Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Always A Little Sunshine And Roses

Each year since I planted my Banks Roses I am rewarded with a
blanket of blooms dripping over the wall on a sunny morning. A few tentative yellow spots appear as they did yesterday, and then
POW! the next day this is what occurs.
Unfortunately just like last year, we are expecting huge winds today and tomorrow so this display will be fleeting.

Always, a little sunshine and roses can lift my spirits,

as did the wonderful response to
 my latest totes from yesterday's post.
I also received some special orders. Yahoo!
Thank you my friends.
Only one pair remain for now,  C 


though many sets are on my studio table, 
waiting for me to return and finish them. 

Also on the docket for today, a battle with my cable company
over them moving TCM to a channel
 requiring a 12.00 per TV charge...I won my own battle,
and will not be paying the extra charge,
 though still believe it is a stupid move on their part,
especially in order to provide more reality garbage TV.
Enough complaints and maybe they'll reconsider?
At first I was told to simply pay for 2 boxes to get
what I had received for free.. "most people do"
Of course most folks I know already do pay for all those boxes..
but I choose not to, since I carefully edit my TV viewing anyway.

Just like I don't text or use my cell unless forced to,
it's almost always dead and it has
 next to none minutes on it anyway.
I don't like FB ( keep just for spotify) or tweet etc.
No, I'm not techno phobic, c'mon I have 2 blogs, an etsy shop,
(OK it's been on semi-permanent vacation), 
I'm even an occasional pinterest user,
 but yet I often feel I need to defend the fact 
that I don't want an excess of technology in my life.

I  live a small life by choice.
I don't mind that others are techno addicts.
Add a plug in to your behind if you want, 
it won't bother me, but your trousers may fit funny.

I am carefully following the debate over "lean in" 
and the backlash "lean out".
Didn't we already do this when women returned to work,
and the battle between "stay at home" and "working mom"
ensued? Did we learn nothing?
 And Damn! When will a father be referred to as 
a working father, as every working mother is?
When 100 % of men finally share 50%
 of the load outside of work?
When there are 50% of corporate women as leaders?
But if you value staying at home, or working and still
making home the priority instead of clawing up the ladder,
isn't that your right?
Personal choices - no mold to squeeze ourselves into.

uh oh
I need to go smell the roses
and bask in the sunshine.
I'm getting riled up...
bet it was the three cups of Joe this a.m
 I mis-measured.

Note to self:
Use the bucket
wear glasses in the house
pay attention
go sew...


Razmataz said...

Go pick bunches of roses......and bring them inside.

My daughter scaled down her cable service. They sent a guy to disconnect the tv in her bedroom saving her about $15.00 a month. He came over and said. "why don;t I just say I did it, and you say I did it but really I don't and you still have cable in your bedroom?"

June said...

Gosh Z, I must watch even less TV than you 'cause I have no idea what lean in means :) But from what I read here I'm not missing anything am I?
I have netflix and I love paying for that but I hate paying for TV.

After seeing the beautiful roses in your backyard and then looking out here, I can't believe I live here and not there!
sending bunches of love...

Linda said...

We only have the basic on direct TV...I don't watch that much...I'm with you on the cell phone...half the time I don't know where mine is! I do facebook because all my family is on it...they're spread out and its nice to see what's up with them...I'm a stay at home are grown...loved having been there for them and still am when they need me...I have an etsy shop and love it...we are taking computer classes at adult school and I love what I'm learning...but I don't want to be too plugged in! Have a great day!!

Linda said...

I forgot to mention...Love the roses!! Na the fabrics...I'm a fabric junkie myself!!

Tracey Broome said...

We are dropping cable at the end of our contract and opting for Hulu and netflix. Network programming is the dumbest it's ever been. We found ourselves watching The Brady Bunch the other night during prime time shows, how pathetic is that!?
I so don't get the crush everyone has on Facebook, I really detest it as well as twitter, just don't get it.
As far as lean in, no thanks, been there, done that. I clawed and scratched for years with the best of them, that's why I bury myself in a 12X12 studio and don't go out in public for days and days.Now I'm watching my poor daughter fight for survival in a male dominated industry. At least I can give her good advise! Maybe I should go visit your bucket, haha :)

Jackie said...

