Thursday, June 18, 2009

simple day

Nothing too exceptional about today but Brit did stop by and in no time flat, fixed four sprinklers and finally, finally repaired my back porch door. I have had several different people try to repair it, and charged me "good" money even though they really didn't fix it for "good". While visiting last time, my brother spent an hour filing off the bottom to stop the HORRENDOUS screeching, scratching, scraping, sound it made every time you opened it. Brit walks up to it, goes hmmmm, tilts his head a bit, goes out to his truck, gets a few tools and knocks on the door about five minutes later and says "go check your door". Amazing!

He also brought over a wonderful supply of rusty stuff for me to make folk art with and I now have even more piles in the garage.

Amy and I are going junking soon, so I should have enough to last till Christmas at least.

All in all a simple day, but a good one. Why ask for more? cream would be nice. It's 7pm and 95 degrees out for pete' s sake!

1 comment:

Rich you know who said...

Such lovely arts. You really are talented.
Keep up the good work and showings.
I am sure the class you offer will be well worth the small cost.
Take care and GB.