Wednesday, March 20, 2019

and So It Goes

Several weeks ago I tried to sell 
two of these milk cans I have, 
but I got no takers.
Bored one evening I decided I would take
 some leftover florals,
pretty it up a bit and sit it by the front door 
until my next sale when I will sell it as it is now.

Leftovers are always better. 

So two runs back to Urgent Care and I am 
still not great.
See the cardiologist today.
I'm not a huge fan of this guy.
We'll see if he stops typing long enough to 
learn what I look like. 
Back on O/2 full time - depressing.
CT scan of sinus throat etc next week.

I am sick of all of it as
I'm sure you're sick of hearing.
This is the only journal I keep 
so I keep dating everything
 in case I need it some day.

I did see a wonderful Dr in Urgent care
 but of course he does not have a private practice.
He really listened and gave me some good 
tips on fighting this.

Annie and I doing another sale probably in early May.
Hannah, maybe Ben, will be in to help
their poor decrepit mama.
My new name 
I was so hoping to go down there this month.
Patience is not my strong suit. 

These made me laugh

Been bingeing: How about you?

Russian Doll
After Life
Turn up Charlie
Working Moms

Seems the only thing I catch on tv anymore is 
Walking Dead - John Oliver and Bill Maher 
(  my kids now hate Maher)
and oddly enough North Woods Law (no idea why?)
Holding my breath for Game of Thrones
 and Killing Eve 

... and because I've been too ill to make it to library
I am rereading my entire collection of Robert B Parker
The Spencer series
Makes me so happy. 

Even though I am downsizing I am determined to buy 
as many of his as I can in hard cover, as I have 
so many in paper back.
My other wish is to get all the Louise Penny
in hard cover some day, but even paper back would 
be good as I have read all of them through the library.

When you love you love
 and I have been such a good girl
purging everything else.

and so it goes


Monday, March 11, 2019

New View and Same Old Sad Stupid Story.

Darling daughter Hannah threw a brunch engagement party 
for Dearest son Ben and Helene and their friends on Sunday.
Since it was just for the young folks I did not attend,
nor could I have as ...

I'm once again.... sick

Headed to Urgent Care again today for follow
up to antibiotics etc I got 6 days ago, as I am
no better, in fact in some regards worse.

I have barely slept in 3 days for when I lie down 
my lungs for all intents and purposes,
whistle. Yep, quite loudly whistle and wheeze.

I couldn't stand seeing that post another day so 
here are fresh pics and a new view.

Since I rarely leave the house these days, (no need to) and I 
hand sanitize and soap and water wash like crazy,
I cannot fathom how I got sick again.

AS for everything else, it is one big stall,
until the big cardiology reveal end of this month.

My Smith's market just began home delivery with perfect timing 
for me. Although it is a mere block away,
just shopping while using o/2 and feeling like kaka felt overwhelming to me 
and Howie needed dog food.
Yesterday I ordered soup, ginger ale, 
dog food, bagels and 
orange sherbert. Within an hour ding dong.
 For me, 3.99 
delivery was a bargain.

I need to drag my sorry ass to UC,
so for now a new view but same old sad stupid story.
2019 WAS looking promising after
Kicked My Keister 2018.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Good Friends

Justice and Liberty 
many years ago.
They are sleeping on the stair landing 
with their noses at the edge.

They were great friends.
When Libbey passed, we got
Eisenhower (Howie) and 
Justice tolerated him but never really 
loved him the way she did Libbey.
Perhaps she just couldn't bear the replacement.

People friends are like that also.
There are many folks we get along with
 and enjoy but if we're lucky we connect more deeply
with a few special friends.

If someone had told me 10 years ago
 I would have such deep blog friendships,
 I may have been skeptical.

I have several life long friends, 
a few multi-decades long friends,
and several gals I have never met but we've
been through the trenches together.

I was lucky to meet a blog friend Chania 
years ago and we spent a day together here in lala.
My pal Carole and I have spent weeks
 where we talked every single day, 
yet have never met face to face.
We know all "the good stuff" about each other.
(they both use IG now)

Friends, even good ones, can leave your world
for various reasons. Misunderstandings, betrayals,
distance, life changes can all disrupt. Since becoming ill
I've had a few just ghost out of my life, which hurt
but I guess I get it, well maybe I do?

Then and again a very kind soul
unexpectedly wanders in.
 In my case Colleen was not a stranger,
we've followed each other for years
 and exchanged comments and emails.
She had recently asked me a question and I said here's my
number just call me- it's faster.

We made a date for the call last week,
and three hours later I was sharing
my life with the dearest soul.
We took to each other like ducks to water.
I had no idea three hours had passed,
but then that's how it is when 
you make a heart to heart connection.

