Thursday, April 20, 2017

Howie Playing I Spy

Howie being such a good boy even though
the babies are right there.
They've gotten so big, soon I won't be 
able to tell them apart from adults.

Finished up the flagstone;
didn't get too particular with it,
just so long as it keeps my feet dry.

Added a blue bird feeder under the chaste tree,
it is THE social place to be. 
Unfortunately some pigeons
found it this afternoon. grrrrrrr 

My buddy Carole asked me today if I 
was happy with the yard and I paused 
and thought, you know I am.
It has been one of the 
best decisions I've made,
after the enclosed porch.

Going out each morning for breakfast
 and reading out there just before dusk
without one thought of
"oh I need to clean up the debris,
oh the trees need trimming,
oh what a mess!"

Annie is coming by in a minute to 
check it out. First visitor since completion.


Karen Ann said...

Every picture looks lovely - you've created quite a retreat for yourself and family/friends there.. good for you.

donna baker said...

It must feel wonderful. So nice. I love it all covered. I'm thinking of putting in hardwood floors and just the thought of it, the mess and workers being in my house, I don't know.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm glad to hear you are happy with the yard after all this change. Sometimes we think we won't like something but it still must be done.