Monday, October 24, 2011

Utah and Shakespeare

Went  here

with gal pal Sue...
to see...

( link )


( link )

Plays were quite lovely
no Shakespeare though

Company of Sue was grand-
we shopped -
ate a little-
talked non stop 
3 hours up
all day Saturday till midnight
all Sunday Morning
and all the way home.
Sue only made 2 wrong turns
( I learned she does not read signs while driving)
and only tried to kill me in the car once.

Conversations ran the gamut -
 kids, ex's, friendships, food, varicose veins,
fat wrists, insane school system,
sex, food, home design, 
Christmas trees, food, purses,
antiques, wagon wheels, hair dye,
crazy people we know,
crazy people we are,
 more kids,
more food.
Is there ANYTHING better?
I love you girlie
and yes, I will trim your bloomin' Christmas trees.

What did ya'll do this weekend?
some clean up of blog business:
For the  50th time:
If you do not have your email IN -  I mean IN - no really,
your profile, please consider doing so...
It is too hard trying to track you down otherwise..sorry
but I have floors to sweep and Gatherings to plan,
and trees to trim and WWC to read ( lol )
and there is no time for me to play 

(just an excuse for me to have him here  hehe)

Will Kathy who comments please let me know 
who you are and how to contact you?

Smudge, formerly known as Houdini is bathed, trimmed,
happy and running the household. 
He sleeps in the bed with Mom, Dad and 1 sibling.
Mom promises pictures soon.

There will be a Holiday Gathering!
"Love is all Around"
Date to be determined.
Contact ASAP if you are interested.
First few signs ups will determine date, 
so if you want a  SATURDAY or a SUNDAY, tell me quick!
Multiple projects this go round.
Seating is limited.

For local pals
We want to do potluck at my house 
like last year in the back yard.
Same fab group with maybe everyone bringing 
some new friends to meet and nosh with?
Who's up for it before weather turns too cold?

I need some prayers sent up and out for several pals.
Some dear local friends, several blog friends.
Serious stuff going on.
I'm knocking on the cosmos and the heavens,
guys, add some power to it OK?
love you too 



Grammy Goodwill said...

I wish I could have a girlfriend's weekend with my best friend. It sounds like you had a great time. Plus, I checked my profile, and I'm IN, yes, IN. hehehe I know what you mean about tracking down people.

Jane said...

Hi Z,
Glad you had a fun weekend. Nothing better than a friend's weekend to shop, eat and talk!!
Thanks for the sending out the prayer request! Adding mine too!!

Cindy said...

lol! fat wrists! I was talking to my friend about that very thing and our chins growing as we get older....Friends are great!
Prayers are being sent!

Low Tide High Style said...

I'm glad you had a great time, and I love the conversation topics! I know your holiday gathering will be another fun and successful event, and I wish I lived closer! RDJ was my friend Dan's favorite actor, love the picture of him!

Kat :)

Bead and Needle said...

Sending up mega prayers...AND, would LOVE to do the potluck thing! Count me is slowing down from summer now, and my calendar is clear!

April said...

What a fun time you must have had! I could use a little time away like that myself! Prayers are definitely being lifted up. Please add my family to the list. My hubby has been out of work since early May. Praying that something opens up soon for him...THANKS!

Theresa said...

That sounds like the best weekend... over the top fun! You must have been able to solve so many of those issues in that amount of time! Prayers sent up, t. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Linda said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I love those kinds of times...just get away and enjoy a friend!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I'm so needing one of those gal pal trips....My hooking friend and I do road trips here and there and get lost every single stinking time - seems she can't talk and drive at the same time...and me, I'm just horrible at directions! I've joined your prayer chain when I got your email - I can't imagine the pain and overwhelming worry in those folks' lives now. Will continue lifting them up till you tell me all is well...ok - better.... Wishing you a beautiful week....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Rebecca said...

I just got back from going to Minn. with my daughter and visiting with my mom and number 3 daughter. It was a nice weekend... sounds like yours was over the top! Very fun... so glad you enjoyed yourself and I loved the topics of conversation.
Have a great week and I pray for those that are heavy on your heart.

Jill said...

I saw Noises Off in Sioux Falls SD...(I also played a horse in Equus in Sioux Falls) What a great weekend! Sending prayers now for all of Z's intentions!!

A Cottage Muse said...

First off...prayers and good thoughts being sent your way.

So glad you had a fun road trip! I've never been to a play and am hoping to this holiday season!