Friday, April 8, 2011


So I'm back with Parts 2 and 3
over at Donna's.
 If you are new to Everyday Elegance, 
be sure and scroll back to prior posts on Organizing.
Donna has completed an entire series on 
organizing with other guest hosts,
and there is a wealth of information 
 tucked into her blog, alongside all the 
beautiful photographs.
Be sure and visit Tinker House.

Please pop over for a visit and let her know
 you stopped in by leaving her a comment.

I was tickled to do this guest host, and I 
am glad I overcame my nervousness.
It is good to stretch out of our comfort zone. 
Now I want to do one on my blog, hmmm? 
who shall I ask?

In all her glory will return May 1.
I have learned that some have a misconception
 of what is allowable for a PG contribution,
and therefore believed they had nothing to contribute. 
It is obvious that I have made it seem as if 
"grand" notions are necessary. Not so, and I am 
sorry if it seemed that way.
Some will have big gestures, some may
 contain 2 lines of copy.
Information sharing is the key.
Although the rules still apply as to no self
promotion of your wares, shops or your
 recent thrifting adventure, the 
rest remains pretty broad and wide reaching.

You can link to sites about environmentalism,
like I just did about the Decorah Eagles
(yes I am still addicted) or maybe you have discovered some fabulous new organic product to share.
Perhaps you know of some pending legislation
 that we should know about?
It is about affecting the planet in positive ways.
As we get closer to MAY 1st I'll help with
 some guides in the right direction.
Meanwhile, commit to participating and 
join us May 1st.
Change the World.

thanks for being here...
you matter so much to me, I cannot put 
it into words.
The friendships I have made here, well,
I cherish them, and hope someday to meet 
you guys face to face. 



Beatnheart said...

Just have to tell you. You got it right with Michael Franks...thanks.

Carole said...

Oh Z I'm glad you came over your fear too. Funny I don't think of you as fearful of anything. See I learn something about you each day. Ok now I'm going to read your post at Donna's


Jillayne said...

I went and I read - for a first guest post you did a darn fine job. So many good ideas and helpful thoughts - I really enjoyed it.
Truthfully, the only two areas I struggle with are my sewing room and the kitchen - the kitchen issues are mostly because of things that have been given to me, which I packed out of here in a box to sit for a year while I think about them. People seem to think I am the keeper of the treasures, but as you say, theirs, not mine.
My sewing room is a different story - what I have is bought as the result of a brain brimming with ideas and a serious case of optimism in just how much one person can create in a lifetime. But you have inspired me to look at it all with fresh eyes. Thanks!

Charlene said...

I went to Donna's & you WOW'd me!!!! I hate to admit to you... I have a HUGE problem with STUFF! I need your 15 minute rule to take over me!!!! HUGS!