Monday, April 11, 2011


First coat on last night. Second this am,
decorative painting this afternoon, still haven't decided,
if it will be words, or designs.
If you are just joining me and have no idea WTH I'm talking about, see previous post.

Curtains hung outside.
I'm not attempting pretty pics here folks, just proving 
that I am making progress.
( rods check)
( stored curtains check)

Removed this painting

from here in the bath and rehung above 
darling daughters brass bed.

and replaced with the three frames
( 3 frames check)


First 2 stacked frames got a fast sewn burlap pouch
 with dried, no, dead flowers, 
I had yet to throw out since my return from NYC.
Second one, I quickly wrapped some old wire
across the top third and draped some
prisms on wire I had saved from street find chandelier last year. Eucalyptus is also from dead bouquet.

Notice shutters in front of window. 
Now I can open blinds to allow light in without 
exposing myself. Horrors!

( 2 pair shutters check)

Everyone keeping track?
Out of my own curiosity, I kept an eye on the clock, and 
so far I have not yet spent 2 hours total on all 
of that is 1 rerun of a movie you
 have probably already seen 5 times. 
gives you pause eh?

and just so you too can feel the love..
did you catch this comment on yesterday's post?
This is my SIL ( well ex SIL, but I'm not supposed to call her that and I am the ex, not her, lol)

Sarah said...

May I say "with much love" that you're making me want to
 come over and hit you. You know that my whole house is a
 pile of stuff that I trip over on a regular basis, so I'm thinking
 that this theory is not going to work for me. Oh, that's right, 
you always come over and fix it for me. Ah, the advantages of 
being family!

This gal makes me laugh till I have to..
well, you know...

the point is you CAN have stuff.
Just use it, shake it up, recycle things around;
if you bring in new, move out the old.
Even fabulous things can no longer work for you,
no longer serve a purpose, and if you fret about 
not finding something to replace it..uh
have you see the kagillion blogs, event sales, thrift stores,
etsy and ebay?

I started at 12 with my Dad and have not stopped, 
and 45 years later< I still find new treasures,
but always....always  I edit.
( oh you are mean, you just did the math)

In fact, sometimes I think we are just trading it all back
 and forth all over the country and now 
we are crossing the seas to get theirs too!

Now on to the rest..
And oh, I found some more leftovers to deal with,
but I am still going to aim for my end of the week deadline.



Blondie's Journal said...

You are definitely getting a lot done! Great advice, too. I have some frames...


Jill said...

1. good for you!
2. LOVE the use of your frames..stacked?! too cool.
3. the prisms on the dried flower, awesome.
4. didn't do the math, until you mentioned it :)
5. am positive we are just trading pieces of junk across the country!

Theresa said...

LOVE the prisms hanging from the branch in an empty frame no less... that is gorgeous! Your bath is so pretty, love the shutters too! I hung curtains on our side porch last night and we so enjoyed sitting out there without the gawkers driving by being able to see us! Even with them partially opened we still felt like we had some privacy. Can't wait to see what you do with the table top, well and that felted wool ball wreath! xoxo

Laura said...

After posting yesterday on my laziness, I have been revived.

There are things to do and I am burning daylight.

White Spray Paint

Rebecca said...

You are amazing! Love the frames and can't wait to see what you do with the table. I am going to start on my need tweaking and cleaning.
ready, get set... go

April said...

I stand in amazement at all you've all looks so GOOD! Way to go!!!

SmallPC said...

Oh that made me laugh....and yes I did the math. I think my stuff has gone around the neighbourhood a few times. I saw an old trunk I sold last year out on garbage day. I left it for someone else to discover!

d. reyné said...

You have so much energy!
You are able to get so much accomplished!
I love what you did with the frames so cute!
Have a wonderful week!

erin said...

things are lookin that brass bed.

Cindy said...

You are making me tired just seeing what all you have accomplished in a short time! I all looks so great!

marcia at Child in Harmony said...

you are so creative and inspiring...and funny LOL

I love what you did with the frames. I have an affection for frames and mirrors and have them in stacks but haven't done too much with them. It doesn't help that we now live in an open floored log home vs an old colonial/victorian with nooks and crannies, not that I'm complaining. But I can't give my treasures up, I love them.
I will do what you say and find a place to use them and rotate them etc.
thanks for the always
happy day!
love marcia

beth said...

wow... you are going to town on all this changing and adding and overall house gloriousness.

you know you're putting the rest of us to shame, right :)

love the outside curtains soooooo much !

okay back to work...don't let us stop you :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Send me some of your energy Z...I could use it!
Unless you just want to come for a visit and help me sort through my "stuff"!
Hope your day is going great!

Sherry Smyth said...

You are giving me the kick in the butt I need!!!

Sandi said...

Good for you getting so much done!! I wish I had that much energy, but I agree with you...always edit. I bring some in and take some out. ha ha! I still think we should just have a big trading stuff day! ha!!
PS Can't wait to see the table finished.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Love love love your framed art. Very creative. ~~Sherry~~

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Ok, Now that is Amazing..... Love the cupboard with all the draws & the frames on the wall with the crystals & the drieds~ thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

I love the dried flowers in the frame, it looks lovely!

Evi said...

Goodness gracious, you are a very busy gal.All your ideas are wonderful and charming. Love what you did with the table and I have a soft spot for the rabbit and the white shutters.
Cannot believe how beautiful and green your garden looks...and roses, my, oh my...
It is cold and dank around here, uggh.
Can't wait to see what you will do next!
Hugs, Evi
I am still watching GH, just can't stop...who knows when they might knock this off the air.
It is great company while sewing, beats all the bad news that you hear everyday!!!!!