Wednesday, November 14, 2018

It's Beginning

I was talking to several friends yesterday 
and we were all beginning to decorate, 
much earlier than usual.

My arm chair psychology?

We all need the happy.
We desperately need to immerse ourselves
in the celebration of peace and love
instead of the anger, hatred and despair
surrounding us due to one evil demagogue,
bathed in bigoted stupidity,
who thumbs up his best buddy,
 an assassin, who is intent on 
bringing down our democracy.

Bring on the trees, the holly
 the cookies, stockings,
and twinkle lights. 
Surround us with families and friends we love.
Share the carols, the hymns and 
shout it from the rooftops
that we yearn for peace, equality, kindness and love.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018



Not voting while you have the freedom to do so
is an unforgivable act as far as I'm concerned. 
 Millions have died and continue to die  
for the right to be free and to be free from persecution. 
Millions in the world right now
yearn to vote, to choose futures for their children.

This caravan that 45 
is fear-mongering contains just such folks.
Common sense says people who are walking 
thousands of miles and have left everything behind
 and are carrying their children on their backs
 are desperately yearning
for freedom and a safe place to be.

Cold Hard facts.
We may not have most of our freedoms
for very much longer. 
Do not for one second think it cannot
happen here, the groundwork has been in the 
works for decades and this insane 45
is allowing it into the core of government
 and we need to elect people 
who will PROTECT 
and ensure the continuation of our founding
fathers values that have made this democracy work.
Please View

It's short about 7 minutes

Notice George Washington, 
the American flag hanging with the NAZI flag
young boys dancing gleefully
as a protester is beaten and stripped, 
attacking the free press...
Look and sound familiar?

From the Smithsonian about the film:
"It really illustrated that the tactics of demagogues have been the same throughout the ages. They attack the press, using sarcasm and humor. They tell their followers that they are the true Americans (or Germans or Spartans or…). And they encourage their followers to “take their country back” from whatever minority group has ruined it.”
I am resisting
 I am scared shitless
for my kids and yours.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pretty Much Sums Things Up

David My Grand Dog 
sums it up pretty well for me
these days.


He often rests like this 
in his back yard
in complete surrender.

I refuse to surrender but I am 
very tired of fighting the good fight.

Knowing it will take me twice as long to decorate
this year due to my limitations;
and knowing it's a special holiday with
my brother and SiL coming for first time and also both
significant others coming with kids, I've decided
to start in about a week. 
Will try to remember to show the projects
as they happen.

But first it is yard work.
The guy who helped me last Spring is unavailable
so it's me doing it in 20 minute spurts.
We've past the year mark since the saga
began and I find no cause to celebrate
that damn milestone. 

I think mentally I'm also bogged down in concern
for our country and the state of the world
in general. I remind myself of my grandparents living
through World Wars and ponder how that generation
persevered with far more dignity than we 
are showing. 

Of course the c-pap story continues 
to unfold. I made it 5 1/2 hours last night
with 3 breaks coughing myself awake,
but they still sent me an 
email congratulations badge this morning.
(they monitor me)
This is what adults need today?
Social media has created needy little buggers
needing constant affirmation.

I don't require congratulations.
I need Drs who can figure out what the hell
is wrong and fix it.

Ok I'm not bleah, I'm bitchy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Howie Versus Squirrel

The squirrel won

Howie and I just returned from CA.
We spent several days visiting
 with the kids and eating wonderful
meals prepared by Ben.
Lot of laughs, a rousing game of Obama Llama;
hilarious fun, and it was 
Stoddards versus non Stoddards.
We crushed em

Howie somehow scratched his eye again.
Infection set in that I saw at 2 am before 
leaving for LA at 3 am.
Run to Hannah's vet as soon as I arrived.
I'd been up for 36 hours and I was babbling.
again- sigh

Many discussions about my future, 
and where to live, move and 
when and how to afford.
It's dizzying and distressing. 

I am thrilled they want me there, 
but it's almost a
frozen with fear thing.

Wishing dozens of times 
that my dad was alive to 
advise me. 

Thursday I get my c-pap mask,
or at least an attempt to 
be fitted for one.
I am 0 and 2 so far.

Did you win the 1.6 billion dollars?
We didn't

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

On My MInd

I'm a skeptical gal until I research something,
or until the facts are right smack in my face.

