Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whatnots and Wangadoodles

Rose Bowl Flea Market 6/14/09

Amy, me and Brooklyn woohoo!

Highlight of the day- Whatnots
Amy snagged a couple vintage dresses, a great suitcase and lots of great whatnots for her vintage altered art. You can see them here: Amy

I snagged a couple metal pieces that will soon be used in the backyard for planters; a trough for feeding some kind of animal and a crab catcher. Also added two great new vintage style shams for my bed, made of linen and a blue cabbage roses print.

The broken collapsible wire basket was thrown in for good
measure by the owner of the booth. I'm sure it was
because of Brooklyn. The first quote was $50.00, then suddenly free!
After inspection this morning, I'm sure I can repair it.

I love my new shams and you can find some just like
them here. Please tell John I sent you. I now have to add
some blue back into the room for summer.

Lowlight or I should say "lowlife" of the day- Wangadoodle

Coming onto freeway after stopping for gas we came upon a middle aged, potbellied dufus that is urinating in full view of every car. His wife, girlfriend, unfortunate, stupid companion, standing by his side, no less. As he spies us, two women in a car only a few feet from him, he waggles his wangadoodle at us many, many times grinning like the royal buffoon he is. Please help me understand what has become of the human race.

Brooklyn on his first road trip like this, was such a trooper and broke many hearts with his giggles and unending smiles. We made it safely home and Brooklyn is safely tucked back into his bed. Mom Amy must be exhausted and hopefully won't read this until tomorrow because she needs a long, long sleep. This better be tomorrow for you girlfriend! I'm up because I have to watch a show at 10:00 that I can't believe I still watch......ugh, how embarrassing...Army Wives....I feel the shame.

Thanks Amy for a wonderful day!

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Amy said...

How daring of you to admit such things. I can't wait to go again.