Sunday, April 10, 2011


Practicing what I preach:
So, as some of you have seen before, I keep the 
garage pretty tidy.

However there were a few misc things
 and large pieces hanging around waiting for me
 to get off my duff and do 
something to them or with them.

sorry.. blurry

An old horn case, I already ripped out the guts.
Two sets of beautiful shutters that I have yet to display.
Three picture frames, some bath rods I purchased
 for a client I did not use
 and failed to return, and one of the West Elm
 felted ball wreaths I have yet to disassemble. 
Also remember the door from last week?
it's coming in too.

again blurry... no time to re-shoot ARGH!

Some wire racks I use for shows, but 
meanwhile I could use in the house.

Some bits of this and that.
Some nice old hooks from my Dad,
2 bobeches, ivory knobs, star and moon hooks,
bunny key rack and vintage drawer pulls.

So, another trick I use to push myself is, I haul junk
 into my kitchen where I stumble over it, and it forces
 me to make a decision. I plan to have this all in use
by the end of the week.  Another idea is to broadcast your intentions and your deadline to a very wide audience and 
embarrass yourself if you don't get it done. lol

Another sticking point, and we ALL have them...
is this table on my outside porch. A nice tea stained 
tablecloth and pretty ordinary looking basket of silk flowers.
Not horrible, but not much effort put into it.
This was here all last winter, and it is the view from
my kitchen window. Not so inspiring...
This table has to be covered because at least
ten years ago, I cut this plywood circle with
 the intention of doing a mosaic top...
and it never happened.
Meanwhile I covered with various tablecloths 
which were always dirty from
 the desert winds and fading from the sun.

So in my face, I BEGIN to get it done!
I  have already installed the two bronze bath rods 
on the porch and hung 2 pair of old 
tab top curtains I ran through Rit Dye
 about 2 hours ago. They look like regular rods
 because of their color and decorative ends.
Dug through some paint and have the brushes 
ready to do the plywood in the next hour.
Have ideas for both the black hooks 
the bunny key rack, and the old door.
The clock is ticking...
stay tuned and wish me luck.



Jane said...

You go girl!!! Somebody needs to light a fire under me!
Looking forward to seeing all you accomplish.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

yes I think broadcast and embarrass usually works for me... Love those shutters and frames.. I'm sure you'll do something lovely with them.. Have fun xxxx Julie

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm excited to see what you are doing!


Razmataz said...

We want a progress report tomorrow Z. We're going to hold you to it all! said...

Oh yes, that "to do" list is never ending, isn't it!

Suzy xxx

Al said...

I have a million things that I've been putting off, thanks for the subtle reminder :) It's so true, if you don't put a deadline on something it never gets done. Especially with a 5 and almost 3 year old running around. Oh, and a husband too!

Kit said...

Good luck! But I know you will be able to do it. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Kit

Bead and Needle said...

I BEGIN to look at this post, and you tell me you already have some of this stuff HUNG! You amaze me (and I own that same bunny key rack - hangs in my hallway by the garage). Hope your week is wonderful!

April said...

I can hardly wait to see all you've been up to!

Sarah said...

May I say "with much love" that you're making me want to come over and hit you. You know that my whole house is a pile of stuff that I trip over on a regular basis, so I'm thinking that this theory is not going to work for me. Oh, that's right, you always come over and fix it for me. Ah, the advantages of being family!

Gail said...

You're absolutely right - I do have more time to do projects (get her done) if I just stop wasting time watching re-run movies and such.
A metal grate thing on you showed in photo sparked my imagination. I have a dear friend has just started to make jewelry and I want to support her efforts. By reading your blog, I remembered I 12" x 12" metal grate from a pet carrier. I'm going to cover the metal with soft fabric and suspend it from the ceiling by pretty ribbons and my friend can hang finished necklaces from the grid. Thanks for the inspiration.