Last year 34 million Americans got the flu,
900,000 were hospitalized, 
and nearly 80,000 died.
As most of you know, the flu,
 on top of a severe bronchial infection
nearly took me out last December
Several ER runs and stays and
4 Urgent Care visits and 10 months 
later we're still working on the damage.

There were 180 pediatric related deaths,
the majority unvaccinated,
 and many were healthy.
Less than 50 % of pregnant women 
get the shot,
and they do not do well
 if they get the flu and the baby 
can have severe lasting issues.

I never ever got the flu and I never got a flu shot.
I never had my kids get shots.


Most insurance gets you the shot for free,
and if not, I know there are free places to go 
like health districts.

I had 0 yes, zippo side effects.
I also never got a pneumonia shot.

Pneumonia landed me in ER last Spring also.
Seriously, how WRONG could I be?

Yep, got that shot also.

I just asked kids to get shots, 
I hope they listen.
It takes 2 weeks to receive fullest protection
and the

If you are over 65 be sure to get the high dose 
vaccine unless your Dr says otherwise,
and of course consult your Dr to be sure 
you can safely get the shot.
There are some who cannot,
so we should protect them from catching it from us!

I had to go to four places until 
I found one that had the high dose,
it's going fast here. They all offered me the lower dose,
which is wrong for me.

It's your social responsibility to get
vaccinated to protect those around you,
family, friends, co-workers, 
young ones in your life, the elderly in your life
and even those already compromised strangers
that you spend 10 seconds near in Target. 

Ok stepping down from my soap box now.
I know that if I had read this last season 
and listened and believed I
might have avoided a lot of trouble and suffering.

If I keep even one of you healthy
it's worth a yawn of a post,
cause I love you guys.


Monday, October 15, 2018

I Don't Do Spooky

Sunday I was searching for a photo
 for a friend who was over
for the day
and I stumbled across these.
(never did find the other photo I wanted)

I started making advents like these many moons ago.
This happened to be an all day class I taught
maybe 7? years ago and  it was
 a great class. Everyone's 
advent came out unique and pretty,
or as scary as they wished.
It was a long day painting backgrounds, 
cutting and sewing and I'm pretty sure I 
served my classic Halloween chili.

Everything but the spiders and the web
were made by hand,
and each student painted 
their background as they wished.

The house was hand cut and assembled

Everyone who knows me knows I always get a pinwheel in somehow

The bats were on wires so they could bounce (fly)

There is a string garland inside the little painted box

I had forgotten how many pumpkins
 I used to make each season.
They have homes all over the country.
A sampling...

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere

Well not everywhere, but just here and there to remind me
that glorious fall has arrived.

and yes, I made most of them, except for the twig ones.

and have taught them and sold them for many years.

This years version looks like this

I'll be making more, so if you're in the Vegas area
and would like a class just let me know.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

More CHCHCHCHanges

Have nothing in your house that you do not know 
to be useful or believe to be beautiful * William Morris

It is easy to do for me, but so many of you struggle
and I get it, I do. Simplifying is more 
of a psychological challenge than time or physical,
though time and physical sure chime in at these moments.

I sold off several more pieces of furniture and have 
at least two more waiting for a buyer.
The dominoes fall and 
swapping and switching occurs.

For example the white chest by the sofa with 
heart dangling from it, was in the family room
for many years. It held candles and dvds and cds.
None of which should be exposed to heat and cold,
which happens on this porch.

So they all had to be relocated somewhere inside
and things inside then came out to porch.
I filled up 2 more boxes for goodwill
in this process alone. I also ended up with more
empty drawers.

The sisal carpet that was on porch for years had
some damage so I swapped for one 
I used in the studio in garage.
It was smaller which meant I had to really 
scrub around exposed areas that had discolored from
under the larger rug. 

All of this took far longer than normal
as I can only work "heavy" in short
bursts and lots of resting.

Two days later VIOLA!

I need to change out that outdoor light
that hasn't worked in years and then 
that lamp I never liked will go also.
Electricity scares me or I would do it myself.
I used to do wiring with my dad 
but it scared me then too.

Lots of folks will be here for Christmas and
this new arrangement will make dining 
much easier. 

You just gotta dive in,
time is flying by, no more some day 
or laters, we owe it to ourselves
we owe it to our families.

