Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Helen Philpot Thanksgiving letter to the family

I could not say it any better or 
disagree with one word.
(Though I do still have my own gallbladder)
I especially love # 2 #5 #7 #9

Dear Family,
This will be my first Thanksgiving without my gallbladder.  And I just learned that we have one more special needs eater in the family. I'll tell you what, this year I will meet you all halfway.  I'll make the same meal I make every year and those of you with vegitarian, vegan and gluten issues can stop eating halfway through the meal.  Problem solved.
The other rules around the house will be a little lax this year as well.  What can I say? I'm feeling generous.
1. I have new floors. If it's raining outside, leave your shoes outside.  If it's not raining, leave your shoes outside. Molly, those spikes you call heels better not come near my floors.  Leave them at home because if you leave them outside the kids might use them for lawn darts.
2. If you have children, then you are called a parent which means you should be parenting.  Just because you don't care what your house looks like, doesn't mean I don't care about mine.  Keep an eye on your kids so I don't have to keep an eye on my things.
3. Despite modern advances in the food industry, turkeys are only so big.  We are a large family and because of modern advances in the food industry our asses are big as well. So this leaves us with the need to achieve a delicate balance between how much we CAN eat vs. how much we WILL eat to make sure there is enough for everyone.  Please monitor your children (see rule 2) and make sure they take only what they will eat.  And if you don't get enough, don't worry.  There's always pie.
4. I absolutely cook with bacon and bacon grease.  I use lots of butter, cream salt and even a little sugar.  Thanks to the advances in modern medicine, you can bring your medical prescriptions with you  and leave your dietary restrictions at home. 
5. Upon arriving at my house look for the basket on the entry table. Deposit all cell phones in that basket.  Upon departure, you can take the damn thing with you, but in the meantime maybe you can try having an actual relationship with your loved ones.  
6. You needn't bring anything, but if you insist on bringing a dish, then go ahead and bring it.  If it's good, we'll make room on the buffet.  If it's jello salad, we'll make room in the trash.
7. Speaking of trash, mine gets picked up on Wednesdays by a truck .  Your children's gets picked by you today. (see rule 2)
8.  Unlike the Trump's table, everyone is welcome at mine.  Just let me know in advance if you are bringing guests so I can make sure we have enough food to go around. 
9. The best photographs are the ones I am not in.  Point your camera in a different direction.  If you want photos of me, I have plenty to share that were taken in the 1950's.  Back then the camera was kinder to me.
10. If you want to talk politics come sit next to me.  There's a good chance I'll either convince you to change your politics or change your desire to talk about politics.  And if neither happens, I can always turn off my hearing aids.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am thankful to still be here.  I mean it really.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oldgreymare more ho-ho-ho

Top of pie cupboard 
in DR

Brown tree in LR

Stocking gift from Bloggie friend Rebecca, I love it.
Next to MY chair

MY chair space in den

Next to my chair on other side
Stocking garland I made a few years back.
Had all these bakelite/celluloid buckles....

Angel gift from bloggie friend Carole.
Darling daughter has promised for three years to
write titles on books
because my handwriting is so awful.. 
still waiting...

Added frosty brown ferns and twigs to fall display so
I would not have to remove just yet.

Memory bowl turned festive
on coffee table in family room.
Mulled cider candles.
Loose ornaments are balls
pulled off of PB 2014 sprays bought 70% off.
Cut down sprays are also in florals
 and tucked into  tree.
I never seem to leave sprays as is.
I only see them as "parts". 


Monday, November 23, 2015

Oldgreymare Christmas

Christmas is creeping into old grey mare

Lots of greens and browns

Touches of red in Family Room
as I pulled out my House of Hatten 12 Days 
of Christmas collection this year.

Made lots of florals for bedrooms and kitchen area

This large dining table bowl changes with the seasons.
Frosty right now

Took ornaments over to Piper Zane
 today including some of these.

Taking it slow and easy
Lots of pine cones and greenery

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

With Hard Work

With hard work,

via twisted sifter

I feel bad for the woodpeckers
I hope they left the acorns out for them.

I've slowly begun my 
holiday decor this year.
Kids won't be in until late, 
or perhaps even after
(oh no!)
due to H & B working on
several east coast films. 

I figured I would try to get the 
holiday spirit going anyway. 
I'm having some gals over in
a few weeks for festive times,
and maybe squeeze in one more class?

Made some ornaments etc for boutique-
taking those over this week, and I 
have a new, sweet client I'm excited
to work with, and of course
with all the winds,
yard work awaits.

Keeping busy, being happy,
squirreling nuts away
in my wee world.

