Sunday, March 26, 2017

Of Course Issues

So of course we ran into some trouble
and some rain, and out of stock plants,
and a late run to the emergency vet for Howie.
The $$$$ washer wasn't enough of a challenge universe?
So you added a 450.00 vet bill?
Howie will be OK, I am grateful,
but jeez quit kicking me when I'm down.
Now another week and a half till completion.
Patience Suzan Patience

But aren't the bricks nice?
The guys were doubtful, 
but ended up loving them.

Howie will be plunking me with his cone,
for at least a week.

I need wine.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

IF I lived closer I'd join you in the wine! Still the bricks look wonderful!!

Kit said...

I am glad to hear that Howie is okay, those pesky bills, when it rains it pours. My hubby used to say, just when we would get a little ahead, wham, something would come up. So true. I love the bricks. Wine is good, but Black Velvet is yummy too! :) Kit

Terra Hangen said...

Those bricks are a work of art with their colors nicely mixed in. A favorite expression of mine might suit you today "Would you like some wine with that whine?" Ha ha, sometimes it suits me.

Karen Ann said...

by all means, HAVE THE WINE!!...

bricks look lovely -

Unknown said...

The bricks look great. I like the difference in colors.
Have the wine, LOTS OF IT, the cone won't bother you when it bangs into you!
Marcia @

Studio Maywyn said...

Looks lovely, and lively. lol