Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Meet Houdini
Houdini wandered into my back yard this am around 9:00
through my open front gate.  I was working in the yard, and "poof" there he was! I wandered out into the front yard looking for his owner..It was a him because he had already
lifted his leg on a few pots.

I did not see an owner anywhere,
but then he promptly took off at a gallop
out and down toward the main 4 lane!
I hurried after him and shooed him back into
the neighborhood and he disappeared. 
A few minutes later I see my neighbor across the street
tossing him fast and hard out his front door and yelling stay out!
Seems Houdini had crawled through his side gate
and then into his dog door and into his house.

I gulped a big gulp, knowing I would regret it and called him 
over and then put him into my back yard for safe keeping. He weighs about 1 lb and is uber friendly, though a little stinky.
I went inside to get a camera planning to make posters to put up around the neighborhood, figuring his owner may be at work and not know that he is loose. 
This is the best shot I could manage because you see Houdini is IN LOVE with me. Love at first sight. He will not leave my side, and begs to be picked up and carried and if I sit down he is not just in my lap, but on my shoulder where he balances while licking my ear. The odor that emanates is quite unpleasant
and since I have to love on him,
I have changed four times since 10am.

I put up a kagillion posters, and then continued to work
in the yard with only one problem.
Houdini kept disappearing, only for me to find him
inside the garage or the house.
Seems he quickly discovered he could crawl under the gate to the dog run, maneuver through 2 dog doors and come inside to play with Justice and Howie! Who oddly enough, though interested in him, were not that put out by his presence in the house.
Normally this would have caused mass hysteria, including poop flying out the back of Howie's ass in distress. His usual reaction. 

I won't bore you with what transpired the next four hours except to say it took 8 huge packing boxes, five 33 gallon trash bags and 15 very heavy concrete edge blocks to keep him out of the dog far....Every time I think I've won, I hear pant pant pant at my feet here at my desk and he's BACK!

I am praying that his Mama will come searching for him and 
with one last face lick the little bugger will be on his way. I am fearful that his escape was not an escape after all and that he was shoved out a door in pure exasperation.

NO! I do not want another dog and this is not my style of dog, 
and don't leave me nasty notes about all God's creatures.
This is not my kind of dog, although adorable for some,
we all have our personal tastes. I prefer to see my pet's eyes.
I discovered that I cannot drop him off at a no kill shelter because he is not mine and Animal Control will take him to the.... well.....
the kill shelter, so a bed completely sheltered from the elements (and it is not too hot or too cold out this evening) has been made on the porch and he will be moved to the garage for the overnight.
Doggie Mama please show up for Houdini.
 Please see the kagillion posters and rescue Houdini.

He jumps from the chairs to the porch table and peers in my kitchen window. Every half hour I take pity and go out and love on him, which makes the other two dig at the doors in jealousy 
and frustration. I let them play outside a bit and then realized I know nothing of this dog's shot record..
pant pant pant guess who's wet stinky body just touched 
my ankle! No *&^ WAY!
Ok... so it started raining and I didn't hear it..
the cardboard buckled and 
his less than 8 inches from the ground body
scaled over the four foot fortress and he's in.
Yep it's raining...See?
Did I not say a few weeks back I was dying for rain.
Is this some kind of cosmic canine joke?
I told my SIL, I am fearing this creature is 
a reincarnated unfriendly relative. 
Holy shih tzu!
So I just walked out to check the posters and
they're illegible because of the rain.
 Justice is barking at the dog door to the garage, 
where Houdini sits whimpering and where he is now
a soaking wet stinky dog.
Houdini, the master of escape, is
in the garage for the night, and my two are unable to go 
outside for business so accidents are imminent in this
very long, long, very long night.
Grabbing the towels....
I'm coming you wet little.........


Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, my goodness. This is so funny. I'm wondering if you Houdini is still at your house???

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You are a good lady! I sure hope his mama finds him soon!!

Al said...

That is a riot! I smell a dog.... I mean a movie! No fun for you I guess. I do hope the rightful owners will claim him soon for your sake. Good luck. You are a saint for taking him under your wing, even if it is only a short while :)

June said...

Oh I know this is no laughing matter to you, but I am dyin' here reading the predicament you're in. Sounds to me that you will be scooping poop for awhile, until it's mom shows up.
I'm so sorry Z. I hope you get some sleep tonight sweetie.
love ya...

Rebecca said...

You are cracking me up... but I know this must be so frustrating not to mention a lot of work and time... you might as go all the way and give the little bugger a bath!
Good luck my friend... I hope someone claims him and soon!

{oc cottage} said...