I bloody hate crappy reality tv! Give me the good old days of waltons, little house, andy griffith show!
During racing season when I hardly see the hubby, the tv never comes on, if it does it is the music channels only, gotta have my soul town! Your roses are fabulous!! I just posted about herbs on my blog, I doubt they will ever compare to those roses!!! Good job!!

Kathy said...

You gave me a good laught at just the right time!
It is a busy week at work and a co-worker from our Las Vegas location is in town for the week of meetings. He was telling me about how brutal the wind is right now. Dang! I hope you can rescue a few of those beautiful blooms and bring them indoors to enjoy a little longer!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well I love the roses! I hate that TV has started costing so much. I use Hulu and Netflix some and find most of what I want on there.

Nella said...

Suz, your cascade of yellow roses is glorious! Hope you will be able to enjoy them for a while! I too am a fabric junkie, among other things.....the first pair of totes are my bark cloth...they will sell....right now I am sewing cushions! N.xo

Jill said...

You better go smell those roses!! It's snowing here and will only maybe be in the 30s today. Again. No sun today, again. And, "lean in" "lean out"? What are you talking about? I really limit my tv and news so maybe I've missed something.

wendy said...

Those roses are incredibly beautiful. How wonderful it would be to have those around. I can't grow roses here. The weather just doesn't really get warm enough, long enough.
I used to have all kinds of roses when I lived iin Utah though.
Your totes really are lovely

Anonymous said...

First let me say I love the roses..Now I here ya on the cell phone..I hate them but do have one because as my husband tells me when was the last time ya saw a pay phone anywhere..I guess he is right..I hardly ever text and wouldn't even know how to tweet..I don't facebook or any of that either..We just downsized our cable about a month ago and wish they would give ya a price for say 20 channels and be done..I am so sick of flicking the channels and only seeing reality tv..Well have a great weekend and congrats on the sales..

Jillayne said...

lol - I'm with you on pretty much all of it.... I remember a few years ago my daughter complained about me never answering messages on my cell phone. She asked me what was the point of having it if I never turned it on?
To which I replied "It's for my convenience, not yours" and after we laughed, we agreed I will approach technology on my terms.
To be truthful, I just don't have time for all of it!

Lana said...

I absolutely LOVE THIS POST!!!! Couldn't agree with you more on all statements! I'm a bit fed up with the $$ I'm shelling out for anything that resembles an internet connection to the clouds...and the statement about "working fathers"? Spot on!!! You go, girl!
I remember the 70's too well...
LOVE your plantings. Wish I had spent more time planting roses and less time pulling out thorns in my life!

Anonymous said...

came by to visit...I'm so out of touch someone will have to educate me on "lean in" "lean out".

I have a TV but it's no longer connected to a provider...haven't watched in over 3 years

I do keep up with friends and family on Facebook

texting drives me nuts...but my DDIL likes to text :)

I've set up a Pinterest account twice then I forget I have it

ditto tweet/twitter

sadly I'll never live long enough to see people just let other people be...or peace on earth

plus I've noticed that we (USA) and the world keep making the same mistakes over and over (I was born in 1942)

and keep rediscovering things...believing the new discovery is the newest and best :)

my husband Don died over 3 years ago, it's been a long road to where I am today...I don't sweat the little stuff as much as I used to...and so far I'm happy to wake up in the morning :D

most importantly your rose bush is a beauty and a delight :)

Faded Charm said...

Aren't you lucky to have such a beautiful view and I can almost feel the heat radiating off these photos. I need some heat right now!!!

Enjoy your weekend, my friend.


Kit said...

I seem to barely watch TV unless it is something I recorded. Been enjoying The Quiet Man and Celtic Thunder. Enjoy your roses! Kit

Theresa said...

love the totes, they are all gorgeous! I only wish I had the green thumb you do, your roses are just beautiful Z. We have basic cable, nothing more and the kids prefer watching movies or old shows on netflix. I would rather get rid of cable all together, but the hubby likes the news... "why?" I ask.
Happy Sunday! love,t.xoxoxox