Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Night Before All Hallows Eve

Friday 8:00 pm
The night before a Gathering I am one busy Instructor, Cook, Baker.
One of the tables is almost set for dinner, one more to go. 
The banner is finished and hung.
The kits have made it to the table
but I have yet to decide how to display them
because there are so many.
I'll worry over that later.

I will be adding to the table decor as the evening goes on.
Meanwhile there is pumpkin bread and coffee cake
and cookies coming out of the ovens.

A few of the kits and the directions&templates folder. 
My printer is running non stop the week before
a class. In the cute little haunted house is a wonderful
snack munch mix. We get hungry when we're working so hard.

The supply cart is almost loaded up.
This is where students find all the extras to make their 
projects very personally theirs.

The tables in the garage are ready for the mess, 
drop cloths are down and every kind of paint and mediums
and texture tools and stamps are awaiting inspiration.
We have canvasses that are 24"x30".
We'll be painting up a storm. 
By the time you are reading this, 
it is Saturday and we are in full swing.
We started this morning with breakfast at 9:00
Dinner is at 5:00 to finish up the day.
My Gatherings are all inclusive.
All supplies included.
Meal(s) included. (even vino WoOt)
I can even put you up overnight in 
several guests rooms ( extra fees).
I do custom Gatherings for just you and friends,
or attend a scheduled one.
Email for info.
Have a great weekend friends!


Robin Larkspur said...

You are Amazing!!

Bead and Needle said...

FABULOUSNESS!!! I know it will be as grand as you have it pictured...and then you can rest. Happy Gathering, Z - Tanya

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z,
It all looks must have worked SO hard. Everyone who comes will be very impressed and will certainly turn out some great pieces.
You certainly don't do things by halves !!
Have fun. XXXX

Natacha said...

This all looks so beautiful and inviting. I hope you had a great time. Please don't forget to post some photos!!!

Kit said...

Wow! I can't think of anything else to say. Except. Oh how I wished you lived in Montana. :) Kit

TheCrankyCrow said...'ve accomplished a very rare feat - rendering this ol crow speechless!! I SOOOOOOOOO wanna be there!!! I absolutely adore each and every detail - from the decorations to the kits - to the templates - to the moon!! I don't think I'd probably end up creating anything....I'd have a glass of wine and just drink it and everything around me in - and be a very happy and satisfied crow....Hope it went well - what an inspiration you are....(Can you move closer?) Smiles & Gathering Hugs ~ Robin

Evi said...

this looks like so much fun! Wish I could be there.But,as much fun as it is for everybody, I know you will be exhausted.
Many of your wonderful Halloween decorations are also residing in my home. Love Nicole's things.
Now to Houdini...can't believe he does not belong to someone. What happened to him now. He seems to be a handful!
Yes, he is cute, but I understand, when you say, he is not your type.
As much as we feel for them, they have to touch our hearts...with me it is a Chow-Chow and Westies...well most all Terriers.
I do like them a bit hairy, but I do want to see their eyes too.
I am doing somewhat better during the day with my back...nights are still hellish! I am takes time. Last Thursday I started my 3 rd month. Think, I have been patient enough. Working on my dolls keeps my mind off all the cr...
Hope you had a great time,
many XOXO, Evi

Donna said...

This looks like so much fun Z!
I only wish I lived closer...I would be there with bells on and you would have to let me stay at Hotel Z!
I hope you spend tomorrow resting~ and reliving all of the fun!
Thanks so much for making it seem like we are there!
Hugs my friend

Linda said...

Awesome!! That looks like so much fun!!

Grammy Goodwill said...

This looks like so much fun. I wish you lived in my neighborhood. I bet you are one tired puppy - hehehe - today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Suz, what a lot of prep work but I'll bet your students had a blast!
If I lived near you, you'd have had to set another place at the table!
What fun!!! It all looks wonderful!!

Hugs, Diane

beth said...

this looks like SO much !!! you are so talented and crafty....

i don't really love halloween but you make it look amazing !!

and i have to ask if your friend now has houdini ?

Carole said...

I am in awe!!!! I'll have to go back a thousand times and check out every little detail..
the task master is back and don't want him to catch me on the puter.

hey and you know I don't even care about those damn boxes!!!!! haha


Carole said...

oh yeah now I want to find the rest of my NS boxes!!!!! errrrr

Theresa said...

I am playing catch-up and wow they are some lucky students! Everything looks amazing, no wonder the projects turned out so great! t. xoxoxo