Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Clean and Simple Pinkcredible

My windows desperately needed to be cleaned.
I removed all the screens, scrubbed them off
 and started on the glass.

I did one at a time, sat and rested, did another - repeat.

This is shot through the super clean glass!

Seriously clean

Friends will tell you I find good terrific products.
I like this one a lot. Not cheap, but you use very little
 and whoosh - clean.
Bonus- It smells like almonds

I decided to store the screens until fall
as I will not open these windows
 all summer during 100 plus heat!
Now that I have all the empty space
in the garage, I can easily do that.
The view is nicer and greener,
clean and simple.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Amazon Prime and Ring


There goes the Ring Doorbell

amazon prime


amazon prime

French Toast / Bacon
Breakfast Burrito and Home Fries
Holy Moly
Three meals

Call from Darling Daughter
and Tom


Call from Dearest Son and Helene


Cheer Up Food he says
Fat Hips Food
for days and days
amazon prime

I have such wonderful kids
I am so blessed

It's tough never being near them on 
Mother's Day, though I would never wish 
them to have to live here to be close by.
We all know what I need to do.

Amazon Prime can do everything else.
Can't they find me an affordable
 place to live near them?


Amazon Prime delivering Mama

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Let there Be Light

A few days before the kids arrived for the sale 
I finally got the outdoor lights strung onto the pergola.
I connected them to the lights on the vintage fencing 
that runs the length of the back yard.
It made for lovely outdoor dining
that night as we were all exhausted.
China a Go Go delivery and we were set. 
Can you believe that night sky?

Although I am still paying for the new backyard,
it was worth every penny as I am not 
constantly scrambling
to blow out leaves and clear debris.
It's so easy with a quick water twice a day of the 
pots that are not on drips.

Obviously I am still alive and kicking, though
the last week kicked my butt again something fierce.
I actually slept 8 hours last night,
which feels like a miracle as I've been getting 
barely 3 hours a day.

I watch out for a neighbors house in the summer
and yesterday they had flyers stuck in their door.
Rather than drag the tank down the street,
I hopped in the car in pj's and drove to their driveway, ran 
and retrieved the flyers and drove back home.
I get the mail late at night, and do drive thru's in pj's.
I now understand those old ladies in their housecoats 
in their yards back in Latrobe when I was growing up.
You no longer care, and it's so much easier.

Of course I am properly attired otherwise.
Not fancy, mind you, but at least wearing a bra.

I VERY hesitantly hope I have turned 
the corner for good. 
I remind myself to take it slow and easy,
(not easy for me) 
and have set a trip to PA and CA as my goals for fall.

Meanwhile, my much lighter home
is a joy to take care of,
and I have only a few remaining pieces of
furniture to unload.

If the universe allows - once I am able to 
downsize here or in CA I will be ready to go 
quickly and efficiently without being a burden
to anyone.

I cannot stress to you enough
how important these steps are as we age.
Important not just to our well being,
but as a loving gesture for those we leave behind.

Life can come and slam you upside the head,
look around, what changes do you need to make?

Thank you for all the kind emails of concern.
I'm a tough old bird and will push through,
though hopefully out of pj's eventually.
Months and months of nothing but pj's.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The Hits Keep On Coming

It would be hilarious 
if it wasn't so frustrating.

Felt punky by Sunday night
Felt tired Monday
Felt achy, feverish, lots of coughing Tuesday
Felt too sick to go to Urgent Care Wednesday
Felt it necessary to go to Urgent Care Thursday
Perhaps I overdid last weekend?

Guess who has Pneumonia?

My mantra all day has been

"There are folks with so much worse, buck up."

Mega prednisone in office and a breathing treatment.
(I've never had a Dr hand me three pills
 and a bottle of water before) 
x rays
3 antibiotics and a home nebulizer later.

I am on shut down mode.
Dr says if I am not markedly improved 
within 24 hours 
" hospital we will go"
I'm determined to be improved.
New guy has a new approach,
he's determined to fix me.

