Saturday, March 18, 2017

Holy Rootball Batman

Just praying I've done the right thing.
I'm pretending the ghost shape is my Dad

I hated removing living plants,
even the sick ones, but I knew it was necessary
as I simply cannot keep up 
with a high maintenance yard.

a - I will have more sun for sure.
a - I can see the house behind me a little more.
a + I will have over 40 fewer bags of leaves each year,
and countless hours less blowing and sweeping.
a + I will not fall out of a tree again.
(2- 2+ an even score)

I am still nervous as can be about the process
and the funding of it, especially the funding.

Enjoy the weekend guys



donna baker said...

Nerves of steel girl. What's going to replace it?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

As we age things have to change. You will enjoy more sun and less leaves! Hugs!

Karen Ann said...

those roses are stunning!!!

Kit said...

I know what you mean, for the past 5 years I have been getting my yard ready for my old No more weeding, no more pruning, just some mowing which I happen to like. Lots of hardy bushes and ground covers. You are doing right. :) Kit

Unknown said...

I hear ya! I bagged over 45 bags of leaves last summer and this year I can see all of the branches and twigs sitting on top of the snow that will need removing and the idea of walking behind the mower again this year doesn't bode for sweet memories of summer! The older I get the less I care for all of the yard work.

Jill said...

Oh gosh a tree out is so hard! But they sometimes have to go, they do. We had some taken out here that didn't have to go as short as they did. The electrical company came and said they would be trimming trees and they took out so many all the way down to the ground. We were absolutely devastated. What used to be hidden isn't as well as before and it makes me sad. So, we will probably plant more there.

Jill said...

I should clarify, these were "weed" trees, not specimen and we had not planted them in the first place but we loved them there anyway.