Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Everything Old Is New Again

Began thinking about the holidays coming up
 and in that spirit I set
the family room back to the way
 I had it for years, 
with a small table smack in the middle
 and chairs in the corners
 to accommodate extra bodies.

(that largest bread board was in sale this weekend, no one bought
and look it's perfect here in new arrangement! kismet)

It worked well then, and will again.
This small table under the window 
can hold my real tree
 again like last year.

When you catch yourself standing in
the corner with a smile on your face, 
you know it's right.

I hung out with gal pals at a garage sale 
cross town on Saturday.
Came home with two less tubs of stuff.
Some of you who I "council" via email,
keep at it, bit by bit like I am - you'll get there.

I also DRASTICALLY  opened up
the den/computer room.
Removed carpet, large chair etc.
Placed larger table in here for desk, much better!
Breath of fresh air. 
LOVE it this way.
(btw not lifting anything, sliding all across floor)

(Howie says who dat?)

It's funny how folks are dismayed by my
obsession with less. 
But I have a plan and goals to reach,
and it has only been exacerbated by the
lunacy/treachery of 45.

 Didn't feel like packing up my trees
 and then unpacking in a month, 
so I left them sitting here on the left wall of the den.

it's good

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Come Saturday Morning" Or 2:00 am Upchuck

2 a.m. Saturday
and for a change I am actually asleep.
Yesterday I fell asleep at 6 am this morning.
(follow that?)
Anyway I come slightly awake to the bed moving
 and a strange sound. 
I assume it is Howie dreaming, and drift back off.
After a bit he jumps down off the bed. 
A little later he jumps back up and comes very close to my 
face, and climbs onto my head,
and I awake knowing something is wrong. 

Turn on the light 
He has been sick all over my bed.
My best linen bedding.
My favorite of all time bedding.
Down through three layers to mattress cover.
Then proceeded to throw up in five more places
around the room.

SO I have been spraying and cleaning
and running the washing machine with fingers crossed
that my linens come out OK.
2:10 now
I LOVE these sheets.
My carpet will be a work in progress for tomorrow too.

Supposed to be at friend's garage sale tomorrow morning.
Wonder when I'll get back to sleep, if...

Hannah once threw up all down my back when 
she was a wee thing.
Ben pooped all over my lap. Twice
What we do for the ones we love.

See? thank heaven my knees are a little better 
or what would I have done?

Anyone else remember the 
Come Saturday Morning song?

"...and we will remember long after Saturday's gone"
Yep, bet I will.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Butt Face and Small Things

What appears to be a mound of pillows 
for Howie's repose is actually my hip bone
 as I was lying on the couch
day after day, 5 weeks, unable to do anything.
Butt right in my face, snores included.

After 5 weeks of major discomfort
and multiple tests their conclusion so far?
I have severe inflammation in my body.
They don't know the source.

After weeks of messages, 
 I eventually reached a kind hearted 
Nurse Practitioner Tuesday who
got a Dr to order some anti-inflammatories that
I was allowed to take with my new BP meds.
(It might have been my quiet weeping that did it.)
I have never taken meds except for the rare antibiotic
so I'm having to adjust to the new reality.
After 4 weeks of being unable to walk even a few feet,
I am having pain free hours and 
sleeping longer than 3 hours.

I am so grateful.
Still have a long path to figure it all out,
but in the big life scheme I am blessed.

Ben has learned to make fresh pasta,
and sends me proof.
The holidays will have some 
fresh culinary ideas I'm sure.
Cannot wait till they're home.

Visiting a friend this weekend during her community
garage sale. I will be in repose myself just observing
for a change and visiting with a couple pals.

Our weather has turned.
I'm giving myself one more week of healing,
and then I'll be out back trying to rescue 
the mess that has developed, and I'll be back in
the studio, pedal to the metal sewing. Huzzah!

My world is small.

Good things come in small packages.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dear Hate

Monday, October 2, 2017

And Now It's My Home

Now it's come home.

It's a numbness that has become
far too familiar.
The rounds after rounds of gunfire 
 played on a loop on every channel
 hour after hour.

