Monday, October 10, 2011

Catch Up Post

Catching up with questions
inquiries, and info...

Pumpkin Patch raided over the weekend
Last chance - they're almost gone
Link here to  A Mare Of A Different Color

Boxes in the garage got some interest.
What is in them?
All the stuff you guys have in your
basements and attics.
Those are rare here.
Would you expect an organizer
to do it any other way?
Many people here go so far as to enclose 
their shelves in cupboards. 
I was too cheap  frugal
Talked about the garage here.


He is still on track to be adopted 
tomorrow at 9:00 am


Prices vary
This last one was $140.00
Meals, all supplies included.
Some Gatherings have one project, some
have as many as 10, prices vary according
to many variables..cost of materials, food etc.
Saturday we set a record for time -12 hours,
but that is not a common thing; 
thank goodness, this old gal was tired.  
Because I consider all my students family
I want them to finish when they finish...

You can schedule a custom Gathering for 
you and your friends.
Tell me what you would like to make.
I'll do my best.
Out of town gals can either stay with me or at 
lovely resorts near by. One is a mere 2 blocks away.

My Special Organizing Sale is Ending soon.
October 31st is the last day to register
and pay deposit
for 6 days within 6 months special.
Please email for details.
Fees will be raising in November if that 
gives you a nudge to get going..

and because so many requested
Chopped Salad

8 cups chopped romaine
2 medium pears chopped
1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup chopped pecans ( I used glazed)
6-8 slices crisp cooked thick bacon (crumble)
6 oz feta cheese crumble
Dressing is a 70 -30 percent ratio of
poppy seed dressing to light balsamic vinaigrette
Combine everything   : -D 

I lost the source, it may be from Pinterest?

OK that's enough...
unless you have more questions?
Happy Monday


The Boston Lady said...

I am catching up myself.

First, yay for Houdini! What a cutie and you are special for caring so much about his fate. But I knew that.

Second, for the first time ever I thought: I wish I lived in Vegas. Then I could attend one of these awesome Gatherings...

Third, your "students" did a fantastic job and it looks like you went all out to make their experience the best.

Fourth, if, no when, we move to CA I will make the trip for a Gathering - what a wonderfully, creative, fun idea.


Candylei said...

It sounds like SO MUCH FUN there at your home! Thank you so much for the recipe. WOO HOO!

time worn interiors said...

That salad sounds yummy!

I only wish I could get Craig to be a teeny tiny organized! Not in this life! you guys would die if you seen pictures of our building! I may just show them some day!


Createology said...

Yum is what your salad sounds like. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Yay for cute! Blissful week...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Thanks so much for the recipes Sweet Pea....And...about that ravioli...How hard is THAT??! (Keep us posted on Houdini's fate....that face just kills me....) You're a gem....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Anonymous said...

Hey there, have you gotten out of your pj's yet. I tried to post something did it go through? I did it yesterday. I just love my little piece of art, LOL. I wanted to go get my letters today, but I was swamped at work. Thanks again Suzan, I had such a great time.


Debbie said...

Holy moly, are you busy or what??!!!
Bless your heart for caring for Houdini until he found a home.
The little pumpkins are adorable!
xxoo said...

Is Houdini being adopted by your friend? Are you surprised that your wonderful pumpkins are selling so well. I'm not. I love mine. And you have so many different kinds to choose from. Hope your week is spendid:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Rebecca said...

You would be so proud of me... we will actually be able to get a car in the garage this winter and not be paying for storage either!!!
Those shelves James got are amazing, they hold 50,000 lbs of pallets so I can load them up...
Wish I could join all the fun... I could use a break! But we are doing this all over again, this weekend. We have the other side of the garage to do!

Bead and Needle said...

Is Houdini in his forever home now????????????????