So once more I may be offline for a bit
Can't even remember last time I did IG

I'll close with this pic.
It makes me so happy, it's my screensaver.
This was from me visiting down in CA awhile back. 
So much has changed since then for them,
 but their sweet faces never do. 

Talk about three amigos...

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Three Amigos and The Sale

Howie David Tubs

How cute are they, and everyone behaved
 for the most part. The exception being for 20 scary minutes
on Sunday when Tubs hid from me
 and I was in a total panic I had lost 
Helene's dog while they were all out to breakfast.
I had just met my son's sweetheart for the 
first time 2 days prior!

She told me "he's a manipulative asshat"when I met Tubs,
 and I said "no he's adorable." 
Helene said "just wait..."
She was right.
Yeah, he can be a bit of a dick, but oh, he's also 
super smart and adorable.
We'll say mischievous instead of devious,
even though he almost gave me a heart attack.


Friday night we had previews and set it up
as it would be for the Saturday sale 
all dragged out into the driveway
and the garage full.
Under the 7 tables were boxes and bins full.
Invited girls came and treasure hunted and visited.
When the pre-sale ended,
everything had to come back
into the garage, with all the tables and all the boxes 
tucked underneath.

It looked
like this


My pal Sue was headed home 
and couldn't find her purse.
It was somewhere in or under here.

We called and called it and searched inside house,
her car ...NOPE!

20 minutes- 30 minutes...

So I dropped to the floor and crawled under 
and Viola! Got it- but then couldn't get out.
The kids had horrible allergy reactions
to the horrible pollen and wind, and felt sick.
I was overwhelmed and needed O/2.
Annie broke a tooth. 

 Wonderful gals I hadn't seen in ages came by, 
lots of hugs and happy tears.

I behaved myself and barely insulted anyone.
My kids once again let me know
I am loved and appreciated.

A local gal who reads my blog,
saw our Craig's list ad, and figured out
with all the white, it must be my sale
and came by to say hello.
What a nice surprise. <3 
I hope she gets in touch again via email.

We all fell in love with a sweet gal named Nicole,
who came twice on Saturday and brought
her bestie to meet us. 
We are thrilled our things have found good homes
in their homes.
We love you Nicole and Jessica <3

About that Craigs List ad, I asked Ben to do it for me
as I was uber busy Friday.
I said in passing, 
"get a shot of the nice corner display if you can."

He did this, and a poem
See poem at bottom


and lots more photos
(Sue still has the Sew Be It Dolls if any of you collect...)

I am convinced his great google phone photos
 were why we did so well. 

Then after:

One huge oversized truck load,
one SUV load to donations.

We walked the walk ladies.

You gals struggling with this issue,
pull up the big girl panties 
and let it go.

I kept one bag of vintage silverware,
and 2 bowls I occasionally used 
but felt I no longer "needed."

Everything else went bye bye,
good riddance.
It feels sooooo good.

I love my kids and those they love
I love my friends
I love my three amigos

I love that this nearly 5 month 
saga of the sale is flippin' OVER,
and a couple thou in the pocket doesn't hurt either.

Don't you just love the 
exhausting day after?

Thanks to all of you who still listen
and still offer me love and encouragement.

The Craigs List Poem

Meet the three women--not one over the hill
Whose houses were bursting. Stuffed to the gills!

So they pooled their belongings and grabbed what they got
And when piled together it was quite a lot!

There was furniture, quilts, and dinnerware too
Craft supplies, scrapbooks, buttons, and glue

Incredible vintage pieces a century old
Luggage and linens and holiday ornaments gold

A plate rack, a wood screen, and a huge chest of drawers
A nearly-new Eufy Robovac--for super-clean floors

There were dressers and tables all shabby chic
A brand spanking new Amazon Tap--if you're a bit of a geek

Paper punches, mannequins, and a couple bar carts
And a hundred more things from these sassy old... ladies

So if you like crafting or vintage and antiques galore,
Come see this sale and see what's in store!

still here 
still kickin'

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pretty - It Ain't Pretty

My pineapple guava in bloom for the first time 
after it's planting last Spring.
My bay laurel tree ( where bay leaves come from)
Peeking in from the right


Ain't Pretty
Organized chaos 
Tomorrow we set up for preview
to invited guests
with the sale then on Saturday.

