Monday, June 1, 2009

The First "lasts" of HS

It is Hannah's last full day of high school. I didn't think about that until I was making her lunch this morning. If I had, I would have put together something a little more special than the salad, grapes and bagel she took with her. I would have had a surprise waiting for her to open as I often did in the past. Notes written all over her two paper towels. (Always two, one to use as a place mat, one for wiping up.) Superman lunch bags one week this year, that she thought were wonderful. My favorite, the brightly colored Muppet flatware she found waiting at the bottom of the bag one day. Her lunch crowd went bonkers over them, and she brought them home, instead of tossing as usual. I noticed that some of the Muppets went with her to the senior picnic last week. I'm going to sneak some into her college luggage as a surprise, to give a giggle.

Several of Hannah's friends were here most of yesterday working on a final "project" for a class. They were designing a board game entitled So you want to be a Dictator. The dining table covered with paint and poster board, colored pencils, game pieces and styrofoam. Another last.

The last HS final exams.
The last goodbye from her to some HS friends. Oh, they'll mean to keep in touch...but we know.
The last  bellowed "Hannah, get up, you're going to be late!"
The last search for missing books, papers, shoes, keys, excuse notes.
The last time I feel calm return, as the front door slams, and it is quiet once again in this house. The frenzied mornings, give them back, please, for just a little while.

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