Thursday, June 25, 2009

Contest Prize Peek

OK blogger fans:

Drum roll please
The first item in the winner's basket will be this paper crown, but that is only the beginning of the wonders to be found, so get signed up..

:-) :-) :-) :-)

and no, unfortunately I cannot do it for you
and yes it is really easy
and no you don't have to buy anything
yes, if you are not a member of Etsy or have a blog, or gmail account you will have to pick a name and password, but that is all you will ever have to do, I swear.
and yes both the blog and Etsy are safe
and yes, if you were already signed up on my sites you are automatically entered
no, if all you receive are my emails, but have not signed up you are not entered, and again I cannot do it for you because I have your email.
and yes if you email me with your phone # (if I do not already have) I will talk you through it. It takes about 1 minute per site.
yes if you give me your email you will receive Old Grey Mare updates
no, if you don't give me your email you cannot receive updates.

:-) I hope that answers some of the questions that a few of you have had about the contest.

I will be posting sneaks of the prizes all this next week. Remember Wed the 31st is the last day to enter.

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