Thursday, March 23, 2017

Super Son

I thought I heard a soft knock- nope, guess not.
Then text from son saying 
Happy Washing Machine day!
Ben knew I was a little down about having to
buy a new washer last weekend on top of all
the expense of the yard re-do.
I took a pic of new washer and texted it back.
The next text said did you get your package?

I SPRINTED to the door because the last time
he did that, he was standing on the other side of the door.

This time, no Ben, but there was this from Amazon.
2 hour delivery- amazing!

I never splurge on quality ice cream
and NEVER Tide due to cost so, 
what a treat and what a 
Super Son!

I am so bloomin' blessed 
with these kids,
it helps me deal with all the other crapola.

Tomorrow begins the installation of nearly
 40 plants including a couple trees,
and my new brick patio and pergola. 
Many, many issues popped up but
we worked through them all.

It is NOT how they wanted it to be,
nor how I planned it to be,
it IS close to what I wanted, 
and it will do.

I have never had the luxury of just doing
anything exactly as originally planned or wished for.
I always have to start with what is affordable
and I work backwards from there.

( when we last visited)

SO smaller patio,
different design of plants,
fingers double crossed and 
eating ramen next couple months.

Reveal next week, I hope.

Enjoy your spring



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love thoughtful children! How sweet and yes you did need a treat! I hope you will love the yard when it's done! Fingers crossed with you!

donna baker said...

Can't wait to see it. I'll take your son. My kids are spoiled and fight amongst themselves and I'm tired of it. I resisted the pods, but the new 4 in one Tide pods are really good. How can Amazon do that? I can't wrap my head around that. Plus, they are now charging state taxes in our state and everyone is mad at them.

Unknown said...

I have a thoughtful son too. He has surprised me with gifts. We are a lucky bunch! Can't wait to see the end result in your yard.

Jill said...

I throw an egg in the Ramen call it egg drop soup and you have protein for next to nothing. :)

Jillayne said...

Oh awesome - what a great guy... laundry soap and ice cream, the kind of mix you get from those who know you best!

Kit said...

Now those kids are keepers! :) What a great surprise. I can tell those kids adore you and want to make you happy. I hope your new yard comes out just like you want (even if you had to change a few things) and that you can enjoy it while eating ice cream. :) Kit

Studio Maywyn said...

Happy New Washer!
Y'all are so fantastic.