Sunday, April 17, 2011


Continuing the quest to find a place for all the 
stuff I had stored and dragged into 
the kitchen last week...
Right under my nose, or in this case in front of my face...
I hate the mini blinds in front of this window, 
they block my view of the garden
and my pretty new striped table,
and they are constantly dirty from sink over-splash.
Keeping them raised however, 
exposed the ugly metal sides of the window frame.
I glanced at the window today, glanced at the %$#$ shutters, back to the window, back at the shutters.
Well, slap my butt and call me Judy.
They fit like they were custom made...
Two years stored...sigh
I need to open my eyes a little wider.
Also notice the last metal rack fits quite snug
 and happy under my green tray on the island. 
Ready to be used when needed.
A few remaining knobs and that blasted horn case,
is all that remain of the piles.
Not a perfectly completed challenge 
but good enough for me...for now.
Are your eyes wide open to your possibilities?

If you will be contributing to Project Genesis 
May 1st, would you please let me know ASAP via 
email or comment?..thanks :D 


Bead and Needle said...

Man, what a GREAT idea with the shutters. WINNING!

Happy Monday, Z - I am going to try my damndest to come up with something for Project Genesis

Razmataz said...

Thye look amazing...perfect for that spot since privacy is not an issue.

I will of course be participating in Project Genesis.

Terra said...

You found a creative solution to the window dilemma. Way to go!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I think they look great! You just never know huh! I am ready to tear my house apart and start over myself.~Cheers Kim

Cozy Little House said...

I hadn't heard that slap my butt and call me Judy! But I'll be sure to remember it. Funny, how things can be right there in front of us and we just don't see them.

Vicki said...

I love the shutters framing that window. It was meant!

My Grama's Soul said...

Well Judy!!!! Teeheee.........I won't slap your butt though.....(O:. Isn't it amazing what we can come up with when we settle down and really look at something. That is a perfect solution.



Jillayne said...

Love it Judy! It's like they were made for each other. Funny how we can't see how obvious something is until we see it - then we can't imagine how it was missed,
You're knocking that pile down...

Robyn said...

Well, slap my butt and call me Judy


Laura said...

Isn't that amazing how solutions are out there floating around.
Sometimes I think of them when I am not at home.

Enjoyed visiting- as usual-

White Spray Paint

erin said...

hey jude......i am lovin the shutters!!

Jill said...

LOL! Great idea! and now you can rest Judy!

April said...

You definitely get a rousing BRAVO from me! Oh, and I love your "Slap my butt and call me Judy" remark!

Claudia said...

I have those moments. Suddenly I think, "What was I thinking? The solution was right in front of my face!"

They look great.


Jane said...

Yes indeed....the shutters are perfect for that window. They look great!!

gail said...

my eyes went right to those shutters when I clicked on your post....I was thinking "what mini blinds?" Love the way everything looks-love the center island, too.
I need to continue on with my reorganizing, but my hands are occupied with the crutches...gotta figure something out!

a peony princess said...

The white shutters are brilliant! Wish that I had such treasures in storage just waiting for their new home!