Of course the heat has arrived and the wind -
Of course!
This is only about 1/2 of the sale stuff
Furniture and two racks of clothing not pictured.
Not all mine - 2 gals joining in and now I hear
the kids are bringing sale stuff in their cars lol

Long day Friday, 
but we'll get 'er done.
Kids will be here by late tonight.
We hit the ground running early in the morning.

I have promised myself that no matter what,
anything of mine left over is to be donated.
Even if I have to go inside while the kids fill the SUV 
so I cannot see what is going. Even if it takes several trips.

I am in love with empty drawers and closets,
the clean spaces under the beds, and shelf after shelf 
empty in the garage.

I am getting an inkling that this may cause
a rebirth of creativity for me as I feel that
finally all the flotsam and jetsam is gone.
I have been dreaming of paint and canvas 
and quilting. Yes! After all this time.

Breath of fresh air,
and lord knows I need air.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Goldfish Out Of Water

While it is still difficult for me 
to work very long out in the yard,
I was able to tidy up the covered porch
 a bit yesterday morning.
It felt sooooo good 
to be outside and have my 
hands in the dirt and catching the scents
of cilantro, basil and mint.

Normally I wander Star Nursery for hours, 
but yesterday I managed a productive 30 minutes
 and came home after adopting two of these.

They call it a Goldfish plant

I stood there in the store,
staring at the delicate bloom



that's me

a fish out of water

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

P Is For


My newest Granddog

He belongs to Helene and Ben.
I get to meet him next month.
Kids are coming in to help me with 
large sale.


Very slow, it's
almost at a standstill.
so, I'm frustrated and also pissed off.


This grouping goes all the way
 back to garage door.
It is one of four piles.
This gal's seriously purging my friends.


For this beautiful woman,
on her milestone B-day.
We finally meet next month.


I've always struggled
with this at times, but never more
than now. I've lost 6 months of normal. 
Still no answers
Stay tuned



Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Girl

My Girl and her David

Sunday, February 18, 2018

MIni Me But Not

When you know you've influenced your child,
but they have their own twist on it. 
I've mentioned what a great cook Ben is and today he sent
me this photo of his organized flours.

I had to laugh, as of course they were in jars,
just as I store most of my pantry items.

Now I would have DYMO labels on mine,
but I prefer his quick taping - his sense of humor is grand.

Notice the Gluten- Keep out of LA
The arrow on the Masa is actually a tortilla press
and of course flour in Italian.

This is a man who loves to cook,
and he loves a woman who loves to cook!
 For now, I'm too far away 
to frequently reap the benefits, but some day soon
I can at least visit and grab a good meal.
Happy Sunday!


Friday, February 9, 2018

Good World

All is not right with the world
but there is good.

The new Gerber baby Lucas
has Downs Syndrome.
Whether from conscience or PR goodwill 
Go Gerber!

from Gerber

Nancy Pelosi
broke the record after 8 hour DACA speech 
on the House floor.
Go Nancy!

Thanks to Google
I learned a lot about an artist
Paula Modersohn-Becker

Drake gave a boatload of money to folks.
Go Drake!

George W
says Russia meddled in our election.
In your face #45
Would have preferred the W to mention
#45 in his talk but hey..
Go George!

The wind was sent 

This said it best
from NY Magazine

It was the worst hair day of what has been a bad hair life. And it may seem cheap and low to mock Trump’s absurd efforts to conceal his hair loss. But Trump is a man obsessed with image in ways that go beyond the normal human concern with looking presentable. Image is Trump’s moral code. He dismisses his political rivals for being short. He sees his succession of wives as visual testament to his own status. He selects his Cabinet on the basis of their looking the part. He conscripts the military as a prop to bathe himself in an aura of presidential grandeur.
Trump’s absurd hair is of a piece with his lifelong attempt to market himself as a brilliant deal-maker and stable genius. So yes, it is okay to laugh when the ruse is exposed.

