Sunday, April 3, 2011


This beauty came from my SIL Sarah.
(and yes, she sells them - they are beautiful - ask me)
We were together last week playing with
 other friends and they were all beading and I was, 
of course making more roses.
They are going to a local sale this weekend, 
but if interested in some more white ones, 
let me know, I have quite a few dozen.

About 1/4th of the way through this necklace
 I leaned over and said "keep me in mind while
 you are making it; it will be going home with me."

My postal lady thought perhaps it was my birthday week
 because several other treasures also came my way.
Erin made me these adorable doily baskets, see
how she made them HERE.
They were filled with chocolate... now, where did that chocolate go?

Connie sent me this sewn text garland which is 
perfect for me and a handmade journal with
 the cutest little Scotties and ruffled edge. 
I always seem to smash the small paper
 notebooks in my purse, so this will be my
 newest tool to stay organized. 
I am so grateful to you my friends.

Thank you for all the great comments
 and emails on my Just Sayin' Post.
Sorry I scared a couple of you,
 but I think we have the facts all squared away now.
It was a much grander issue than I thought,
 which was borne out by the numerous emails
 discussing it with me, while afraid to comment publicly.
I have said it again and again.
Play nice.

At the post office on Friday I observed a screaming fight between two patrons, one male about thirty,
 fuming about the wait in line ( he'd been there all of 4 minutes ) and an elderly woman who
 loudly said with a snarky tone 
"well then go ahead of me if you are in such a big hurry." 
Next thing they are shouting at each other in
 front of everyone including several children
 also in the lobby.
 It ended with him making a very crude comment
 about her weight and out he stormed.
Pause here please while I sigh, and shake my head in disgust.

If adults set this example for our youth is there any hope 
for kindness and courtesy in our futures?

Speaking of our futures, I'm almost done ( lol)
Project Genesis was absent this month.

Only two people inquired about it.
I would love to continue but it appeared
 to me that there was not much interest or else it 
is merely a time thing with so many other parties
 that help some of you promote your shows and shops,
and we all know how time is a balancing act here.
I also think that there was confusion as
 to what was permitted as material. 
It need not be elaborate,
 just informative and not self promoting.

So...I still feel it is an extremely important discussion
especially in light of what we have just witnessed
in Japan, and the current global conferences on glacier 
melting, but you need to tell me if you wish to continue.
I adore the decorating, the white, the antiques, the food,
as much as you all do but I try to be/do more than that. 
 I am a citizen of the world and for the world. 
My analytical shows a ginormous jump
 on PG days, even with only a handful participating,
so it has other value to you beyond
 just caring for the planet, it still promotes your blog.

one of my favorite charities, currently has 
corporations matching your donations
 so your money is doubled, sometimes tripled.
Once again, caring for the planet, and each other.

OK, I'm finished,
Go in peace.




Carole said...

First that necklace is gorgeous and I can see why you had to take it home with you.
Even if it's not your birthday it's still nice to be give love and your receive it back.
I think you should still do PG though you know me I'm so noncommital(sp?) I don't know if I'm coming or going.
Which reminds me I have to get back to work:)


Kit said...

Loving the garland and necklace. I will never get over how talented the people in this great world are. Have a lovely week! Kit

Anonymous said...

The Heifer Project is a good one...several years ago when Don and I belonged to a UMC in AZ, they did the Project every year.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

The necklace is beautiful and isn't that little garland cute? So fun to have new treasures to enjoy.

Theresa said...

Good Morning Z ~ Love all of your new treasures... especially that necklace, that is gorgeous! Too bad about the post office bad behavior, unfortunately I have seen how it trickles down to the children. When Duane was coaching little league, we couldn't help but compare last years team behavior of parents and boys to when he used to coach our older boys a few years ago. BIG difference. Unruly boys, rude, misbehaved and parents sitting on the bench letting them treat others with disrespect. The look of shock on Max's face said it all for me but unfortunately he doesn't want to play this year and the boys are a big part of his reason. He said, they are just too mean. :( breaks a moms heart.
You know I love PG... Heifer International sounds like a worthy cause. Happy Monday! love, t.xoxo

Tina Eudora said...

Love, love, love the necklace but then I was always a sucker for a teardrop crystal!
My bad that I haven't been participating in PG Suzan, life got in the way of my blogging and I let things get me down for awhile. I am fighting my way back with the advent of Spring and I do hope to get a post or two into PG. Don't give up on me yet! Love ya!
Tina xo

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

The necklace is so pretty! Sounds like you have really been Blessed with such nice things.Really like your blog.

Bead and Needle said...

Good thing Sarah loves you so much! It's a BEAUTY! Got to see her last weekend...maybe we'll see YOU at Empty Bowls, this weekend? Have a wonderful week, lucky girl!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Suzan
Some beautiful treasures you received this week.. lucky you!!! Hope the rest of the week is as fruitful!! ciao xxx Julie

beth said...

wow...all those gifts !

I LOVE the garland.....

i made some in january for the rental house in florida and have some felt ones hanging in my kitchen love love !

erin said...

"peace" to you too!! thanks for the shout out.....i am so behind in puter land i almost missed it. my garden job keeps me very busy right now and yesterday we had a small tornado come through and clean up has added to the work........i am feeling overwhelmed.....aahhhhhh!!!!

Cindy said...

I was happy to see your post on Heifer International. This is my favorite charity also. I regularly give goats and chickens to friends and family. Much better than getting or receiving unnecessary stuff...great post