Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Find US Here and There

Coming next week to Piper Zane
Often one of a kind items so local gals
come by often, as we turnover quickly.
Once it's gone....
334 S Water Street Henderson, NV

now on FB

Ronda will be doing frequent postings
 on the latest in the shop.

You can also follow on my Instagram
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as I'll be trying to showcase items
there also.

We are having FUN!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Put My Bra On

Originally posted in 2013
but tonight the slap slap sound made me revisit...

I put my bra on this morning,
so I had every intention of getting a lot of work done.
Doesn't everyone gauge their day by their undergarments?

I suppose I have a weird relationship 
with bras harking back to my first weeks of nursing.
Sending your hesitant but determined husband
 out to a specialty store for the "well developed"
in downtown Vegas, serving the 
uh.."specialty girls",
two days after delivery of your first born is 
challenging and hilarious.

Imagine him standing in the store,
explaining that no "regular"nursing bras I had
purchased pre-birth were even remotely large enough.
With the clerk hollering out directions, 
I have the phone perched in the
crook of my shoulder while measuring beneath, across,
up, down and around to aid the store in selecting the
over the shoulder boulder holder required
to hoist and rein in those babies;
a 44 EEE did the trick...
scaffolding required
prior size 36 B

No one is normally able to write their name
with breast milk, 
in cursive,
on the bathroom mirror, 
at a distance of 3 feet,
are they?
Picture grasping in both hands an unruly garden hose.

...and because some of you have just asked "why?"
He had made some snarky remark about them 
"not being that humongous"
and post birth hormones got the best of me, 
and yes, I did aim just to the left, 
off the mirror,
 for just a second, 
that's a lie..
I got him good...

Back to this morning.
Justice went through her terror cacophony
at around 5:30 so I got up and put on my bra.
Went outside to water the garden,
made some coffee, and started redoing
 some pincushions I had not sold.

Ran the vacuum, did two loads of laundry
and by now the bra straps were bothering
me, so I pulled them through the sleeves
`a la flashdance and let them dangle:
reassessed about 5 minutes later
and pulled the whole damn thing off.

These days spandex is more about
 gravity than girth, no
though a definition of la.ti.tude
(scope for freedom of action) 
seems to fit

no other humans around
why bother?
gravity damage occurred long ago
after 32 months of nursing

Wave free my girls,
to and fro flapping in the wind....
insert mental image of American Flag flying
atop a local Terrible Herbst Station.

throw in the slap slap sound..

happy weekend girlfriends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back Into The Shed

Back into the shed to paint today!
We painted about a third.
Carpets have been chosen.
We are using two matching 
ones Annie already had in her garage,
and placing side by side until she
decides perhaps to get a sisal after
 they go on sale at the end of season.

Painting all the studs and in between...
major pain in butt.

I couldn't resist placing a lamp inside
to check the cozy factor.
Two brown leather chairs have been selected
Coming in next week.
First money spent besides 32.00 for paint.

In case you need to see the before again..
This is just after the purge and we had played 
with some Easter stuff.

and before that...

Fabric for curtain drapes being purchased this week.
2nd round of painting later in week.
Fireplace project to be done soon.
Paper trim given to Annie for homework.
Get crackin' there girlie!

Annie lives a trek across town from me,
and I'm currently working
 quite a bit between 2 other places
and the kids are coming in soon

the project has some time issues
but for three days
we are pretty pleased with ourselves.
Stay tuned...

and if you're just joining scroll back
 a bit to see where we started


btw Annie cannot decide what to call
the new space. 
She claims to not be a crafter.
so studio is out..
we considered cottage
but it seems silly for her 
to yell to her Mom
"going out to the cottage."
It's too cute to be considered
 a shed any longer.

I'm voting for a fun girls name
as in
"Going out to Mabel's"
"I'll be out in Dolores"

yeah, yeah I'm weird I know...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lighten Up

It's time to lighten up your home
your spirits
your perspective

Let some nature in, even if
the nature is paper, tin or concrete

Add a little whimsey and fun
even if you still see only white outside

My roses have arrived

Little darling it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right

humming it all day


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Shed Is Coming Alive - Day 2

The floors are clearing on the second day.
We added a cupboard that was stored
 in the garage unseen and unloved.
We began storing crafts and supplies
in the two stacks 
of vintage suitcases on each side.

There will be a comfy chair in this corner once 
the walls are painted.

and another one here
next to second stack of cases

We began playing with trim options.
Paper/Lace or Ribbon trim?
I couldn't resist placing some Easter up here.
Books are moving to baskets on floor.
Up here for safekeeping now.

I'm voting for the paper one.
It is more work but more charming.
Cost of 3 paper rolls 6.00
Actually free since they were in my stash for 
years and I donated to the cause..

I showed her with a small sample board
what "we" could make and insert behind mantel.
I left her a large vintage dictionary.
Homework for Annie, hehe

Storage areas above will be draped and hidden
once we make casings and hem panels.

Some more playing with treasures.

Arranging more storage.
The exposed baskets hold gift bags
and gift wrapping supplies.
At her fingertips but still pretty

So....progress on day 2 
Schedules mean we work here and there
but we've rounded the bend.