 I received this great Get Well card
from brother Scott and SIL Crystal
Their friends who came with them 
to Vegas last Spring also signed it!
Means the World to me

These two couples are in love, happy,
and my world.

Now it's 
aw not so bad.

My tank and I visit occasionally 
but are no longer symbiotic.

If I'm sitting being calm and still,
I'm off O/2 a good bit.

Still use concentrator all night, 
and time to time throughout day,
and portable to go to market but 
I'm weaning. 
I hope to be untethered by April

It's in the 70's here- don't hate us

I am ever grateful for my blessings

Good World


Saturday, February 3, 2018


My constant companion
I might have gone mad without him
 these past 8 weeks.
He does snuggle very close at times,
and often brings a friend, this time Mr Chipmunk.
He disapproves of my reading when I could be petting.
That weird plastic cord you see is my 25 foot
tether to the oxygen concentrator.

Yep, I'm still on O/2 and still at a loss
as to what is the answer. 
Now they're going to start looking at my heart.
Fingers crossed they're wrong about that!

To think this all started with my sewing too much.
One medication begat another and another and another,
and as one ER Dr remarked, "you're on a merry go round 
that won't slow down for you to get off.

I'm weary of it all my friends
and the bills keep coming.

I took my tree down today.
I cannot believe it. 
In all my years the latest was always New Years Day.
We do what we can do, and can't
beat ourselves up with what we cannot do. 
At least not right now.
Lessons are being learned around here 
believe me, reinforcing my need to purge 
on an even grander scale.

That picture equates to 16 boxes of holiday I purged.
I'm telling you. I'm on a mission.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Warning Not A Fun Post, But It Improves

The first week of September this saga began.
It's not over.
I'm still on oxygen.
Still having setbacks.
They still don't know.

I have a list of specialists I could/should see.
If I could afford to.

Since I was here last, I had another emergency
run. My Dr had prescribed symbicort for me on 
Monday morning 2 weeks ago.
My first dosage Monday evening, had me
feeling a little nervous.
Tuesday was 2 more doses, each one increasing
the nervousness and now I have a monster headache,
that continues for about 12 hours.
Wednesday's dosage gave me tremors,
scary, panic attack tremors that went on for hours.
So back to emergency.

I'm profoundly allergic to it.

Emergency doc says
"You should stop using" 

My entire life I have avoided meds 
because of sensitivity,
and now I have various Drs prescribing this, that,
 and everything in their arsenal
to try and relieve symptoms.
I like the Drs, but no one knows exactly
 what is going on, so we're playing russian roulette.

Nearly 5 months now
I cannot care for my yard
I cannot clean
I see no one, go no where.
I've had to sleep on my couch for nearly 2 months.
I have yet to take down my Christmas tree!!!
For those who know me, follow me,
you know how organized I am, how tidy I am,
you know I'm miserable just looking around.


Now having said that, there are many
in the world truly suffering from horrific trials.
So I slapped myself upside the head,
took off my self pity mask,
and decided 
to don a positive beret.

Due to the craziness of the holidays I had not done
my annual donations. To be honest, I just plain
forgot due to my focus on me. Not good

I corrected that today.
10% of my income (which granted, is small)
each and every year.
You cannot help everything and everyone,
so you have to make tough choices.
Here's what I decided a few years back.
I select five from five groups.

Medical Research/ Facility
Positive Political Action

Deep breath, yes, I can still do those.

My world is back in balance
It does not matter that this is the growing pile
of items to be sold. It is 7 columns deep.
I drag my portable O/2 out to the garage
 for five minutes and grab boxes, close my heart to 
the doubt and throw on the pile.

Sale in March

BTW Any American Girl collectors out there?
I have the retired Christmas tree/ornaments in orig box for sale.
Hannah never set it up, she didn't even open all the packages.
None of my local gals desire, so leave me a comment,
and I'll get back to you with pics and info.
I'm selling for half of the prices listed on E-bay.

It's all good 
Well no, there is a lot VERY wrong
in our world but just for now,
focus on the good, and do some good.

Later Gators