Most of what is happening 
around us is insane and frightening.
All the more reason to make a safe refuge
from the storm.


A couple shots of the porch quite a few years ago.
It looked like a store!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Just Made Me Happy

 “I want to skip to the end of the Trump movie where it fades out and captions tell us how long they each got in prison,” by @OwensDamien.
just made me happy to think...

I've now sold off over half of 
what I acquired
over the past 40 some years.
 Yet no one would say my
home is spare. Not by 
a long shot.

Still work to be done.
I have some "craft" items I'll 
be showing you soon.
I'm looking for good homes for them,
as I've loved them well
Vintage flashcards (lots)
Stones for jewelry making - jar after jar
Piles of chain for jewelry
Netty Le Croix pattern packs (wonderful primitives)

Email me if anything interests you
and I'll try to get photos out to you quickly.

That's all for this morning.
I'm just treading water with a 
lap around the life pool now and then.
Trying to be calm and serene.


Friday, September 21, 2018

A Miserable Failure

You would think that 
fitting a cpap to a face 
would not be very difficult,
as it's done many many times a day.

Leave it to this ole broad to have issues.
After three different types all failing to "seal" 
properly we settled on a full face model
 that was so tight to my face that 3 hours
 after removal I was still showing
 the divots in my face.

To sum up quickly:
I failed miserably.

I made it till the last hour required
after multiple times being
awakened by staff to change masks,
adjust monitors etc. 
Still only slept a total of 2 1/2 hours.

Around 4 am I started to cough,
 and then more severely
until I could not catch my breath. 
Suddenly realized I could not
sit up enough to clear my throat
and I could not remove the mask
and I 
NOT breathe.

Frantically clawing at the damn thing,
the tech ran in from down
the hall and yanked it off me and we both 
were holding onto each other 
saying damn that was bad.

Both techs were wonderful and kind
this time but it was still a total failure.

Will see if the Dr reviewing record will say
he has enough to order machine
but I'm not sure I can stand to sleep 
with the dang thing.
So I signed the paper saying I quit the test.

I'm discouraged and defeated.
I'm going on hiatus from everything for a bit.

At least fall is here

Tuesday, September 18, 2018



It turns out that I indeed do have sleep apnea,
and a c-pap machine is needed.
I will be going back for another night
at the same center and that worry has caused 
 even more sleep issues.

I spoke to the Supervisor, told her my story
and she scheduled me on a day 
when my former tech
is not on duty. That was very kind.

Still the experience itself was unpleasant 
not just the tech, so trepidation is
the current condition.

Seeing as how I stop breathing 78 times an hour,
which is "not the worst she's seen, but up there",
I have no choice but to go.

It's now been a year since I hobbled
onto this merry go round.
The thrill is gone, looooong gone.

The only comfort I find is that fall
is coming and this confining heat is 
nearly over. Still I live where
natural disasters are infrequent so I 
count my blessings there.

All the more reason to vote in folks
 who actually understand the urgency for 
change worldwide to protect the planet and reduce,
if we still can, effects causing such climate calamities.

Being able to breathe and exist on the planet
trumps all other issues combined.
pun intended
though I hate using anything other than #45

Making a conscious effort to create often
like I used to, a friend and I are going
to be stuffing pumpkins at the end of the week.
Fall will heal me once more,
I'm counting on it.


btw- my new room design is 
working perfectly. It almost feels 
like all the extra room is helping my breathing.
Clear away the clutter gals
where ever it may be.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

So This Became That and This Moved There, Or The Dominoes Have Fallen

I was just going to "try something."

There used to be a two piece very large cabinet 
right there on that wall. 

The top part of the cabinet
is on the floor far right.
Chairs moved out of the way.

The bottom I was going to use for tv in FR
as I'm selling large cabinet behind it.

Could this top go there?

Maybe so, and what if I did hang artwork there?

Loaded the shelves

After sending progress shots to my girl,
we agreed on this.

The room looks wider, fresher
and I am one less piece of furniture
and I now have fewer collectibles.

Then I began moving some things off of the porch

Ended up swapping out items from cabinet in LR.
Keeping favorites only,
always with the mindset to downsize.

That affected this display

Morphed into this

Which resulted in piles more purged items.
This is one of two tables waiting for pricing.

Oh, and I made cards with friend Sue
last weekend.

Fun day!