Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was a quilter...
 for years and years and years.
I used to adore all shades of green.
All my green primitive furniture pieces are now 
in the studio or on the porch, no longer 
suited to the rest of the house.

Things change, interests change.
I taught this series of quilts many years ago. 
I had the girls make extra blocks and lattice 
strips from the first bed size quilt.
From those extras we made the next table top quilt,
with some moons thrown in for good measure.

From the extra strips from the tabletop
 quilt we made log cabin blocks 
that became a wall hanging.
This was one of my favorite series of quilts.
Using up, making do, repetition,
a very organized method of quilting.
The bed size one now resides in my studio
 and is my comfort in the big chair in the winter. 
I adored all types of log cabins back then,
 in fabric, wallpaper, birdhouses etc.
I was always drawn to the shape.

( a work in progress)

Recently, I have been fiddling with mixed media.
Similar techniques required, color and balance.. 
yet a totally new creative outlet for me, 
with a huge learning curve.
Then this morning I realized that perhaps 
I had not strayed too far from my roots after all.
Modern cabins anyone?



My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

When I think about all of the different styles, colors, loves, and decorating likes of mine that have changed over the years, it really isn't any different than a big quilt. More squares are just added to the quilt over time. Love your little "cabins" mixed media piece.


SUE said...

I love your new project - It is amaking how are decorating tastes evolve. It is wonderful! SUE

April said...

My grandma was an avid quilter and made me a really pretty one when I turned 18 that I cherish. It's a skill I would give anything to have learned.

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a beautiful project, Suzan! I'd love to see it in all it's progress.


Claudia said...

Me too! I quilted for years. I still have 2 quilt tops that need to be finished. But I've sort of lost my mojo. I'm waiting to be inspired again. Your quilts are lovely.


Jill said...

I've been using the house shape myself on some projects...I love your work in progress...and now I'm leaving the computer to clean before I get scolded. :)

Beatnheart said...

Just beautiful...using your old skills for modern day version. you have not strayed too far..

Olive Cooper said...

Z, I firmly believe you can do just about anything. We also love log cabins and almost had one built. ♥O

Al said...

Those quilts are very beautiful! You should make more and sell them. You would make a fortune :) Great post.

Theresa said...

you have so much talent... I am loving the mixed media piece, and can't wait to see it when it's finished! I have never quilted but am always in awe of those who do.
I could use a warm quilt today, we had snow yesterday and cold winds and rain today. Did you hear me... SNOW in the middle of April! :O
take care, t. xoxo

Bead and Needle said...

You can take the girl out of the cabin.........................

LOVING the work in progress! And, don't you just love the comforts of a good quilt?! What great keepsakes, Z. Beautiful work...Tanya

Evi said...

Funny, what goes around, comes around...just in a different way.
I love the old quilts, but think the new take on the quilt, has my heart. Whatever you do, you do it with so much creativity and love.
I once...long, long ago made a courthouse step logcabin quilt.
It was the only one I ever made and our son has it now.
They are wonderful memories to be passed on.
Wishing you a peaceful and happy Easter,
hugs, Evi

Char said...

i think you are just so talented!! love the new piece (and the old pieces too)

it would be so cute over a sofa

My Grama's Soul said...

I like this new mixed media piece...This should be a fun new project for you.

My neighbor calls herself a "fabric Artist"...I guess that is the politically correct name for "quilter" now. LOL
She does do some amazing things with fabric tho.


Jane said...

Wow! Gorgeous quilts! What other talents are you hiding from us? Your mixed media piece is beautiful!

Carole said...

Love your new mixed media houses. Yes I think we just like what we like and the houses just popped up without you really realizing it.

I used to have everything green. Green car( still have) Green house( still have) greenhouse....oh yes still have that too.

yes still at work....going on midnight... uggh


Jillayne said...

Love the quilts and love the idea of each one extending in to the next even more. How creative!
Your canvas is looking good, and yes, a cabin, is a cabin, modern or not.
We have cabin/cottage discussions in our house - they're cabins up north where I'm from, and cottages back east where my husband is from. They can look the same, serve the same function, harbour the same memories yet in art and in geography, they're different. I can't quite puzzle it out...

gail said...

I can so relate to your post! I have been a primitive lover for years....I still am-just a lighter look. I couldn't get enough cabins, stars, folk art dolls, etc. I still love all of it, but like you said-going in a different direction. But your quilts made my heart go pitter-pat because I still am so drawn to it all.

Cindy said...

you, my dear, are the "uber-talented" one! love the quilts!

katie said...

I love all your houses, past and present. I especially love mixed media work. Your houses are wonderful.You stars with the plaid sashing remind me of Linda Brannock.

Enjoy your Easter week end.

beth said...

"your work in progress" is amazing.....tell me what you can't do since right now it seems that you do everything beautifully.....