Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sue's surgery went very well today, she is home and is doing just great! So many of you had asked how she was, and I have passed along your good wishes to her. She will be up and about as early as tomorrow afternoon and she was already fielding phone calls when I left this evening. She is a real trooper, but then she hails from hearty stock. (Stockfleth actually!)

Hannah's graduation crown - she wore it last night

I've been going a little crown crazy lately...small ones, medium ones, big ones!!
Maybe there is a royal in my future? I'll take a royal flush, but since I haven't gambled in over 31 years, that is not likely. Maybe someone will be a royal pain, or make me cake with royal icing....perhaps I am just royally tired, since I got up so early to meet Sue at the hospital.

so with a nod of my regal head wear I bid you good eve.

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