Saturday, June 27, 2009

CONTEST on oldgreymare Sneak #2

Two more items into the prize package and more to come!

Crown tags

Word tags in rusty tin

Five days left to enter. Contest ends at midnight on the 31st. Next week you will see some more of the prize package. I believe it is something quite special.

The Paper Gathering is tomorrow and I will spend today setting the tables, making dessert, cleaning house and getting excited to see all the completed projects. I am determined to take more photos this time, so check back Monday to see our crowns, journals etc.

A special shout out to Teresa who became a new Grandma on the 17th. Congratulations!

Enjoy the weekend! Hope you are able to do something special.

Post script to all you clever are not crazy...there were several typos when I posted earlier today, (that will teach me to post and phone chat at same time) but I came back just now and corrected them. ha!

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Mat`amiT said...

wow nice handiwork