Monday, January 28, 2013


I feel bad about doing this.
I do not wish to add poundage to anyone,
but so many of you asked...
and I could not reply via email
(will be repaired soon WoOt)

so Tada!
Cookie Butter
"A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent
of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits"
a la Trader Joes

it's grainy and sweet but not too sweet
celery, apples, ice cream, pretzels

now here is the disclaimer..
several pals have tried with 
mixed opinions...
for me?
Hand me the engraved vintage spoon...

in bold and italics

for all the loving comments and emails last week.
Since I was unable to reply to most of you
please accept this group hug
from me to all of you.

I tried nearly all of your suggested remedies
and something worked, 
or I simply survived the required 7 days.
Nighttime cold syrup chugged
straight from the bottle.
Now THERE is a remedy. wink


regan said...

I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and saw it! But I have just started a new jar of Biscoff spread, so I need to wait on this one for a bit! (Can't have two jars of yumminess open at once.....REAL meals still need to be eaten! lol)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Glad you are feeling better so many are really sick!

I must try this Cookie Butter gotta love that Trader Joes one of my favs!

~Blessings Kim

Terra said...

I will look for this at TJs, I shop there about once a week. It sounds wicked good. I will read the label, probably too much sugar for me, but I will take a look.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love TJ's! I might have to try this but if I like it then whoops! I am trying to drop a few lbs! So glad you are feeling better! Big Hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

So glad you are feeling better and sounding like the Z we know and love!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear ya are feeling better..Wishing I had a Trader Joe's so I could try this for myself..Sounds yummy...

Anonymous said...

No Trader Joes here either. Glad you are feeling better. Xox

Lana said...

This stuff sounds de-lish! Wish we had Trader Joes in Oklahoma...but no. Glad you're hitting the night time chugged-from-the-bottle relief. I rememember when I first started teaching little ones (retired now; YEARS ago times!)I got everything that came down the pike! I used to sip that stuff directly from my pillow and that was about the only thing that got me through those awful colds. I think I've become so immune to most things life throws at me now! If I could just get my act together, all would be well!! :)Have a wonderful week ahead.

Theresa said...

Hey Z! So glad to hear that you are feeling better! The cookie butter sounds delish, we don't have a TJ near us but i used to love going there when John was at UofM because they have the closest one. I do love Ann Arbor though, so maybe a road trip is in order... once the snow and ice are gone for the season! Yesterday the kids had a snow day due to icy roads and today we are having a rare winter thunderstorm and all of the snow has been melted away, crazy weather! Keep up the good health and have a fabulous week! love,t.xoxoo

erin said...

i stay away from desserts and sweets, but this sounds interesting...i suck on peppermint lifesavers often though!
so glad you are many have suffered from the flu this year...i have not been sick for about 15 years and never had the flu shot...i believe in fresh air and exercise (i am SURE that i have just JINXED myself, oy). i am very interested in checking out the "b.w.o." link....i am tired and bored with these bloggers who are cranking out very uninspired posts just to keep us coming....
i am always inspired by you. :0)

Nella said...

Dear Z, so glad you are feeling yourself again...we are in the midst of a flu fog here, it is enveloping everyone! I have been fighting an upper respiratory infection since Christmas.....stay well. N.xo

Romeo said...

Ah well, I see that others were brave enough to ask what the heck is "cookie butter". I thought surely I was the only one. I have never, ever heard of such a thing. Now next time I'm in Atlanta where they have a Trader Joes I shall have to pick up a jar.....If I don't like it someone in this house probably will!

Glad you are feeling better! Will store the "chug cough syrup out of the bottle" in my mental list of remedies ;)

Hugs and purrs,

"her" and Romeo

Cindy said...

Maybe I will get my spoon out of my chocolate peanut butter for a minute to try Cookie Butter!

I am glad you are feeling better!

xo Cindy

Susanne said...

Cookie butter, how fun! Grapevine says we're supposed to be getting a Trader Joe's in our neck of the woods. Will have to pick some of this up when I see if they still have 2 buck chuck.

Glad you're felling better, I had a cold over new years, no fun. Seemed as some drug started working, it would stop, I shutter to think of what cocktails I was mixing up!

Rebecca said...

It was so nice to talk to you and catch up!
This looks too dangerous for me to try... I am hooked on the Trader Joes dark chocolate almonds, I do not need another bad habit!
Wishing you a good day with no coughing!