Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Good Orange

 Howie and I were enjoying our
morning ritual today under the pergola 
and I look over to my right.
(forgot to show this part yesterday)
This is the walkway behind the 
enclosed porch and the open porch,
 and follows around
to the south side of house.
I spied some orange!
The good kind, not the menace. 

These were not open yesterday.
 I'm over the moon.
I never thought it would work
 so I planted a bunch in too small of space
 assuming maybe one would live.
So I'll either have to train up or replant.
It's as if my green thumb 
long dormant has returned. I have tomato plants
and 1 green pepper.
(that project may be a failure)
Anyhoot I am so happy.

I have a half dozen of these guys 
that travel back and forth along the wall.
They sleep and hide behind my birdhouses.
Howie sees one and dead stops
as if he's a real pointer spaniel.
He watched us all through my coffee and juice.

My project list is growing.
I'm energized by the near completion
of yard, still want to paint the 
dog run fence and I may paint the front
 of the gate into the yard 
to match my front door. I think 
the pop of color will be good.
 I'll get some more posies and
24 bulbs coming soon. 

6 colors - 4 of each
They are a shorter variety
and will front all the beds
 on the side and partial back.
I also bought a fig tree
which everyone says 
won't make it, but I'm determined.

Mine will be in a pot
so that it can be moved to help it survive... hope

I have to paint re-touch bathroom,
 and kitchen cabinets, re-paint garage floor
and as always still purging down.
Got my taxes done yesterday
and returned 15 books to the library,
 and picked up another 12.
I'm on a roll!


Karen Ann said...

You're really on a roll! Love the sun with cupped hands! And your yard is just stunning, what a lovely spot to sit and relax. It's still dreary around here but Spring is TRYING... trying...

Jill said...

Your yard is just wonderful! Truly and extension of living space.

Kit said...

Wow, look at those happy flowers! Loving the look of your yard. I can't wait to get my yard art out and to start cleaning up debris. Still rather chilly and I don't like gardening unless it is in the 60's! So I will read instead and put my kitchen back together. Enjoy those new books. :) Kit

Cindy said...

Love it! I will visit one day!