Next phase
and a flooring choice.

Not bad for a wee bit of elbow
 grease and lots of 
sorting by Annie.

Stay tuned for paint reveal.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Piper Zane Boutique

Just a quick look at Piper Zane Boutique
inside the Elements Salon 
downtown Henderson on Water Street.

I am a featured artist within my friend's 
new shop Piper Zane that opened this week.

We would love it if you came to visit us.
New items arrive every weekend.
We are having a blast!
Great shop, great ladies, great fun.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Little Shed That Could

I spent last weekend working 
with my friend Annie on her little shed.
 Ever since I first saw it, I have been bugging her; 
telling her I could turn it into a magical place.

Inside is stored all her holiday decor
 and wonderful treasures dying to have a home.

So we dug in and out poured mountains of things to be sorted.

We sorted a lot!!

The lady likes totes. We had lots of fun 
with jokes about obsessions.
Mine WAS dishes and glassware. What is/was yours?

By the second day all this was cleared out.
Did you spot the vintage mantel on the back wall?

We will paint soon and add area carpet
 and she may add some side windows
 in the future for ventilation.

The entire top is rimmed with shelving
 and I managed to get all the holiday totes
 up above on these shelves and they will 
all be hidden with some draping. 

The little shed still needs to be a major storage area, 
as the main home is tiny, with storage next to none.
A couple of standard, no walk in, bedroom closets, 
about six kitchen cupboards and a single car garage.

By the time I am done,
 this will be a retreat with two comfy chairs,
twinkle lights and a gorgeous vintage mantel 
display. Tons of decorative storage so that she can 
grab what she needs easily and create
to her hearts content.

I adore projects like this.
A Cinderella story....
we have not yet spent a dime...
we will use a few coupons for 
brown wire twinkle lights
and paint and a small section of bead board.
I'll give you a cost breakdown at the end.

I will be showing you the progress as we go.

and yes, I am for hire.....

In other news, I went home from work early on Monday
and I've spent the last three days sidelined
with the creeping crud.

Ronda and I will be debuting her new 
shop (I am a contributor) this coming Tuesday.
The little gift shop is located 
within Elements Salon 334 Water Street
in downtown Henderson.
They are open Tuesday- Saturday.
I'll post photos after we set up.

There is also a wonderful jewelry trunk
show scheduled for Wednesday the 4th.
Trunk show to be announced
Schedule issues

To my east coast pals,
stay safe and warm.
Darling daughter and her beau are 
in Atlanta also under severe weather.

and yet FOX news tells everyone
there is no global warming...



Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Means Summer Hell

The windows are open; 
I am shooting through screen.
In high 70's today.
This means summer of hell...
they predict into 120's.

Boston you can laugh at us
mid July.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Let Some Light In
It's A Good Day

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do Not Piss Off The Hippo!

photos TS
Yeah yeah, you're sick of me mentioning Sifter but 
you gotta hook up with this site!!!
Check out the angry angry Hippo Here

and if that's not enough

photo TS
Soap BUBBLES blown in Freezing Weather

Every day fall back in love with the universe

I signed up for daily email and adore the 
weekly Shirk Report.
OK there is nothing on here I don't really like.
How often can you say that?

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I decided some thinning out was due
 with regards to the books that have been breeding
unfettered in the office.

I have had a life long love affair with books.
Although DD gave me a "Nook" that I use when I travel,
I love the feel of a book in my hand, while
curled up in the chair you can see a smidgen of here.
You've seen it before.
If one of you decides to zoom in
 you will see the complete collection
of Robert B Parker, a dear favorite of mine,
and DD's beloved Potter's from childhood.
Even though I check out several
 dozen books most months,
I still managed to accumulate a "couple."

The Utilitarian ones are kept under here.
DIY's, Grammar,  Classic Childrens' collected more for
their illustrations than stories at times, and classics from
school days many moons ago.

I ended up with four bags to be donated,
one is out of view, don't be snarky...hehe
I had grander intentions but DD called 
in the midst of the culling, and quickly said
"Don't be ruthless, I may want some."


If I must fail at a purge, it should be
a failure concerning books don't you think?
I believe I welcomed the 
request as an excuse to hold on a little longer
to a just a few more volumes.

A Happy Week To You Guys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coming Down and Z Cozies Up

Christmas is coming down
and more things are headed 
out to the garage
on their way out of the house for good.

I found a few of these holiday end pics on the camera

Pay attention - this table has since moved.

Whoop! Table moved

Big white cupboard that was on this wall
has moved upstairs

More open - less stuff- loving it

Winter work days have slowed to a crawl.
This is when I hunker down, purge
 and clean, cozy up and hibernate.

Lots of candle burning,
napping and reading.

Last look at this year's tree

Special mementos from a dear friend

Reorganized all the cupboards after Dearest Son
cooked in here for a week
 and used everything I own somehow,
then Darling Daughter cleaned up
 and put everything away somehow.
Golly I miss them so...

Making soup day

A Happy WINTER Wednesday

We're approaching the 70's
sorry for you folks in the 2nd polar vortex
stay safe and warm