Tuesday, June 30, 2009

and the winner is....

Congratulations to:

momskid! from Etsy

You have won the 1st Contest on oldgreymare.
I'll be getting the prizes to you in a jiffy.

Thank you so much to all of you who "hearted" me on Etsy before and after the contest and to all the followers on the blog. Hope you'll stay with me as we venture forward on this creative journey.

Most of the items in the Contest Prize are still available for purchase on Etsy, or directly from me. Anything on Etsy can always be purchased directly from me, for local pickup. I will soon be pulling several items from Etsy to put in a nearby shop, and it is possible that prices will increase, so if you see something now, grab it, while some are even on sale.

I plan to have several new listings for Etsy in the coming weeks, and another Gathering announcement. I was doing a studio design and overhaul for a dear friend and working on the Gathering class, so nothing new was listed. I have another design job coming up in July that I am very excited about, so before that begins I need to head back up to the studio and get productive. Halloween and Christmas are on my mind, but then again so are birds and nests...and crowns...and Paris...and OK, OK, it's really a jumbled mess up there....

Congratulations again to momskid!

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