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG !


Saturday, November 14, 2015

All we are saying

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greg Abbott IS An Asshat

Brilliant again

If you enjoy M&H
subscribe via email like I do so you never miss.

I'm calling him a misogynist dick,
but asshat works also.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Garland

I finally had some time to get the garland up.
The leaves look like different shades
 in the lighting, but they are the same. 
I used my favorite Tim Holtz paper pack.
Kept me busy for a few evenings while listening to 
tunes and daydreaming.

I like it.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Boo-tiful Ball and I LOVE FALL

Quite a few years ago,
I designed a 
King and Queen of The Skeleton Ball
 for a magazine cover 

Since then, the couple has hung around in my studio.

 A few weeks ago Annie was hanging 
out with me up there watching me work, 
(she says she likes to watch? and the chair is really comfy),
 and she hinted 
that she would love a pair of her own.

A late September B-day
was the perfect occasion to 
surprise her.
Meet the Prince and Princess
The Boo-tiful Ball

I'm still overhauling the yard after major demolition,
working my new part time job,
washing all the linens/towels after kid's visit,
prepping for classes etc.

My windows are all open,
hazelnut candles are burning
and I am 
my best self this time of year.


I am a fall addict
filtered light,
early dusk,
furry slippers,
long sleeve pj's
twinkle lights are even better!

My house even looks it's best in the fall.
It fits in.


Now I'm going to start attaching over 100
 wired, double sided, paper oak leaves I just 
made for a fall garland.

If I don't fall off the ladder,
( which I tend to do)
I'll be back soon with pics

orange for fall

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Message Block Class

Class is November 14
You choose your block size, font, colors
Blocks are 4 sided

Still a few spots left in Wreath Class
October 31

I used one of my sets ( I have three sizes)
to spell out B-day wishes to Annie

Just a few phrases you can make with your set:
and you can personalize with
additional family names



Sunday, September 27, 2015

October Class

I love paper.
My father was in advertising 
and he received boxes full of
sample papers at work
which he brought home for me 
when they became outdated.
I adored the stacked sample cards 
of colors and textures
and happily created projects
for hours with just scissors and glue.

I still can cut and paste happily for hours,
so October's class is all about paper
with a few pretty beads thrown in.
Join me?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still Here - Still Playing

Brown Paper Packages Class was last weekend
We went from these kits,

to this, in the blink of an eye.

I provide all the supplies needed,
but encourage students to bring special 
items to make their projects
more personal.

I didn't snap a pic of the two big racks of 
ephemera, papers, tapes, ribbons, tags,
tinsels, stamps, inks, etc they also use.

We were all in the living room,
since the late season heat wave
 prevented us using the new garage 
studio space.
Next class hopefully.

I had some samples left over so 
I painted and silver leafed
a branch from my 21 year old tree that
I just had removed, and then hung it above
my sink and draped
more tags and mementos from it.

I will add some teensy battery lights,
 as soon as I remember the
perfect spot where I put them, dang it.

I'm playing in the studio all week
making pumpkins
like these yummy chenilles.

also working on projects for two
 upcoming Gatherings,
and Christmas items for boutique.

I rearranged the studio about a week ago and
I am loving the new lighter, brighter area. 
I removed the curtain that kept the studio hidden.

Floor space remains the same,
 but visually much more open.

I also cleaned and purged 
every single cupboard and drawer!
I now have many empty ones which also 
makes me happy.

All the kids will be here  
quite soon, fitting in a visit,
 in between extremely
busy schedules.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Need Fall

If you arrange it, it will come?

I may only hold on a few days longer


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On A Personal Note

DD, Hannah and BB, her beau Blake

At Del Mar for his birthday and their 4th Anniversary.

Two of my three favorite people.

Now that Dearest Son and Darling Daughter 
live five minutes apart,
they see each other often.
They like each other as friends,
as well as love each other as siblings.
Mama could not be happier.
They are even going on vacation
together this year.

The three kids are campaigning to 
get me to LA permanently and I have spent hours
researching any possibilities,
but location and financials are mind boggling.

Houses are unaffordable since I refuse to 
take on a mortgage, after not having one
for over a decade, and condos come
 with large HOA fees.
Both come with triple the property taxes 
I pay here.

The worst though is where?
What small town within 60 minutes
of Culver City would suit me?
Definitely not more than 90 minutes away.

My eyes cross after hours on Zillow

Any CA girls out there I'll GLADLY take any advice, 
area recommendations, realtor names etc.

