Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Share a Cuppa

C'mon by in the early morning
and share a cuppa
or wander by in the evening for 
some red or white.

The majority of labor is complete
and now I can 
putter with posies 
while my two fountains
provide a soothing backdrop.
Here's a first look.
IG folks already had a peek.

The yard is set up so it can 
easily convert to a dining area in the pergola
with additional tables around the perimeter.

First gathering will be the kids 
sometime this month.
Ben is hinting at barbecue.

Howie and I are headed out for breakfast.
Hope your day begins 
as lovely as ours.



Karen Ann said...

It's all beautiful, so much to admire! That's a lot of work, and well worth the effort.

Darlene said...

Everything looks so inviting; ready for spring luncheons.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think it all looks wonderful and easier maintenance for sure. Dinner under the pergola sounds great! Hugs!