one is allowed to yell fire in a public place?
Here is what I found _

"The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic. [...] The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent."

The origin of the phrase is from the Supreme Court of the United States in the case Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919). It specifically rules on the limitation of freedom of speech (first amendment):

The original ruling is this:

The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic. [...] The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.

You seem to think that it should be illegal, but only if it results in a panic that endangers people. If people ignore you, you think it should be protected by your first amendment rights.

That's not how the law works. The law tries, among other things. To establish norms for human behaviour. For example, you will be punished for driving an automobile while intoxicated, even of this does not result in you running over somebody.

"In the words of the supreme court: If your actions "are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger", the congress has the right to prevent you from doing so, despite the first amendment."

Yet the lies continue and folks who may not have access to correct information or are swept up by the "non news" of FOX etc and who blindly follow a fascist mentally unstable idiot will continue to die, continue to spread, continue to help create new variants, with FB being morally responsible for their deaths.

OH please don't let a young athlete share her medals, her accomplishments after decades of work but let every dickhead who can type out crap on their phone have a voice, regardless of the harm...oh but yeah it isn't costing anyone money to lie, only costing lives.