Friday, March 31, 2017

Almost landed in OZ

Probably not exciting for you but I'm thrilled to
 have light along the walkway once more.
I had hard wired lighting there for years but the cost 
of the bulbs was ridiculous
so out it came, and solar added instead.
Plywood still down protecting my bricks,
and about 30 minutes ago,
the guys were back finishing up 
footers of the pergola, and setting trellis wire
 and maybe, just maybe, I will be close to the finish line.

When installation is delayed like this
and the budget creates changes,
you have mixed feelings
because you're uncertain what the 
original plan was,
and will this all still work out?
Mostly you just want the damn thing done.

The city had sustained winds 
between 65- 80 mpr last night and it was 
rough going and loud 
and lots of folks had damage.
I lost a couple decorative pieces in the yard, 
but nothing major.
Around 10 pm I looked out to make 
sure I wasn't in the Emerald City.

Happy Weekend 



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh Z we had some winds like that and it was scary I must say. I love the little lights. I just added some to our front walkway (the one Mom and I share up to our duplex) and I love them. I've seen some pretty solar lights but right now just have the plain one's!

Kit said...

I likey! Looks very cool. I love outdoor lighting too. We still have hard wired and with our winters, hubby has to go out and push down wires each spring. The lites really add to a yard. Can't wait to see you final production! :) Kit

Karen Ann said...

As long as you're still in

Love the lights! Smart move.. and have faith - all will work out just fine - you have the touch!