Shortly after the call 
Colleen showed me such a kindness
that I was weeping all over my keyboard.
I felt the world was a little kinder as
it's been beating me up lately.

I will do anything to help make 
her current dreams come true.
She is planning to do classes 
using her wool artistry up in Canada and 
perhaps in the US.
She was curious about my Gatherings 
where I used to teach and hope to do again someday.
Without a seconds hesitation,
I said use my house for a retreat!

My location and accommodations are perfect
for something like that since folks come here anyway.
Lord do they come here!!!!!

She is currently going to put out feelers
to see what kind of response she gets locally and 
in the states.
She lives up near Vancouver so that too is ideal.
If you love wool and want to learn some great
techniques and projects 
then lets do it.

Excellent teacher, great food, perfect location.
You can walk 2 blocks to PB, Williams Sonoma and 
Anthropologie and 12 restaurants from my front door. 
Well, and then, there is VEGAS.

So let me or Colleen know if 
you're interested in Vancouver or here, or 
maybe she could teach near you? 
CA would be nice? hehe. What wool 
projects would you enjoy?

I have one more favor.
As I was thinking about this post I remembered,
so many dozens of gals who did white wednesday, 
and other themed posting groups
and were here at blogspot near the beginning. 
Oh, how we used to comment and check in often.
I knew your kids names and your pets
and hopefully encouraged your dreams as you did for me. 
Now most gals do IG, or FB.
I get it, it's fast, but oh I miss hearing from you,
and following your days.
So here's the favor-

Please leave me a hello here, 
let me know you're still out there,
or let me know you, if you've never commented.
A simple "hey, it's me Mary", or a HI, 
and give me your IG, so I 
can find you again, or meet you.
If you don't blog, just email me.
My email is in my profile.

I hope to hear from you.
there are posts where thousands visit 
but 99% are invisible to me.
Please, please just say Hi.

I would be so grateful.


oh lord the wrinkles!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Prognosis is good for Mr Monkey

During the Christmas Holiday,
Howie was gifted Mr Monkey
 by my soon to be Daughter In Law.

Shortly after, he was viciously attacked by 
Tubbs, my grand-dog and the stuffing was ripped 
out of his poor little head, leaving a gaping hole.
Mr Monkey was put up out of the way to prevent
more injury and sadly he was forgotten... by me.

Last week I noticed him up in the studio 
oh, so patiently waiting for help and healing.

It was a touch and go surgery and a 
plastic surgeon should have been called in,
because although his brains are back inside,
I'm afraid his nose and eyebrow took the worst of it. 

I carried Mr Monkey downstairs with
 Howie leaping and twirling the entire time.
I no sooner sat on the couch when Howie grabbed him
in what can only be described as an embrace,
 and then proceeded to bathe him and sniff him
stem to stern.

We love who we love

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cold Wet Days and Tomato Pie

Very simple ingredients and 1 2 3
Rustic Tomato Pie

Comfort food for the cold and very rainy days
we've been having.

The family is still reveling in the 
engagement news and I even allowed myself
some solitary wine with my pie.

Had several heart tests this week and
next week I begin wearing a monitor. 
Fun times - no answers

No need to comment on the insanity 
and wretchedness going on in the world.
We're all in it.
I Resist and hold tight to Hope.

That's it- It was January - nuff said

Friday, January 18, 2019

A New Year 2019

Getting back to the usual day to day.
As I removed all the holiday fare,
and got down to the simple look I now prefer,
 I knew a lot of the holiday
 had to go, as "the purge" continues.

Howie photo bombing 

See my new porch light?

After several years of a black and white 
tree for our main tree, I decided it 
could move on to another home.
I will return to my mercury glass and shiny brites,

and/or my House of Hatten.

After years of avoiding traditional reds,
I'm finding I like them again.
So the un-decorating continued,
and the piles for sale began to accrue.

I sent a photo last night to a pal 
showing her what I was up to;
she then bought all the ornaments.
Well, that was easy.
Now to find a home for all the buffalo check.

Those of you who have been around 
this oldgreymare awhile
 know that I practice what I preach.
In these very uncertain times,
we all need to pause and assess
what we are choosing to do with our lives.
How do we wish to live out our days,
and how are we affecting our planet?
What are the issues we need to address,
 and what appropriate actions will we take.

Who are we able to help?

This is the time of year when I select
my charitable contributions in five categories. 
I'm hoping to still manage my 10% of income,
but medical bills may take a bite, we'll see.

Children's Medical
Wildlife/Animal Rescue
Medical Research
Local women/children's Facility

It's time to work my friends.

