Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Virgin Turkey

So I realized that I never told you 
about the turkey.
The fried turkey.
My very first fried turkey.

56 minutes from start to finish
56 minutes people!

So here is the skinny.
The kids were in Toronto, 
it was gonna be just me this year,
so I made a run to Costco
 for their cranberry stuffing, 
and mashed potatoes.
 I add a little cream cheese to the taters 
and they are delicious.

Both of those can be nuked so
 mere minutes of effort.

I heated up the oil in the fryer,
that took about 45 minutes.
Then injected the 14 lb bird with organic chicken broth,
rubbed more broth on the exterior and patted on some
seasoning mix, set the digital info and 
 dunked it in my new indoor fryer.
I then made a sweet potato casserole I have made
for over 30 years and 20 minutes later
 popped it into my perfectly empty and clean stove.
Exactly 56 minutes later I had 
the perfect turkey with all the trimmings.
I've been cooking a LOOONG 
time and I can honestly tell you.
It was the best darn bird ever!
I will never cook one any other way again!

This is an indoor fryer, much safer, 
so easy to drain and clean.
I have told anyone and everyone
who will listen
 that they must get one,
an it does far more than just gobblers.

Maybe the best part is no 
rushing to prep, or loads of dirty pans piled in the sink,
I just had my trusty MS storage containers to fill,
drained and filtered the oil,
then washed out two parts of fryer
and everything else was tossed into recycling.

Remember way back when when I was
doing the happy jig about my blue bucket mop?
This IS better.

so it is Butterball XXL Premium indoor turkey fryer.

I bought on QVC on a special value day
w/ free shipping for 129.00
and used easy pay.
(click QVC to see video)
It is large so I stored the digital part inside the house
and the shell in the garage.

The plan is to have a huge seafood boil for 
the holidays since DD is a pescatarian now.

DD had quick trip home last week 
to do a commercial for her Dad.
She wanted a bloody mary.

I think it was tasty

Friday, December 2, 2016

Maybe With Enough Birds?

Maybe with enough orange/gold loving birds,
we could remove the bad orange/gold
starting with the top down?
Do I hear a hell yeah?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

What Love Looks Like

My kids will do anything to make me smile, make me happy.
We'll not all be together today,
DD was just finishing a film in NY,
but they made extreme effort to be together,
which makes me so happy.
Then they sent me this.
YEP Mama happy.

Happy Thanksgiving
to all of you.
I am thankful we share our lives.

Deep frying my first turkey.
Ben thinks I'll burn the house down.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Backing Up

I love to look backward and remember moments.

I do not want to remember
the moment this country went backward.

Monday, November 21, 2016


It is better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness
Eleanor Roosevelt

I'm gonna need more candles

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Memory Lane

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happier Things Happier Times

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sadness Strikes Again

Leonard Cohen

Passing just a few months after his muse Marianne
What this man's music meant to me
is beyond words.
I became who I was to become
sitting in the dark, listening to this album 

I am 
so very, very sad

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We're the Lizard Among the Vipers

We're the lizard among the vipers, but there is hope and we MUST keep charging forward. (Watch the entire short video, via Twisted Sifter)

I tried to say it a hundred ways today, erased them all, but this palpitating scene explains my heart better than any mere words I could muster up. Frantic, nearly choked and broken.

In my lifetime, there have been two days that felt like yesterday did to me. The assassination of President Kennedy and 9-11. Utter despair and disbelief. I awoke to other nations gravely concerned over my country's future. Death presents itself unwanted. 
This time it was invited in by my countrymen.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Holiday Smashup and More

This time last year I was doing this.
Happily wiring paper and making a fall garland that 
carried over into the Christmas Holiday 
with the addition of some sparkly pics.

I plan to use the leaves differently
this year, not sure just how just yet.
Meanwhile I just finished some samples
for another quick technique class at 
The Paper Bunny.

I've also begun private classes at the house
that work for those gals who are overwhelmed 
working in larger groups.
Want to learn a new technique?
Let me know.

Eye issues, Dental Issues
Appointment after Appointment
Dollar after Dollar
with two birthdays and Christmas all 
coming soon within
30 days.
Deep breaths and prayers of gratitude
will get me through.

and then there's the #!&*^%# election
Lots of escape reading and Dellatorri wine.

Latest group -
The bottom step was read last week.
I do average about one each night.

No Halloween for me tonight;
the world is scary enough.

Did you see Decaprio's 
Before the Flood on National Geographic?
Not so much new information,
just another attempt to wake up the world.
Our planet's future is in the hands
of "purchased" politicians.
The world according to Koch
is a Halloween nightmare. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Robbed Peter - Paid Paul

Lovely evening, nothing on tv,
I had finished up another book,
and then I

Next thing I knew I had swapped tables from
family room and porch.

Done and Done

It will work better for several reasons,
one being that I needed change.
Since it is becoming apparent that a move now
is simply not practical, I am very
antsy and craving change, no,
 I am lusting after change.

So much so that new piles of stuff for sale
are increasing in the garage.
I posted some on a virtual sale via email,
and have already sold most of it. 
I will continue to purge and sell,
purge and sell, 
and if need be another damn garage sale.
Pals will join me so they
 are always a wee bit fun. 

I've added another third more since I took this last week.

Almost time for flannel, soups and stews.
Pumpkins are already out.
I come back alive in the fall.

I roamed Ikea with a dear friend for 
FOUR hours on Saturday.
We did sit in the dining area 
for over an hour
but still...
We bought some wonderful live plants 
and assorted everything else, and we chatted
and wandered to and fro ,
and ignored the floor arrows,
and it was lovely.

