Thursday, October 6, 2011

Houdini's New Home

With a giant lump in my throat Houdini 
went to a rescue this am.
Because of the dog issues, 
(mine versus the magician),
 I was able to sleep a mere 2 hours 
and I could not face the dilemma
another 24 hours.

Before you tsk-tsk, let me tell
you the good news. After a 72 hour hold he is eligible
 for adoption and my friend wants to be 
the first in line and has already told them so, 
and they have her name registered
as first right of refusal. 
This way the owners can easily find him
 if they look, I am assured 
that I did everything I could, 
and he will have a great new home.
She loves the breed, has
2 now, and recently lost a beloved 3rd
after a long illness.

Still, I had some teary moments letting him go,
hoping I did the right thing.
At least he was out of the rain and cold last night.
It was me suffering, lying on the concrete garage floor 
on a thin little rug so he would feel safe curled up 
next to me in his soft cushy bed.
My two pooches did not sleep all night either.
I am still glad I took him in, and 
would do it again for another.

All that barking in the neighborhood
 last night was the doggie telegraph system
putting out the word - ruff ruff GO HERE ruff ruff
she loves us...she's a sucker good friend.


Rebecca said...

You are a lovable sucker though!
Hope you get some rest today... take a nap, you deserve it

Hartwood Roses said...

You did really good! It sounds like you definitely went above and beyond for him. Sweet Houdini will have a great home.

You're good people!

Vicki said...

I'm so glad your friend is first in line. Still think he belongs to someone and just got out. What is he Brussels Griffon?

Robin Larkspur said...

This is wonderful news! And I, for one, would not "tsk, tsk". It would not be right for you to force yourself to keep a dog that you knew would not mesh with you and your other dogs. I am thrilled that your friend will take him (if owner is not found). And I am wondering, after Houdini is bathed and trimmed up and all spiffy, could you take a picture for us? said...

Sounds like you did the right thing if you couldn't keep him yourself. And if your friend adopts him you will get to see him anyway. It's all good:) You were great to have taken him in. YOu have a big heart:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Bead and Needle said...

I hope he finds that loving home...either with your friend or wherever he belonged in the first place. I am betting your friend ends up with him.

You ARE a good friend - you did just fine by him, Z...get some sleep tonight! XOXO

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Looks like it's a happy ending then Z. I am so pleased for Houdini....and you should get a medal for your services to the doggie world !!
You went above and beyond the call of duty and are a true animal lover. XXXX

Low Tide High Style said...

Sounds like Houdini will soon be in his forever home...who could ask for more than that?! He's lucky he found you!

Kat :)

Curtains In My Tree said...

This makes me sad I would have taken Houdini, my little Sissy died in April and I have held out all this time not getting another doggis but I could have taken him

my friends want me to be a dog rescuer but I would have 6 dogs in my house doing what Houdini did when he got nervous LOL

may God find him a good safe home

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You did the right thing for sure. Houdini sounds like he will be just fine and now you and your pups can sleep tonight. You are a good person!

Kit said...

Oh you are the best! You did the right thing and I am proud to know you friend. :) I am calling you the Guardian today. Kit

Razmataz said...

Well it is much better for the dog to go to a home where someone loves him rather than what I suspect was a home where they wanted rid of him. He was lucky to spend the night with you....

Terra said...

You did good, girl! It sounds like Houdini is heading toward a forever home, with lots of love there.

Claudia said...

You did a good thing.

time worn interiors said...

great news!

Carole said...

I think you did the right thing and your friend will love him. I think I would have taken him if we had lived closer. We need a little dog that can put up with our bunch.
I can just picture u lying there on the floor babysitting little Houdini. Now get some sleep!


Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, bless your heart for sleeping with him/beside him. You really must have a big heart. I'm sure you did the right thing for Houdini, your dogs, your friend, and lastly you. I love your dog network, telegraphing the best place in town. hahaha

TheCrankyCrow said...

Bless your little dog-loving, sweet, little heart Miss Z. I'm not sure I would have slept on my garage floor (but, then again, you haven't SEEN my garage floor...) I'm sure Houdini is blessed by having made your acquaintance and will hold you close in his puppy heart. Sure hope your friend gets to adopt him so you can take a photo or two...(yeah selfish I know - but he was a cutie....) Smiles & Sleepy Night Hugs ~ Robin

Donna said...

Oh my goodness! What a story! You have the most amazing heart~truest shade of blue!
I am glad that things will work out and that he was lead to your door!
Have a wonderful weekend!
hugs from here,

the Ribbon Store said...

Oh thank you Z for starting my day with a big chuckle and smile! I know Houdini will end up in the "right" home! He found the right person!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Great news!

Carolynn Cecilia said...

You did good lady! It sounds like this little guy will have a loving home either way in the end and you obviously did more than your neighbor as well as anyone else who crossed Houdini's path. The Anchor & The Bird approves!!!

We should definitely meet up in December. Keep me posted.

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a sweet heart you have...the dog was lucky to have you around:) I hope you're catching up on your sleep!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you did wonderfully good! Now the little guy will have a happy home! And a bath! LOL! Aw!!! Good for you!

Hugs, Diane