Ben and I will be finishing up my new website
very soon. I'm excited and nervous, 
but he assures me it is as easy as blogger. 
I'm not sure how many items 
I can have in the shop by then, but I'll 
be up in the studio giving it a go.
Stay tuned and I hope you'll follow me over.



Ben and Helene just called me today - Saturday:
They're engaged!
This mama is thrilled

From my phone as they told me..

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Grateful and Glorious

(Ben and Helene on the second half of their holiday in NYC)

I have stared at this white space for awhile now; usually it
just pours out without filter.

Fully describing the Christmas holiday
 is nearly impossible
for me this year.

The kids and grand-dogs arrived a few hours before 
my brother and SIL and we all began the festivities
on Friday the 21st around noon.

It did not stop until the last car and flight left.
Remember I have not spent a Christmas 
with my brother Scott since I was 21, 
and there were often 10 years between any visits.
 Many of those were trips home for me
 when my folks were quite ill.
As adults we had very little interaction,
or time together. 

There simply are no words.
My kids loved them, they loved my kids.
We cooked and cooked and did dishes 
and started it all over, each and every day.
We played games and looked 
at vintage Rennie family photos. 
Scott told them stories that I had forgotten,
and reminded them what their grandparents were like,
since my kids barely knew them.
He helped them understand 
where their Mom came from,
since Ben was only in PA when he was 5 
and Hannah was in utero.

I became a weeping willie, 
tears flowing at the drop of a hat.
I was/am so grateful for these days.
My SIL Crystal and I were sorority sisters, 
we've known each other since we were 17.
Lots of memories and drinking stories there. ahem
These two knew me as a child, a teen. 
They were there as my life
unfolded long before my children's births.
Important stuff.

I know I'm typing words here,
but I keep stopping as the images flow.
Scott fell in love with grand-dog David 
and the feeling was mutual as you can see.
They are cat people but maybe?

I had a list of repairs needed and Ben, Tom and Scott
fixed everything and installed electronics. 
What an incredible gift that was.
One was an exterior light that had been broken for 20 years!
Another was my microwave handle, broken off years ago, 
glued and re-glued till it was hopeless,
and since then I had opened it with a spatula 
stuck up into the bottom of the door!

Tom and Scott working on the door

Aunt Crystal made this cross stitch for Hannah's birth. 
We took a pic to reminisce 28 years later.

Darling daughter painted an old barn on canvas for me,
and Dearest son Ben gave me my 
own oldgreymare website, which will be up and running 
as soon as I learn how. I will be able to have a shop on line,
yahoo, so stay tuned.

Scott and Crystal gave my kids mementos from my folks,
such precious memories.

By now it all had me full out bawling.
I love all these folks so much.

I am blessed beyond imagination,
and so grateful for this family.

Happy New Year to all of you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Holiday Evening

The house is prepped and nearly ready.
I will do a final clean a day or so before
anyone arrives.
The exterior will get minimal attention this year.
I have to adjust to changing circumstances.
Now all I need is my family.

Thank you for all the well wishes for Howie.
The new meds he received Sunday have provided 
much needed relief and I hope a biopsy will
not be needed after all.

My antibiotics and meds are free
 but each of his have been at least 60 each?
I pay 134 to medicare but his insurance would be 230?

another crazy factoid of America - √√

Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas 2018

merry merry my friends

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Studio Supply Sale

It is time to downsize the studio
and since so many of you are creative
folks I thought I would see if any of you
might like some of these items:

I tried putting this on my other blog but
discovered I no longer can use. Surprise!
I haven't used since 2011 so no wonder I guess.
If there is enough interest 
 I may set up future links and pay pal button,
as there is a mountain of supplies looking
for new homes.

sorry us mail only
paypal or check

Email me (in profile) if you wish to purchase an item,
or leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

Also let me know if you wish to receive direct
emails concerning future supplies I am selling.

 1.Collection of flash cards   SOLD

So many wonderful things to do with these,
but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Each word is in
both upper and lower case
180 plus words in the stacks alone
See second pic of word stacks

$120 for all plus 10.00 shipping
(check ebay prices ouch!)

Some longer versions



2. Netty Le Croix Patterns  SOLD

Although exterior pkgs are slightly ruffled
the patterns inside are untouched.
I loved her designs.
Primitive Heaven

All 7 for 28.00 includes shipping

Finally got rid of last remaining large piece 
of furniture by listing it on-line. A huge armoire.
 It went to a lovely young couple 
who just bought their first house
 and they own only a chair and a mattress
on the floor. SO glad it went to them.
I gave it to them for free once they arrived- surprise!
Merry Christmas!

Now to decorate the LR tree and finish up yard 
cleanup and I may be ready just in time. 
19 days to go.

I sold these two items- stay tuned for more
as I grind through the mountain. Thank you