I'm just thrilled that they want me near.
Till then the 4 hour drive seems to
be getting easier for all of us.
We're averaging about every other month.
and if they ever would build the super train...

of course in 80 years they will live much closer as the
rising ocean will have pushed em back 1 hour my way...
BUT I'm sure I will be long gone by then.

I told them last week maybe they should hold 
onto this property as it is in the very south of town and 
will be beach front real estate some day in their retirement! 
forever stuck in lala


And yes Amy, since you asked, I would love to have
 folks travel in for a Gathering class.
3 blocks away is a lovely large casino hotel 
with spa, movie theaters,
and adjacent a wonderful mall called the District. 
Mall has Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma,
Anthropologie, West Elm, great dining and more.

by car
I am 2 hours from St George and 
4 hours to Culver City in LA.
if that helps...

There are still a few spots in Sept class,
and it will be cooler then.
Bring your hubby, leave him at the casino
and come play with some great gals for the day.

Friday, August 7, 2015

On A Stage With No Vaginas

"On a stage with no vaginas there 
were a lot of opinions about vaginas."

and if you still don't get it,
none of the federal funds to 
Planned Parenthood can ever
be used for abortions.
again and louder....
The fed funds @ PP do not fund abortions

So by all means dickheads,
(sorry my friends) but I am riled,
go and take more aid away from 
those who least can afford it.

If the heavens could open and make it so that no
woman you care about could ever receive
medical care, cancer screening, pre-natal care,
birth control, disease prevention,
or for that matter any funds for woman's disease
 research since you good ole boys only care about Viagra;
maybe we could drill it into your thick skulls.
While we're at it let's remove your premium
 health insurance and make you go to the
 emergency room and wait hours for any
kind of care for your babies....

I am disgusted and repulsed by men
 proposing to be our leaders,
telling out and out lies and fear mongering.

And now we no longer have Jon Stewart to call em out.

Oliver, Maddow, Colbert, Wilmore
save us from ourselves.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot August Days and Nights

Oh, those hot August days...
so much going on..

Had workmen here all day Sunday
 as they ripped out
and sawed down 21 year old
trees to make life easier.
My enormous African Sumac 
in the far corner had to come down,
as well as decrepit, way past their prime,
 bottle brush trees that lined the walkway.

Javier cut stump for me with foot rest

The Sumac was always too big for the area, 
invaded into neighbor yards and created 
so much debris that at least three times a year I 
had to pay for help in clean up.
I was dangling from tall ladders
cleaning out gutters,
making friends and kids frantic with worry.
(Ok I only fell once ...geez)

totally new updated sprinklers,
new plantings...
new dog run area..
pre-plans for vegetable gardens

The yard looks foreign to me 
right now. Far less shade,
less cozy.
I'm working on it.
But as we age we have to come
 to terms with our capabilities.

I was astounded when my folks moved 
down to a wee space when we had always had
sprawling homes with lots of land.
I get it now.

made a fountain

Finished all the prep for the next Gathering class.
Kits ready and waiting, very early this time, because 
I am sooo excited for this one.

Marking items down at boutique
to make room for new holidays to come.
job interviews.. new directions
Proofing latest script for DD
Kids are thriving with
exciting projects, possibilities.
A surprise visit from my "surrogate son"
Ivan, made for wonderful long chats as the sun 
went down last week.

Making smoothies
has been the extent of my cooking 
this summer.

Cannot wait for cool weather
soups stews casseroles.

I am such a cold weather gal,
stuck in 
the wrong place for a long time....


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Can You See Me?

Can you see me Sweetie?
I'm here....

My poor sweet Justice is 14 and 
deaf and blind.
But she keeps on truckin'.
Wish I were as brave.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

This is another "get 'er done" post
This chair in my studio gets a lot of use.
Both sides looked like the left one 
before I thought to snap a pic.
Around 11 pm last night I decided I had put off fixing
these arms long enough, as in YEARS. I knew it was a quick fix
and I was tooling right along, covering the damaged
"PLEATHER", and glued it all back together....
 until I hit the last of four bolts
holding the arms on..
Over 30 minute later and many, many, many, 
curse words later, I went to bed.
Tried again today and poof, went right together.

I was feeling pretty smug and pleased
 until I tried to download pics into new "photos"
on my new Mac.
Dropbox kicked up a mighty storm for some 
freaking unknown reason and 2 hours later
on the phone with Apple Care my brain exploded.
Can we all agree we 50+ somethings 
have a steeper learning curve with techno crap?

Just sent out my first class announcement
for September.
 It's been 2 years since my last class, so
we'll see how it goes.
I keep forcing myself to face
new challenges, and deal with dignity
when life disappoints.
It's all a journey and I am NOT 
in first class seating, ha!