Because of a connection, I knew last night
the numbers were far higher than were 
first being reported.
I want to go give blood but cannot.
I want to scream for this all to stop.
It will not.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Addicted And The Rapture

Perhaps not so much addicted,
 it's just one of the few things I can do right now.
So I continue to make trees.
I've morphed on into green ones now.

More tests and discussions today.
It is not what they thought,
or what I feared, though now I wish it was,
 as a surgery could fix and eventually less or no pain.
Seems I have a sudden onset of an autoimmune issue
which has left me well, damn uncomfortable.
Thankfully I have always had a high pain tolerance.
The biggest issue is inability to sleep,
and I've never slept well to begin with.

To top it all off I have to live in fear of 
what this means to me with my insurance, as the crap bills
they are trying to lie their way into 
will certainly have me losing coverage,
for a pre-existing chronic condition.

I make trees
and feel sick about my country, 
and heartsick for the refugees,
and for those displaced by the storms,
and for those mourning the loss of loved ones.

Today supposedly is The Rapture.

"Good morning and in case I don't see ya
Good afternoon, good evening and good night"
the truman show

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bloom Where You Are Planted

These three were 1.79 - 4"pot 
babies I bought at IKEA last Christmas.
I have repotted them three times since then,
and will need to do again by the end of the year.
They're 2 - 3 ' already.
This is a southern exposure window.
They obviously love it right here.
First thing each morning,
I raise this blind and pour out Howie's dog food
and then push the coffee maker to begin.
The one to the left? 
It's called a Z plant.
Imagine that

Bloom where you are planted.

Monday, September 18, 2017

On The Table Last Night

Many years ago I made feather trees and tinsel trees from scratch.
I modified the idea a bit and today made a couple out of wool.
Once I get the bases figured out I'll do a better shot.
I just shoved them into this bin to protect them for now.

Played around with beads and chains last month, 
thinking of a class perhaps?
Still just an idea as the execution 
providing supplies will be difficult .

Howie sits about a foot away from me. I had
to clear Best Bag fabrics from "his" chair.
That left paw? He pokes me with it to get a petting.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Back Up In The Studio

It's what this tired soul needed.
The world has become too vast and scary.

Lots of music, a few films.
Yesterday was all Dan Fogelberg, after I heard
there is a new musical based on his music,
premiering this month in Nashville.
Talk about memories.

Tonight Emmys or maybe just the red carpet,
and then Ken Burns 
Documentary for sure.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pumpkin Plop


My decorating is limited these days,
but I managed to 
plop a few pumpkins down.
Pumpkin Plop

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Available Bags

link HERE to available bags
only 6 sets left for now

Well, the bag making has to come to a halt 
for a bit as the Drs I saw today think I've blown 
out my right knee again. I had surgery 10 years ago.
I always overdue everything ( my kids will verify)
and sewing 8-10 hours, day after day and tilting 
that knee up and down, up and down with the pedal..
Of course, I already had issues I chose to ignore,
so I just tilted over the edge so to speak.
Or I hollered at the mountain peak
and caused an avalanche.

gonna need some of this

Not sure quite yet but for now I'm not even
to walk on it unless I have to.
Will know more next week.
So I do have a few sets left,
and if I'm lucky and I do not have surgery,
 I can get back to sewing next month.

So you gals who requested some 
other fabric designs, please be patient with me.
I can't get out to look for fabrics just now.
I can still ship out orders of standing stock,
 no problem. USPS picks up.

Right after my x rays, I hobbled next door to Traders
for some pre-made food to make 
it easy for me these next few days.
A couple of the gals said 
"here she comes, that great bag lady"
I'm telling you, they get noticed.
Talked to a teacher friend tonight and she took
two new ones to school this year and she was asked 
"where did you get those?

I'm mad at myself for overdoing,
mad at my knee for failing me,
mad at the timing,
mad at my aging body.
My only salvation has been that same,
 teacher friend has offered
to pick up my library books
 for me as this saga continues.
Without reading material
I would go mad...


need a laugh?
me butt bumping backwards up the stairs
oy vey

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shadow Show

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Monday, September 4, 2017


It's coming on shadows and fall


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