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Friday, November 12, 2010

So It Continues

So it continues in the family room and kitchen.
I do not remove objects in order to replace with
holiday theme items, I nestle them right in and add lots
of greenery with lots of snow that I often regret come January.

Lights are not in yet, and I may just skip this year.

My kitchen tree, dripping with Nicole Sayre, whose beige and
cream ornaments are perfect for my decor. She has returned
to these colors in her new line but without any ornaments
only the larger figures. I hope to snag a few of those this year.

My new Vietri dishes that I mentioned a few posts back.
A client bartered these for work and I was thrilled.
The French doors lead to the sun porch.

Part of the family room.
This room has pale yellow walls. A mistake, and one
I was going to correct... about 5 years ago! It doesn't bother
me so much anymore, and it does brighten a naturally dark room.
I am very proud of the counter. I helped cut, install and grout that baby.

Hutches everywhere get a little something tucked in.

Onward to the porches and the bedrooms!
How is it coming at your house?


Lots of questions coming in about my timing,
amount of work and amount of decorations.

Since I am usually quite busy right after Thanksgiving,
this is the only time I have. The large tree goes up Thanksgiving evening.

I used to do displays for stores during the holidays and often my
pay was store credit, or a large discount (as in wholesale price). That is why
the abundance of Nicole Sayre, otherwise I could never afford.
No one seemed to like these colors then, everyone wanted
traditional red and green. lucky me! When you
combine store credit with 50% post holiday...
Bartering is great.

I organize for a living, so I have developed a system of storage,
that makes it so simple to get what I need and do a tree
lickety split with no mess in the house. I may post about it soon.
The system works for any type of storage.

AS for the rest of the decor, I simply plug in a bunch of
winter greenery, three large bins full... all purchased after the
holidays about 15 years ago, for 75 - 90% off.

So this decor is pennies on the dollar collected over 30 years.
I don't do any other holiday decorating anymore.
This is the big show, so to speak.


Sue said...

Oh are already decorating for Christmas? I took down the Halloween stuff when we got home from Florida Tuesday. Yesterday I decided I didn't want to look at fall things anymore, so away they went. I used to tuck things in around my other things. Now, I do put away a few things for the, I have some empty spaces right now!

I did buy the stuff for my tree topper yesterday...does that count?

My Grama's Soul said...

Suzan.....YOU have a simply beautiful home!!!!!



Faded Charm said...

I love the simplicity of your white pitchers mixed in with arcitectural, greenery and peaceful.

I'd love to know how to get more organized around here.

Enjoy your weekend Suzan.


Robin Larkspur said...

Yes, please, do post about your storage system....we all could use help in that department.

erin's art and gardens said...

girl! you got it goin on!!so ahead of the game.....i'd love for you to post about your system for storage. my problem is my NEW style of decorations is mixed in with a lot of the old, so i still have to drag it all out. i am quite unorganized right now with my christmas decor. ready to purge, i guess. wish you were here to help me.......
can't wait to see more!
happy weekend to you,

Razmataz said...

It all looks so lovely. I have a little ornament our from last year, never put away. That is it. I don;t do till Dec 1.

Having my first American thanksgiving in Chicago this year. I found my fathers long lost family 2 years ago and we are meeting several for Thanksgiving.

Your house looks so interesting and lovely.


From the Old InkWell said...

What a beautiful home you have. Love all those cream colored pitchers all in a row. So pleasing to the eye!

Claudia said...

Your home is beautiful. I also tuck things in - I don't remove anything. I don't have space to store things anyway, and the Christmas decorations live in bins out in the shed.


Jane said...

Gorgeous home! I love the first picture with the ironstone pitchers and greenery tucked in, such a wonderful look!
It's nice you can get everything out and displayed in your own home before you start working on client's homes.
Have a great weekend.

ShabbyESP said...

Hello Suzan,
I love your decorating....makes me want to get out my Christmas stuff and start making some gifts!
Thank you for sharing!

clustres said...

I agree totally about not removing things, but just nestling other things right in for Christmas decorating! It just doesn't seem like Christmas if there is not stuff everywhere! Good job!

gail said...

Hi Susan-it all looks wonderful! I love the mantle. You seem to have it all down pat which is great. I love the greens-I think if you have a lot of those, you don't need to do much else!

Jillayne said...

Love it z, both the decor itself and how you went about getting it. I like the idea about adding in, layering with what you already have and making what you always have festive. As far as storage etc., I would be most interested in that post - I am in dire need of an intervention in my sewing room and as you say your method is applicable to all things....

Rebecca said...

Hey Z
Love what you do! My decorating is very similar, I love just putting boxwood and tallow berry in my white pitchers at Christmas.
Ha, I have bins of Nicole Sayer in the garage left over from the shop! I will be doing the fleamarket come
Dec 1. I need your organizing skills, I am drowning in stuff!!!

Becky said...

So Beautiful...well done.


Gigi Thibodeau said...

I love your holiday style, Suzan! I haven't started decorating, but I did plant my paperwhites this week in preparation for the season, and I am definitely getting into the mood! Like you. I tuck greens and other decorations in and around my ironstone, my old books, and all my other collections. I can't imagine packing my everyday stuff away to make room for Christmas. If it doesn't fit with my decor as is, then it won't be going up in my house! :)

Looking forward to your organizing system!! xo Gigi

Pooch Purple Reign said...

what a great place you have !!
and it looks so warm.
~laura xx

kitchu said...

so warm and inviting. wish i could come over for a cup of hot chocolate :) i love how you've decorated and wish my home were this cozy and CLEAN.

June said...

Z, your Nicole Sayer tree is gorgeous! I know I have told you and told you that I love your decor. Ooooh, every glimpse into your beautiful home is such a treat for me. You really know your stuff!

Dale and got the biggest kick out of your comment to me on the last post. You funny girl!
Love ya...

Char said...

i've collected over the years too - it pays off and yours is so very lovely.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love that kitchen tree. And your pretty white pitchers.