Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fledging Update

Update below

These two have been hanging near 
by my front gate for over a week.
We startle each other from time to time as they 
hide, and perhaps sleep,
 underneath my white banks roses and 
take flight as I open the gate.
Tonight they sat just a few feet away while I 
worked on repairing the slate walkway
that was crushed during the 
 backyard work. 

I went out to check on them
 just a moment ago and Mama
was feeding them. I tried to get a shot but Howie 
tripped me up trying to see.
I was surprised she was feeding on the ground?
Perhaps in our horrible winds their nest 
came down?
I watched from inside 45 minutes
 but she hasn't returned
and I've got stuff to do.

I'm sitting right next to 
the flowers, that close to the babies.
The slate repair in progress;
messy looking but those lantana nearly cover it 
all summer and fall anyway.
The lantana were run over by 
machines so they are a bit behind.

Anyway cute as can be.


So I have since learned that
the parents kick the babies
 out of the nest at around 2 weeks 
but continue feeding on the ground.
Since I noticed these guys about a week ago,
I'm guessing they are 3-4 weeks old.

Here they are this morning under my chaste tree
waiting for breakfast? I hide behind the gate
when I take the photos so as not to scare off
a parent. Don't know why I'm worrying.
I'm sure this is a natural occurrence
around here, I've just never
 caught it before in 24 years, though I hear
grown doves and see babies, just never like this.
A dove has been cooing out there for awhile
but no activity otherwise.


Karen Ann said...

Nice work! and I love mourning doves...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

They are so cute!! I love watching the birds and other wild life in my area!