Saturday, June 6, 2009


By this time tomorrow my beloved children will both be here at home, enjoying dinner and hanging out. It is such a rare opportunity that they are home together and as the years pass, these occasions will most likely be fewer, especially while they are living on opposite coasts.

A very dear friend, Lorene, stopped by today to visit with Hannah and bestow lovely gifts upon the graduate. Lorene has watched Hannah grow since the day we brought her home and was here today to witness the beautiful young woman she has become.

The 09 graduates are congregating at nearby coffee shops, restaurants, my den, and this evening an official grad party. The summer will go too fast and soon the high school gang will all go their separate ways and to such exciting adventures. NYU, George Washington, MIT, Berklee School of Music, Vassar, UNR and far too many more to remember. They are giddy with excitement and a wee bit nervous and it is such fun to listen to them talk about all the possibilities.

Hannah and her oldest friend Morgan, (friends since the first day of kindergarten) will be opening their Kindergarten boxes this week, full of school work, painted pictures and photographs. They were sealed shut the last day of kindergarten to be opened upon graduation. What a wonderful idea and thank you Mrs. Purvance.

Brit was here again yesterday to help with the back yard and I'm hesitant to sing his praises any more because once everyone realizes what a great day worker he is, he might become too busy to help me. He also washed some windows and repaired a light. Shhh, don't tell anyone...

The Gathering now has 4 seats remaining. Register before June 12th, to guarantee your spot. Fair Warning. Dessert will be extra special, and unfortunately, obscenely loaded with calories.

This weather is simply delicious, my windows are flung wide open, and the fresh air is so wonderful, perhaps for the last evening in a very long, hot summer. Enjoy!

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