On another up note:
Over the weekend, 
I had a dear friend 
return back into my life.

what joy!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Not So Easy Come, Easy Go

I have spent the last few years on a major purge,
so adding anything new into the house
seemed to be, well, just wrong. 
I had watched this bamboo rug for several years and when 
I saw it at a great price several weeks ago, 
I jumped.
It helped that it was 3 am and I couldn't sleep.
I have a lot of that honey or maple color
in the western areas of the room so this "pulled" it 
to the other end.
Although several hundred things have departed
my abode, I'm still debating the wisdom of this addition.
DD and friends have given a thumbs up,
but Howie does not approve. 
It makes noise when he walks on it, 
so he won't. He does this shuffle to the left 
that is adorable.
It is easy for me to let the old go,
hard to let the new in.
If I had a shrink, 
they might say, hmmmm
expand on that.


Friday, September 9, 2016

While I Was Sleeping

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Simply Greens

Simple greens from TJ's in my mom's 
favorite mustard pitcher
Embracing greens and mustard today
Hurry fall

Friday, September 2, 2016

Mysterious Class

Time for another class at 


October 1st

Cones, Door hangers, Advent, Gift Cards/Tags
We'll be making it all!
See you there?


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting Jiggy With It

Convinced that my brain was beginning to atrophy.
I began various attempts to challenge the synapsis
and keep them in excellent firing capacity.

I tried crosswords for a couple of years
 until I went crosseyed.
Then came sudoku which found me 
doing just a numbered crossword of sorts.

Image result for sudoku puzzles

So addicting was sudoku that
 after a couple years, I spent 
 a couple days doing
nothing but sudoku, and I had to 
enter a rehab program.

Soon I was forgetting movie stars names,
and how to subtract, and I quickly searched
for mental health answers.

I found -
drumroll please-

(didn't I mention this before?)

and yes I have an addiction problem once more.
They're a cheap brown bowl of bar peanuts.
I started with the 100 pieces with an initial 
self set goal of 
completing a puzzle within 20 minutes.
Giving my mouse clicking 
and dragging skills a major workout,
I was soon at 12 minutes and this week
most have been done in under 9 minutes.

Whether or not my brain is less likely to atrophy
because of it remains to be seen.
The lightbulb moment this morning was
my issue may really be avoidance.

I need to create new projects to teach,
repaint the garage floor and redo
the entire back yard.
My feet are immersed in cement it seems,

so I push oddly shaped jigsaw pieces 
around on the computer and achieve satisfaction
of accomplishment. But do I really?

Once more, I play mind games with myself.
An hour ago,
I told bloggie pal Carole that 
I was headed up to the studio.

 I had good intention
I swear
Instead I came here.
to visit all of you.

six minutes for 100 piece
seem too difficult?


Sunday, August 14, 2016

ADELE - I Adore You

Words cannot express
the hours spent overwhelmed 
with emotion and joy
at the Adele concert 
last Tuesday evening at the Staples Center.

Her voice is still on a constant loop 
through my mind, six days later.

DD had given me the concert as a Christmas present
and it will go down as a lifetime memory. I could
swoon and attempt to describe but let me just say this.
IF you EVER have the chance to go to an Adele concert...
It means waiting on phone line for over 3 hours, and 
every date is sold out in hours but it is 
worth it so GO!

Adele is gorgeous, chatty, funny and 
remarkably down to earth.
Her voice vibrated up through 
the floor and surrounded us. 
She had me and everyone
else surrounding me, 
all 18,000 of us, in tears.

I drove down to CA early Monday morning,
after teaching a class on Sunday. 
My first time teaching outside my home 
in over a decade.

Some of the girls and just one of their projects.
The 10 women were all lovely and put me at ease 
and I'm excited to do another class soon at 
the brand new store on Eastern,

This CA trip I took
Howie, who had never been in another home before, 
let alone on an over four hour car trip. 
He was fabulous.
He adapted to the lack of a doggie door and trooped
up and down flights of stairs all day long,
 and sat patiently in outdoor restaurants.
He loved it, and was a hit everywhere we went.
Elevators were a bit scary and after a couple rides,
he just started planting his rump down
 and refusing to go.

It felt like we ate our way 
through Culver City, a bit of Beverly Hills, 
and each meal and setting
was wonderful, and outdoors!
Check out this succulent wall
in a restaurant on Wilshire down from DS's office.
The first dinner out they had me downing margaritas
and shooting mescal. I had such a buzz so quickly,
I could tell the kids were getting a kick out of tipsy Mama.

All gushing aside,
it was such a wonderful trip and late each evening we 
hung out at DD's and drank wine and nibbled some more
and talked and talked and talked.
Those kids of mine are incredible.
I am so proud of them.
Both of them have films in a festival this week.

Think I could live here in this studio?
It's across the street from DD's.
it's nearly 3,000 a month.
I know I could live IN it,
but I couldn't live WITH it at that price.
We looked at several places but I would need
to live farther out to afford anything.

I really did enjoy staying in DD's 400 sq feet studio.
Coming home only reinforced for me the excess of
space I have and "things" that I have.
So local gals I feel another major purge 
stirring, so stay tuned.

Laundry and such await me.
This week my brother will be coming 
with a gaggle of his friends.
One of them had comps to a time share,
thus the trip.
I have not seen Scott in 10 years.
I have not lived near him since I was 21.
My two kids are
so close and such good friends,
and share their lives.
I envy that.

Have a great confetti filled week.