Monday, June 15, 2009

Darling Daughter

Sitting here at the computer ( you can see corner of keyboard) updating Etsy and blog info and darling daughter brings in dinner for me. Gnocchi in a tomato sauce and lovely salad. Food always tastes so much better when someone else cooks it, and that for me is a rare event. I either cook it or go out and pay for it, and lately it has been shamefully more of the latter. Thank you darling daughter.

I started cooking meals and doing laundry for my folks and brother at a very early age because my Mom was very ill for a very long time. So if you add up those years and combine with all the years since leaving that home, and having one of my own, I have been doing this for 45 years already, and some days the thrill of it all is gone.

I love to cook. I hate to plan to cook and I hate to shop at the market. I love to fold clothes all nice and pretty, I hate to sort before laundering. I hate to worry about energy usage and cost and I hate to put clothes away. I love to iron if there are less than 10 items. I hate to iron if the basket is full. I love every gizmo and gadget that has to do with cooking and I love ironing boards, irons, covers and clotheslines. I am a confused chick sometimes, but then aren't we all just a little bit?

Buzz! There is the dryer buzzer and I have to take dishes to the kitchen....Should we talk about doing the dishes? sigh

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Amy said...

It is true it always taste better when someone else makes it.
Noticing tea glass and wondering is it your 5th or 6th of the day!