Ohhhhhhhh...the many times we suckers...I mean pathetic pet lovers have been through this! Bless your heart!

m ^..^

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my Z, I hope his owner will find you and him, very soon! Until then, can you bathe him so that he's not so stinky?!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh dear Z....the tears are almost running down my legs....Not funny for you, but cracking me up big time. I have Shih Tzu and love him terribly (also have a Siberian as we've always been "big dog" people) - and trust me, our little Shih Tzu has eyes (if you have him groomed every month or so)....but he's not much of an escape artist....a truly well-behaved and well-loved lil pup....Hope you find his owner (but, gee - not sounding too hopeful given his reported antics....sounds like he's "been there, done that" before! Good luck friend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Robin Larkspur said...

For all the trouble he is causing you, it is still good that you were kind enough to take him in. Good luck and anxious to hear how this turns out. (p.s. the visual of poop flying out of Howie's rear end is hilarioius, though.) sorry, don't mean to make light of it. Houdini is perfect name for the little hairy thing. OMG Hairy Houdini!!! LOL!

Bead and Needle said...

You are a hoot, that's what you are! I fear, if he is that dirty and stinky, that he may have been living on the streets?! I hope not, and that someone loves and misses him...look at that face(I do see an eye under there).

Do you use the vet up around the corner, by Kohls? You might want to drop in there, and take a picture with you...see if they recognize him.


Jill said...

Great story! You have a much bigger pet heart than I do!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Poor little homeless, hairy Houdini......just out looking for a friend! Now he is kinda cute, huh?

I'm sure his owners are frantically searching for him....perhaps you can put a 'lost dog' ad on Craigslist.

Here's hoping you get some sleep tonight....maybe all will go smoothly for you and the pups.

Anxiously waiting to hear what happens,


Kathy said...

Laughing Out Loud - seriously!!! This is sort of how I got my cat and I am NOT a cat person. I wish you luck!
Oh, by the way, one day at work I saw someone park in front and they were coming inside to call on someone in our Marketing Dept. I watched them out my office window as they took a tiny little dog out of a crate to pee then put it back inside the car. I went out and explained that we were a pet-friendly company and I would be happy to dog-sit the little guy while they did their business. Well, it turns out it was the husband of a local celebrity so I felt kind of special that I got to pet-sit for her. Except the little stinker sat on my lap the entire time in all his stinky, fartiness! I was oh, so happy when they came to retrieve him!
Good luck!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

So nice of you to foster Houdini while you search for his master. You may want to take him to the vet to scan for microchips. If he is microchipped it will be so much easier to locate his family. Good luck.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z,
What a can't ignore the litle fella, you don't really want another dog and you definitely don't want Animal Control to take him.
Your final hope is that the owner shows up......I think that you have an extra member of the family for a while.
All that I can say is that little Houdini found the softest and kindest person in the neighbourhood !!!!
Good luck and keep us posted. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Oh, Suz, you started my day out with a giggle! Sorry! This must be making you feel torn in different directions! But the name you've given him is perfect!


Jacqueline said...

Z...I don't think it's a question of you keeping him...I think HE'S keeping YOU!
Good luck with finding his owner.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my gosh they are such a total crack up!!
I hope his mommy shows up soon!!!
Keep us updated ~

Razmataz said...

Good Grief....what a pain in the butt. Last stray I took in peed on my Indian rug and cost me 150.00 in cleaning bills.

YONKS said...

Oh, please keep us posted. Wish you could box him up and send him to the UK. I would have him.

time worn interiors said...

OMGoodness! I am NOT a dog person although we have two dogs that I dearly love! And, I am always sick to my stomach when I see skinny dogs on the side of the road, I wanna stop and give them something to eat! Well, maybe I am a dog person after all, who knows. Your story is so funny! Good luck with Houdini, hope someone claims him soon.

Vicki said...

The uglier the better for me. I'd keep him in a second. lol I'm guessing he got loose from someone based on the skills you have described. He has one of those coats that would be full of garbage if he's been a stray for too long. Hopefully the owner will show. Do an ad on Craiglists pets section and on

Cindy said...

Hopefully Houdini's mama has come to get him! I just about spewed coke out of my nose from laughing so hard seeing the barricade of boxes, blocks and trash cans...
So funny!! said...

Oh that is just too funny. Just give a bath, then a hug and keep him. I think you two already bonded and it doesn't look like he is going any where soon anyway. Your other pets have even accepted him. lol Keep us posted.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

P.S. you can always trim his bangs.

Carole said...

I had to come get a better look at him. He is so stinking cute!!!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

You are too funny!
This is a real page turner...can't wait to see what happened over night!

robyn from whimages said...

You had me giggling the whole way thru! What a great way for me to start my morning! You did the right thing, my Love! He will now find the home that can give him all the boundless love he desires!

Diana said...

I had to read this twice I was laughing so hard. You really have a gift for telling a good story.
Soooo funny.