Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I Have A Problem

I have a problem mom.
These guys are in my bed.
I can't stretch out.

"But you put them there turkey lurkey,
so don't give me the stink eye."

It seems that lately all I have talked about
is the garden and Howie,
but really that's all that's happening here.

I now have 4 varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, 
6 different peppers
and the herb list keeps growing.

Well, there is the reading.
I just finished 20 Ian Rankin "Rebus" novels.
That took me 2 weeks.
Now I'm reading 5 of his other books.
Then I'll be searching for another serial mystery writer.

Both the kiddos moved into new apartments
this week; from studios to one bedrooms.
Both apartments are darling
and I'm so happy for them, just wish
CA prices weren't so ridiculous.
Their rents for these wee spots are more than
what I would get if I rented my house!
Wish I could give them my house and move it there.

My greedy little birds have gone through a large
bag of birdseed in one week so I may have 
to do this every other week, due to cost.

As for the rest of the world..
I'm reminding you guys of the 
&%#$ it bucket

It's still there if you need to vent,
link above or upper right corner.
Your relatives, close buds won't know about it.
I have about 6 drafts on the orange menace
 topic that I never posted. Think I'll
take another look at em and drop one or two in the bucket.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

My life revolves around my Grands, my Annie girl and painting right now. Nothing bad about that. Oh I might need that bucket of yours! As I type this I'm watching birds at my feeder. Need to refill today if the rain stops!

donna baker said...

Seems I am feeding lots of grackles that are rudely running off all other little birds. The ducks have found my goldfish pond I worked so hard on and now I will have to cover it with bird netting to keep them out which looks ugly. Sure the kids love living where they do. That is soothing for Mom. I am far more sensitive than you and really take offense at a few Ive had. Hear Facebook and Twitter are far worse. Why just not comment? Must have nothing to do.

Karen Ann said...

Funny, my birdseed is going like hotcakes too, and it's expensive! Seems like more this year than before, not sure if that's actually true.

AND I HATE 45!! OMG how many more THINGS?????????????????????...... WTF WTF WTF. (*sigh)